The Girl With The Luna Tattoo

A girl that lives a normal life is best friends with the drummer of a band but what happens when she falls in love with the lead guitarist that goes on tour for a year? Will it go great or will it end badly before the tour starts? And will the famous lead guitarist brake up with his cheating girlfriend? Find out in The Girl With The Luna Tattoo.
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8. Chapter 8

I am sorry!!!! High school is stressing me out!!!!!! Like I don't even time to read, between school, work, and guitar classes I'm stumped!!! But I made this chapter for you guys!!!!! ❣️~ Iheart_Luke❤️️



Ashton's POV


Kendra is sleeping in my arms right now. She told me everything and I told her to move on cuz this is just going to bring drama but to be honest....... I know she loves him and...... I know he loves her. He just doesn't know what do. I know this because before I came here I was at Luke's house. He was telling how much this is going to crush her. He said he saw the tears in her eyes and that he couldn't take it to see her like that. That's why he went outside to breathe. He didn't know what to do so he ran away. Which is the stupidest thing he could've done but I'm not him. He told me to tell her to move but to say it like me telling her and I think it's a good idea cuz really it is to much drama Kendra can handle. I care about her too much. And she told about the hot topic kid. I told to take her time. Oh god.........(sigh). But I can't wait my date on Friday. ONLY ONE DAY LEFT!!!!



Kendra's POV

(3 weeks later)

I woke up to Tatiana snoring. I looked at her and turn to my table side to look at my phone. It's 8:30 and I got a message from Zac. "Good Morning Love ❤️ " I smiled at it. I know what you're thinking. No we are not dating. He has ask me out and has kissed me but to be honest it didn't feel anything compared to the way Lu- (sigh). I don't know.... I feel like we should get to know each other still....... you know? (Sigh)...... to be honest, idk....... he makes me happy and we talk and hang out but it's not the same....... idk. I still have feelings for Luke but I trying to get over him........but I haven't. I got up and went downstairs to make breakfast. Tatiana and I hanging out today. We're going to mall and then maybe to the zoo cuz she knows I like animals. Ashton is coming with us. Their so cute, Ashton and Tatiana. They've been dating now for 3 weeks. He so happy and so is she. Their so cute. I pulled out the eggs and started mixing.


Tatiana's POV


Okay, so I woke up a minute ago and Kenz left her phone here. Zac is texting her. (Sigh) Idk, even though she's happy with Zac. You can still see that something is missing and that's Luke. I know it is Luke. I can't imagine trying to get over Ashton. I just couldn't. But.......... Kendra's doing it, well........ more like trying. Yesterday, Ashton told me the same thing when we went out for lunch. He agreed. He also told me that they started posting videos of YouTube a few months ago and a record label is interested in them. WHICH IS AWESOME!!!! But we still need to tell Kendra...... and idk if that's going to go well. She under to much right now. (Sigh).


I head downstairs and when I get to the last step I get hit with the delicious smell of pancakes. God! It smells good. I sit on the shelve next to the sink. "Good Morning!" I chirped. She looks at me smiling. "Good Morning." She returns.


(Later that day)

We were currently at the zoo looking at the elephants 🐘. Kendra loves the zoo. She loves animals in general. I were taking selfies with Ashton. Ashton was holding my hand. I can't believe we've been dating for 3 weeks already. He's amazing, I wouldn't ask for nothing else. He noticed me staring at him. He smiled at me. "Are you okay, baby?" He said. Oh god I love it when he says that. "Yeah, I'm fine." I said. We look at Kenz staring at the elephants. Ashton looks down. "She been off." I said. He looks up at me. "I know...... she's not happy without him." He says. I sighed. "Ashton it's not your fault, that their was so much drama." I said. "Yeah but I could've done something........ idk." He says. I look at Kenz and she was walking up to us. She looks up and says "I'm going to the bathroom." She says pointing the bathroom. We nodded. Like that she runs off. I look at Ashton and he backs up to the railing and leans on it, pulling me with him so I'm in front of him. "She's hurt and I want to fix it, i want to see her happy before I leave and the thing is, that I can't believe is that............... Luke is worst then Kendra." He saids. I look at him strange. "What do you mean "he is worst" ?" I ask. Is he really worst or just in that stupid relationship with Arzaylea, again? He looks at me. "No he's not with her no more but he so depressed...... like he doesn't shower, which is disgusting and he doesn't eat. He not himself anymore." He saids sighing. I agree with him. I saw Luke a few days ago but I didn't tell Kendra but he didn't look good. " And he's been drinking a lot." He saids sighing. Wait.....did he just say drinking?! "Really?" I said shocked. I didn't know he drink. "Yeah the problem about Luke is that he drinks his problems away. The thing is they don't go away and that's why he's not eating cuz he's not hungry most of the time. (sigh) I don't know what to do." he says. I could see the worry in his eyes. I don't like to see him this way but I don't know what to do and he's leaving to. Let's just hope Kenz takes the information we going to tell her easily but I would understand if she didn't she's been going though alot these past few weeks and plus her mom is never in the picture. (sigh) I get snapped out of my thoughts when Ashton says something. "Babe, are you okay?" he asks worried but then smiles after seeing me smile. "just thinking." I chirped. He gets up and he kisses my forehead. I look up and he leans down and our lips connect. It felt so amazing. It always feels like the first time we kissed maybe it's because it's our 3nd week dating, I don't know. When we separated we could see a awkward little Kendra standing there looking down. She's short so she looks adorable. Ashton chuckles and so do I. " Sorry Kenz." Ashton says hugging her . " It's fine" she says giggling. Ashton lets go and grabs my hand. We start walking hand in hand with Kendra right beside us. 



(Skip car ride to restaurant) 

Kendra's POV


We got out the car and while walking out Zac calls me. While it was ringing Ashton says they'll grabbed a table. I nodded at Ashton and then I answer it.

K: Hello?

Z: Hey Babe

K: Hi Zac

Z: What are you doing?

K: I'm at a Nando's with Ashton and Tati. Why?

Z: oh sorry.... I was just wondering if you would like to hang out....... I haven't seen you for long time. I...  um kinda...mis-s you-u. 

(I can tell he was nervous)

K: Sorry Zac...... I've been kind of off these days. 

Z: Kendra, you know I am always there for. You can tell me anything, I won't judge you. 

K: Thanks Zac. 

Z: No problem.

K: If you want we could hang out tomorrow? 

(To be honest I don't want to go out tomorrow but maybe it could be fun. I did have fun the last time we hung out, we went to the mall. We took those silly photo booth pictures and I posted it on instagram. It was fun.BUT, to be honest, I just see him as a friend.)

Z: Yeah! Sure. 

K: Okay see you tomorrow.

Z: See you tomorrow. 

We ended the call. I walk in and they waved at me. Ashton ordered me, my favorite. Chicken wrap with fries. I smiled. "Thanks guys for today." I said while talking bite out of my wrap. "No problem Kenz." he says looking down. He sounds scared. Why does he sound scared? "What's wrong? Bro, you can tell me anything." I ask looking at him and at Tati. "Kenz, we have good news." he saids serious but if it's good don't you need to be happy. "Okay what is it?" I asked eagerly. "but there's also a downside to it." he says. "okay......" I trailed off. " The boys and I got a record deal and we are going on tour." he said. Once he said that I got so happy. I jumped up and down. I bet people were staring. I stopped. I stopped because I remember he leaving me. My only family, my best friend, my 'big' brother. I looked at Tatiana. "You're staying, right?" I ask. I know she is a year older then me and might have a job but she can't leave, right? She looks down and Ashton does the same. She speaks up. "I'm going with him on tour. I got the job to be their hair dresser. Since I went to beauty school in America for a year. I got the job..... I'm sorry, Kendra." she says. (See, Kenz skipped a grade in middle school so she's going to graduate this year. It's the summer now.) I couldn't take it. I look down and stood up. I let the tears fall. I understood why she took the job. She wanted to be with Ashton and I respect that and I wouldn't forgive myself if Ashton dropped out of the band because of me but without Ashton, the boys or Tati..... I have nobody and I don't want be selfish so I need to leave. "Congrats Ashton, I always knew you would make it."  I smiled and walked away. 


Ashton's POV


It hurts to see her cry but if I dropped I know she wouldn't forgive me. She's was always there for me. Pushing me to be my dream. I love her for that. I just need to give her time.


Tatiana's POV

The first time I found a true friend and I give it up to be with my boyfriend. I don't if that sounds good but to be it sounds horrible. To be honest, Ashton and I recommended Kendra to be sound technician because she works at a record shop and her boss owns a studio and he taught her to be a sound tech but she didn't get the job because of her age. Ashton used to work there has well.


Kendra's POV

I walk out and it started to rain. I pulled my hoodie up and started walking. I didn't know where I was going. 


(3 hours before)

Luke's POV

I can't live with myself. I kept saying in my head while looking at Kendra's recent Instagram photo. She looks so with....him? Who is he? Ugh. I threw my phone. The memory of crying, hurting, drowning. I can't live with myself knowing that...I hurt her but I don't if he still wants me? She looks so happy in that booth photo with him. (Sigh) I drank another gulp of beer. I am a mess without her. Currently, I sitting on my couch just staring at the ground. I'm going crazy. I get up and throw away my empty bottle of beer. I opened the fridge door to get another drink. Out of nowhere someone takes it out of my hands. It's Calum. Michael comes up to me and closes the fridge door. "Dude, go take a shower. You stink!" Calum says. "Yeah dude. Stop moping around here. Moping around the house won't change anything." Micheal says. He gets a call. "I come back." Micheal says. He leaves and Calum starts talking to me. "Dude........ we are leaving soon on tour be happy about that. I know you hurt Kendra but Kendra would have wanted you to be happy about this. Do it for Kendra." Calum. Maybe I do need to be happy, if only Kendra would tell me. They left. I went to my song book and opened it. Those two songs. Independence day. Calum said that one was for.. that bitch and then this one...Beside you. This one was for Kendra. I remember that night when I tucked her in. She look so beautiful sleeping. I open to a new page and picked up my guitar. 






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