The Girl With The Luna Tattoo

A girl that lives a normal life. Is best friends with the drummer of a band but what happens when she falls in love with lead guitarist that goes on tour for a year? Will it go great or will it end badly before the tour starts? And will the famous lead guitarist brake up with his cheating girlfriend? Find out in The Girl With The Luna Tattoo.
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7. Chapter 7

Luke's POV


(Wednesday Morning before band practice)


I changed knowing the guys will be coming to band practice in 20 minutes. I looked at my songbook. It was opened to the pages I wrote song lyrics on Monday and yesterday. Right after I dropped off Kendra, I went straight home. I grabbed my guitar and started playing. The next thing I knew I was writing lyrics while thinking about her, Kendra. Before I knew it I wrote a whole song about her. I was so happy that night. I wish I could relive that day. ☺️ The next day, Arzaylea called me, telling me she wants money to go shopping and buying some kind of makeup product. Ugh. I can't anymore. I told her I didn't have any money cuz I really didn't. She didn't believe me and then she started to yell at me that I was a horrible boyfriend and that she stop cheating on me cuz she "loved" me. Like that was true. After that she threaten me she was gonna see another guy. Ugh. I hanged up on her. I threw the phone across the room. It beeped for I walked across the room to get it. The screen was cracked. Great. I looked at it. I got a message from Kendra. It said Good Morning☺️. She's so amazing. I threw my on the bed and looked my guitar. I grabbed it and started writing about Arzaylea. So now I have two songs.


I was in the kitchen getting a bottle of water. Soon I heard Michael coming through the front door. I swear they just walk in here like it's here home. I love it. I went to the living room where I was earlier thinking about everything that has happened the past 2 days. I walked in and I saw Michael sitting in the same spot I was holding my guitar, reading the pages I left open on the coffee table. He looked at me and gave me a confused face. "What are these? You never said you made 2 new songs?" He asks concern. He knows me whenever I feel something. I write it down in lyrics. I signed and sat next to him." Okay so remember how you told me to hang out with Kendra?" I asked he nods. " I never realized but she's different,kind, she's always happy and when I talk to her it's different from anyone else I talk too. We have this thing that I don't understand. She amazing! I love the way she accidentally snots if she laughs too hard. I love it that she has good taste in music. I love the fact that she loves helping other people in need. I love how she's so kind to everyone. She's so caring and lovable. It's amazing........ She's amazing." I said realizing that I was smiling for the whole time. "Dude....... If you feel this way towards Kendra. Why are you still with Arzaylea?" He asks. "I don't know, man. She was the first girl that I ever loved. Remember, I always chased her around like a puppy. I don't know. It's different now. We're growing up and I DO NOT feel the same way, I felt before towards Arzaylea." I said just letting everything come out my mouth without even realizing it. Do I love Kendra? "Wow, that was beautiful." We heard somebody sniffing behind the couch. Michael and I look at each other confused. Then we look behind the couch. It was Calum. "You were ease dropping?!" I said shocked slapping my hand in my forehead. "Omg, man. You're making me cry." He says making a pouty face. I swear. Calum gets up smiling and sits down on the floor across from us. "So what are these two new songs I'm hearing about?" Calum asks. Looking at me and Michael. Michael gives him my songbook and he grabs it and starts reading it. "Have you gotten music for it?" Michael asks me. "Yeah, the guitar part but I was wondering if we could do the music together?" I asked. He nods. Calum puts the book down and gives me a shocked face. "Wow." He says. "Yeah." Michael says agreeing with him." What?" I said nervously giggling at the end. "You wrote that and one is a love song and one is a breakup relief song. I think we all know what you have to do Luke." He says. "Yeah I know," I said signing. "Let's go make the bass part downstairs," Michael says. We all nodded and went downstairs.


Arzaylea's POV


I get up from the bed and I put on my bra and underwear that was on the floor and put my dress back on. "Baby, don't go. We could have more fun." James said to me. James is my other boyfriend. Yes, I cheat on Luke. It's nice having someone buying you stuffs, taking you out, making him pay. Basically having him worship you. To be honest, at one point in our relationship, I loved him. He honored me but a year ago I met James and shit happened but I like it so. Anyways I'm an angel at sex 😇 but I have a problem. That Kendra girl is my problem. She ruining my relationship with Luke, like I need him. James doesn't know anything about Luke. I told him he was my cousin and he's stupid so he believed me. 😆 Also, you know what I found out? I heard they went on a date on Monday. That's were all my money went. What's Luke's is mine so his money is mine. Urgh. Now I need to go to his house because I haven't talked to him and I NEED to talk to him. 👿 " I have to go see my cousin. I'll see you later, okay." I said smiling and walking out. 😈


Kendra's POV ( Present time)

I just stood there trying to understand what Calum just said. I sat down on the couch and Ashton sat next to me. He heard the yelling stop and we footsteps coming upstairs. "Get out!" Luke yelled. "Fine! I'm going!" Arzaylea yelled. Arzaylea look at us and stopped walking when she looked at me. She walks right up to me and smirks. She bends down and whispers in my ear. "Guess what, Slut? He will always be mine. Yes we fought but all couples. But don't think he would leave me for a ugly bitch like you." She said smiling. When she finished I noticed my eyes were watering up. She turns and Luke is standing their with a worried face. She walks out the door confidently. I couldn't hold it anymore so it fell. Ashton look concern. "What did that bitch told you?!" He says angrily. I wipe it quickly. I was looking down so I looked up and Calum and Michael looked concerned. I smile cuz they are worried about me. I look around and I don't see Luke anywhere. I get up. I need to get out here. "I'm going. See you guys later." I said. Ashton gets up and so the boys and they Hug me. God I love them. I was walking out when see Luke standing there. He turned away with a pained face. "Kendra, I'm sorry. Kendra?" He said coming up to me. I don't drama anymore and from what that bitch said I can't stay here. "I'm leaving Luke. I can't be here anymore." I said wiping my makeup off my face. I couldn't stand to be there so I ran out to my car.


When I got to Tatiana's house, I started banging on the wheel and crying. I couldn't believe that fell in with someone that belongs to a horrible person. I don't know what she meant but I know she means that Luke is her and yes I believe her that Luke with come back to her. LOOK AT HER! She has a model-like figure and I'm just got a few curves and I'm fat. Ugh Life. Why does it have to be so difficult. I heard knocking the window. It was worried Tatiana knocking. I told her to come in. She did. "Are you okay?! Why are you crying?! Did Luke hurt you?! Cuz I could break him!" She says from worried to angry. I giggle at how concerned she is. "No I'm fine," I said. "No you're not! Tell me everything that happened over there." She says calmly but concerned. I told her everything. After she told me to forget about him that he's just gonna bring drama and that I don't need that now. I agreed with her. I just want a normal relationship and if I run after Luke all the time, I just going to get hurt.


We went to mall. We found a outfit for Tatiana. I can see she's so excited but trying to keep her cool. It makes me laugh. "What at you laughing at?" Tatiana asks." Nothing." I said back. "Yea right." She says. We are currently in Hot Topic cuz why not! "OMG! I want that." Tatiana says while I was holding a Harley Quinn Shirt "Daddy's Little Monster". "OMG! I LOVE IT! I'm getting it." I said. She said okay so I walk up the cash register and there was a guy there. He smiled at me. He had a brown hair in a quiff with a beanie and he's a little taller. He kinda has Ashton body type. He's really hot but whatever. I am not in the mood. "Here's your cash and have a good day. Oh and call me sometime." He says smiling. I look at the receipt and it had numbers on it. Ugh, why?! He gave me his number. "My name is Zake." He says smiling. I nodded my head. "My name's Kendra but everybody calls me Kenz," I said. He smiles. "Cool but I like better Kendra." He says. "Why?" I asked. "Because it's much more beautiful for a beautiful girl." He says while winking. Great, the flirting. *Whine* no. "Thanks... have a good day," I said awkwardly. Great, that just happened. I turn away and I see Tatiana standing smirking.


Once we were done we came out and Tatiana was smirking the whole time without saying a word. Oh god. "So that guy..... the one that was flirting with you?" She says smirking. I couldn't take it no more. Why? I don't need this. "Oh my god, Tatiana he gave me his number. I hope that never happens again" I said not in the mood. "Omg, he did?!" She said excitedly. Why is she excited? "On the receipt. Wanna see?" I said wanting this conversation to end . "Let me see!" She said. I showed it to her and she looked at me with her jaw opened. "Omg, he did!" She said. She looked at me. "What?" I asked not wanting this to go on. "Lighten up, Kendra. He's hot!" She said. NO! Doesn't understand what happen today? I finally smiling and this happens. I just want to forget, okay? "No, I won't. I am not in the mood for boys. Okay?" I said. Her eyes widened with the expression I give her. Then her face fell like she knew what was happening. "Sorry, I forgot." She said looking down. She saw the food court and smile. She then tug me to that direction. I love her.


*The end of the day*

I laid on my bed and started thinking everything that had happened today. I hate it. I hate the fact that I fell for someone that belongs to someone else. I hate to think what she whispered in my ear. She's so cruel. I can't ever compete against that, her. She just so beautiful and look at me. I'm nothing. I guess I'm lucky to have the boys, Ashton, and Tatiana. Their the only family I have. My mom called me earlier saying that the flight was extended to another week. Great. I heard a knock from the door. I went downstairs with my PJs on. Once I got to the door. I opened it. It was Ashton. "Hey Kenz. I came to see how you were? Are you okay?" he asked. Once I heard those words from Ashton, I couldn't take it no more. I slammed my body on his, hugging him tightly, crying into his shirt. It was white. (sorry shirt) I let every tear fall, every emotion out, every feeling I had for Luke, out. I couldn't take it no more."It's okay, Kendra. I'm here." He said softly. When I looked up, we were inside and the door was shut. I let go of him. Wiping my wet cheeks with my hands. I looked up at him. "So now... do you want to tell me everything?" he asked.



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