The Girl With The Luna Tattoo

A girl that lives a normal life. Is best friends with the drummer of a band but what happens when she falls in love with lead guitarist that goes on tour for a year? Will it go great or will it end badly before the tour starts? And will the famous lead guitarist brake up with his cheating girlfriend? Find out in The Girl With The Luna Tattoo.
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6. Chapter 6

A/N: Sorry for not updating. I've been so busy and it's been a tough 2 weeks. I'll try to write a longer chapter. Hope you love it, my cuties!!!!




Kendra's POV


"So what do you want to do today?" Tatiana says through the phone. "I don't know what do you think we should do?" I asked while dropping off Ashton at band practice. "Would like to see us play a song?" Ashton asks me. I looked at him. It's just for a little while and I wanted to see the boys and maybe just maybe..... Luke will talk to me. He's ignoring my messages. I don't get it we used to text all the time but not sweet things. We will just talk. Ashton looks at me. "Yeah sure!" I said with excitement. "Okay just park the car and let's go in," Ashton says with a smile. "Hello?" Oh I almost forgot. "Hey. Sorry I will pick you up and go to the mall with you but Ashton wants me to see them play just one song, okay? It won't be long." I say to her. "Okay but we need to go to the mall. I need to pick out a outfit for Ashton's date on Friday. Okay, Kenz? It's important." She says with the last part kind of worried. " I will do worry. Anything for you. Love you." I said all happy. "Love you too and tell me EVERYTHING that happens. If Luke talks to you or if he broke up with his slutty girlfriend. EVERYTHING." She yells laughing. I giggled. "Okay bye," I say walking out of the car catching up to Ashton. "Bye Sister from another mister." She says while hanging. I laughed. Ashton smiles at me. "Just a question." He says while stops to walk and looks at me. He smirks. "Where did you go Monday? Like, you didn't call me or respond to my texts and you came back in a very happy mood. I never seen you like that. You even agree to go shopping with me the next day. What was that about?" He asks smirking "is there a special someone you want to tell me about?" He asks while poking my cheek and smirking. "NO!" I said panicking. "Okay! Sorry I asked." He says smiling walking back to Luke's house. So umm, I feel guilty. I have to confessed. Okay on Monday I did hang out with a very special person to me and that's...... Luke. He just wanted to hang out as friends but I don't know. He treated me so much more than a friend but he says he in love with Arzaylea but Michael says he always talks about me. I don't know why I'm not that interesting but..... Idk.



I woke up in my own room and it 9:00 in the morning so I went downstairs. Ashton is spending the day with his family at the beach he invited me but I didn't want to go. While I was going downstairs I got a call. It's......Luke? I answered it. "Hello?" I asked in a sleepy voice. "Hey Kendra its me Luke." He says in a confident tone. "Hey Luke. What's up?" I said while yawning. "Oh uh, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to hang out today?" He say pretty confidently. "Ummm, yeah sure. I have nothing to do today so...." I trail off. "Okay I pick up in 10. Oh and have you eaten?" He asks concerned. "No I haven't." "Oh okay. So I will see you in 10?" He asks. "Yes I will see you in 10," I said smiling. I hang up. OMG!!! WE ARE GOING TO HANGOUT!!!! But only has friends.


Go take a shower and after I'm done, I wrapped the towel around me. I walk out and into my closet. I pulled a white muscle tee pierce the veil shirt and black high waisted shorts. I tucked in the shirt in the shorts cuz I think it looks cute that way and black toms. I go to the bathroom and put concealer to hide my bags and I put a few coats mascara on my eyelashes. After I curled a little bit my brown short hair. My hair goes up to my chin. Yep, it's that short and I like it that way. Easier to handle. Wow. I finish under 10 minutes and he's still not here. I hear the doorbell ring. Wait never mind.


Luke's POV

So Michael slept over last night and he tried to convince me to hang out with Kendra alone. Soon I gave up and I said yes. To be honest, I've always wanted to hang out with her, by ourselves cuz when we talk it feels like it's just me, her and the universe. I know it sounds crazy but it's true but I can't tell her or my friends, not EVEN my girlfriend she already thinks something is happening. To be honest, she has never made me feel the way Kendra makes me feel when we talk. She makes me feel alive like I could talk to her about anything. She understands me and she's so beautiful and naturally beautiful, she doesn't care about the makeup or the hair. I'm not saying she doesn't wear, she doesn't. She just doesn't give much importance. You know? And No matter what but I don't know I'm really starting to think that I'm not really in love with Arzaylea. Look, I know she cheated on me but she promised me won't do it again but my friends tell me that she still does it. I do know who to believe.


I walk up to Kendra's door and I ring her doorbell. A few seconds go and I hear footsteps coming closer. I get butterflies in my stomach. Oh god. I look down to check myself. I'm wearing a white v neck shirt with black skinny jeans. Soon the door opens and I look up. Oh, my fuckin God. She looks gorgeous. With the shirt tucked in. I love it. And the put makeup on and she curled her hair. She's trying to kill me.


Kendra's POV


God, he looks hot. He's trying to kill me. "Wow. You look beautiful." He says shocked. I giggle while blushing. "Thank you." "No problem"

He takes my hand. I close the door and I start walking with him to the car. We get to his car and he opens the door for me. I get in. "Thank you." "Your welcome, my lady." He says winking at me. I blush. Oh god, I'm blushing. I hate it when I blush.


We made it a restaurant. The drive was silent but it was a awkward kind of silent. It was more of a nice silent. He parks and get out the car and runs to the other side of me and opens the door for me. What a gentleman. "Thank you. Why are you being such a gentleman today?" I ask him while walking inside. "Can't I be a gentleman to you?" He asks. "Of course you can," I said giggling. I bet he treats Arzaylea this way all the time. "What's wrong?" He asks pulling my face up with his finger under my chin. He looking in eyes. I moved his hand politely. "I'm fine. I'm just hungry." I said. "Oh okay. Let's go!" He says taking my hand and walking with him to the waiter. We get to her and she looks at Luke from up and down and smirks and then at me. She give me a nasty look and looks back at Luke and smiles. " Table for 1?" She asks smiling. Luke gives her a weird look and looks at me and back to her. "No, table for 2?" He says. "Oh...."she says in disappointment and gives me the death glare. "Come with me"she says taking us to our sits.


We ordered and we ate and we talked and talked and talked. I love it when we talk. It's like it's only me, him, and the universe but maybe it just me. "So you're telling me you have more penguin teddy bears than me?" I said giggling. "Yes. I have the mostest," he says. I started to laughing hysterically. "What? What did I say?" He says giggling. "I'm sorry. Um, 1, mostest is not a word and 2, you sounded like you said "the moistest." I said laughing. He looks at me and starts laughing. "I swear. I can't with you." He says.


After that Luke took me to six flags cuz apparently he knew I liked roller coasters. The thing is I never told him. Currently, we are in the Superman line. We are almost there. "Are you excited?" I asked Luke jumping up and down. He looks at me and smiles. "Of course i am." He says unsure. I stop. I look at him. "Are you okay?" I ask him. He looks at me. "I'm fine it's just..." He trails off. "It's just what?" I asked him looking into his beautiful blue eyes. "It's just that I've never went in this one and to be honest, I'm kinda nervous." He said looking at the ground. "Don't worry, I'm here with you. I'll hold your hand if you want to." I said giggling. He looks at me and smiles. "Okay."



We spent the day walking around holding hand in hand. I loved it☺️ and we ate. By that time it was getting dark so went home. I loved the day. It was amazing but we're just friends and that's all will ever be. The drive back home was quiet. I was so tired and my eyes were getting heavy that I fell asleep.

Luke' POV

I don't know what to say. Today was amazing. I felt complete. Today I spent with Kendra Carson. The girl of my dreams but I have a girlfriend. That cheats on me. I don't know what to do. Maybe she just sees me as a friend. Michael was right. I am in love.

I got her house and I grabbed the keys to her house and went and opened the door. I didn't want to wake her so I will carry her to her bed. She looks so peaceful. I went and opened the door to the car and lifted her up in bridal style and brought to her room. Well, guess it's her room. I looked at the band posters. Yep, it's her room. I landed her on her bed and took her shoes off. God, she's a heavy sleeper.

Kendra's POV

OKAY, what is he doing? Is he tucking me in? This is weird and kind. I love him. Wait.......did I just say that? Okay, so I've been awake when he started walking up the stairs. I didn't know he would do something like this.

*End of Flashback*


I walk behind Ashton when we reach the door and he just opened it and walked in. " So the band room in the basement. Okay?" He asks looking at me. Before we went down Michael and Calum came up. I was behind Ashton. Ashton backed up so they come up. "Hey Ash," Michael says giving him a hug. "OMG! ASHY I miss you so much!!!" Calum exclaimed. I started to laugh. When they looked at me the yelled " KENZ WE MISSED YOU!!!" And gave me a group hug. "Hey Guys," I said calmly even though Calum is squeezed me to tight. Ugh. " Calum. Let. Go. You're. Killing. Me." I said talking pauses in between. "Sorry We just missed you too much," Michael said excitedly. "You just saw me on a few days ago," I said looking at them. "But it's to much for us." I started to giggle. All of a sudden, i heard yelling coming from downstairs. Ashton started walking down the stairs. It sounded like Luke. "I don't think that's a good idea," Michael says. Ashton looked at him. "Why?" Ashton asked. "Oh, Luke and Arzaylea are fighting downstairs," Calum said with a face. "What are they fighting about?" I asked curiously. Okay yes maybe I do like him but that doesn't mean I want to know what's going on. I just want to know cuz I'm curious. That's all. Okay I really don't know why I want to know. "Oh urgh........" Calum looks at Michael and whispers loudly "should we tell her?" "Maybe..... Should we?" Michael says back. Ashton looks at me weirdly. "You know we could hear you, right?" Ashton says. Michael and Calum looks at us. "Fine! They are fighting about you." Calum says pointing at me, walking into the living room. WAIT! WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?! Oh god. I looked at Ashton and he gives me a confused look.

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