A quiet girl comes to befriend one of the most popular, seemingly upbeat girls she knows. Without a doubt, she falls for him. Unbelievably, he falls for her. For what seems like a blink of an eye, all is well. But, the boy falls into a deep distress. The girl attempts to help, but without avail. This is their story. A story of a heart-throb drifter, and a silent loner.


3. Author's Note

     Hello, everyone! I'd like to let you all know that it will be a little while in between each chapter, as I have quite a bit to write about.. I'd also like to apologize in advance for any slowness or sort of incompetence of the story. Right now I'm currently going through a little bit of a tough time of my own, not unlike the tragic story that will soon lie before y'all. But, I'm not here to bother you guys with those little details. I hope you guys are enjoying the descriptions! The story will soon begin it's little exposition onward once I finish drafting it. Haha! ;) Anyways, I'm falling in love with the story and I hope you guys will, too. 

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