My Other Half // Luke Hemmings // au

❝Get back here you bitch!❞

I run to my room and closed the door, locking it in place. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.

"Bella, you dumb whore! Open the damn door!" He hits the door from the outside furiously.

I can't let him tackle me again. I don't know what he is anymore. He's a different person when he acts like this and it's really scaring me. He keeps hitting the door, making the door break in the center.

Oh, my god.

He barges the door open and I see his full figure, filled with rage. "I swear to god, Bella," he walks closer to me and I stumble backwards trying to get away from him. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" He slaps me in the face and I fall on the ground.

I hit my head on the ground, feeing dizzy. He kicks my abdomen with his foot and I scream in pain.

"You trying to fight with me?!" He kicks again.

"AHH! Please stop!!" I begged screaming.


When Isabella Washington was five years old, she met a six year old boy named Luke Hemmings at a school bus going to their first day of elementary school and they became best friends instantly.

Twelve years later, Isabella and Luke are eighteen years old and they are still "Best Friends for Life" as they named their friendship years ago. They are inseparable and they never want anything bad happening to one another.

But what happens when one of them goes through something frightening and repugnant that one can't do anything about it?

Experience the lives of Luke and Isabella as they grow up to see the truth about the real world.

They never discovered the real world until now...

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[ Cover made by -thepinkrose- (aka Me) ]
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3. two

2 || the first day of school (part two)


Baby Luke ❤️


So far, my first day of school has been amazing. I made a new best friend, my teacher is nice, the subjects are really easy. Nothing can bring me down.

Right now, we're going to lunch and I can't wait to eat! Luke and I jump out of our seats and we follow the teacher and other kids to the cafeteria.

"I wonder what they're going to serve today." I thought out loud, we're walking together side by side.

"I hope it's something delicious." He commented.

"Me too." I said with my fingers crossed as I'm looking at him. All of us get into the cafeteria, seeing other classes eating their lunch already and we walk to the lunch line including Ms. Galloway.

At the lunch line, I see macaroni and cheese, pizza and chicken! The food looks good! I grab a tray of Mac and Cheese and Luke grabs a tray of pepperoni pizza. We follow our teacher to the table just for us to eat in.

We sit at the table with the rest of the kids and he sits next to me. "Our wish has been granted Luke, the food looks good." He smiles at my response and he grabs the fork that was on his tray. He starts eating the peaches in the plastic cup as I eat my macaroni and cheese.

This Macaroni and cheese is heaven!

"How's your food?" Luke asked me.

"It's so good!" I said with my mouth full and he starts to laugh at me, showing his full teeth. I keep chewing and I see him finish eating up his peaches, and then picks up the pizza, taking a large bite out of it.

"This pizza is good." He said happily as he's chewing. I smile because both of us are enjoying this school's food.

After we ate our food, we wait until Ms. Galloway is ready for us to go. I suddenly feel something burning in my body. Why does it hurt?!

Oh wait, I need to pee.

I look at Luke and I poke his shoulder. He looks at me and gives me his full attention. "I have to go to the bathroom." I informed him.

"Okay." He nods his head. I get off the chair and walk to Ms. Galloway.

"Ms. Galloway, I need to use the bathroom."

"Oh okay, do you want me to go with you?" She asks me.

"No, I can go by myself." I said truthfully. I can go anywhere on my own, mommy and daddy said I'm a big girl.

"Okay, after you're done, come back here so we can go back to the classroom." She told me.

"Okay, Ms. Galloway." I run out of the cafeteria and I run across the lunch room to the bathroom. I walk to the bathroom and ran into a stall to do my business.

After I did my business, I go out of the stall and go to the sink to wash my hands. Daddy taught me to wash my hands and repeat to get the monster germs away.

After I washed my hands, I went to the counter to get paper towels to dry my hands. It feels nice to feel clean. I throw the paper towels in the trash bin and I walk out of the bathroom, starting to walk back to the cafeteria.

Two boys walk by and they stop in front of me. These boys look older because they're so tall. One boy has denim jeans, with a green polo shirt and green sneakers. While the other boy has on a red race car T-shirt, with tan shorts and white sneakers. Why are they just standing there?

"Hey, little girl." The boy with the green shirt says.

"Hello." I wave at both of them.

"Where are you going?" The red shirt boy asks.

"Just going back to the cafeteria." I smiled at both of them.


"Because I need to get back to my class." I told them innocently.

"Well, what if we don't let you go?" The green shirt boy asked.

"But I need to go back." They're starting to scare me.

"Well, that's too bad, little girl." They walk closer to me and I back away trying to not get close to them.

Why are they being so mean?

"What are you going to do about it?" The red shirt asked. I feel my back touch the cold wall and they walk closer to me. I feel my eyes burning and tears start to fall down on my cheeks.

"Aw, you cryin'?" Both of them laugh. I start to cry more as they're walking closer to me and the boy in the green shirt grabs my wrist, pulling me closer to them. He grips on my wrist tighter and I yelp in pain.

"Stop! You're hurting me!" I cry in pain. He grips on my wrist tighter and it really hurts. Why are they bullying me?! I didn't do anything bad to them, but they're hurting me with no problem at all. As I'm crying my eyes out, they're still laughing at me, I hear a voice behind them.

"Leave her alone!"

The boys stop laughing and turns around looking at the kid who told them to leave me alone. I also look at the kid and I see familiar blue eyes with blonde hair.


He looks mad with angry features on his face and it's kind of scaring me a little bit. "What'd you say you little brat?" The boy gripping on my wrist spat at Luke.

"I said . . . leave her alone." He gritted his teeth. I can't believe my eyes, all day I saw a shy boy not talking much. Now I see a boy who looks angry and looks like he's gonna kill somebody.

The boy in the red shirt walks in front of us. "You don't know who you're messing with little man," He crosses his arms over his chest. "And who is this, you're little girlfriend?" He laughs. I look at Luke's face expression and he still looks angry, but his cheeks looks flushed.

"No, she's my friend and you better let her go!" He snapped.

"And what if we don't?" The red boy threatened. Without warning, Luke walks towards us and kicks the boys private part with his foot.

The boy holds onto his wi-wi and cries in pain while he falls on the ground and rocks back and forth crying. I look at him and he looks even angrier at the boy gripping my wrist. But I'm still shocked on what he did to the boy on the floor.

The boy gripping on my wrist looks at him and he looks beyond angry. "You little twerp--" Again, Luke kicks his wi-wi with his foot and the boy lets go of my wrist, falling on the ground whining in pain.

I look at the two crying boys on the ground while they rock back and forth in pain. I still have tears on my face from my wrist throbbing. I look at my wrist and I see a red bruise around my wrist, seeing it throbbing even more.

"Isabella!" I look up and see Luke walking to me with a sad expression on his face. "Are you okay?"

My Hero.

He saved me from those boys. He was so brave for doing that.

"Isabella?" I wrap my arms around his neck and I hug him with relief.

"Thank you, Luke." I whimpered as I'm upset again about my wrist. I let go of him and I look at my bruised wrist.

"Are you hurt?" He asked worriedly. I nod my head as my answer. "What happened?" He takes my wrist slowly with the palm of his hand and slowly rubs it with his other hand. He looks upset looking at my wrist.

"After I . . . used the bathroom, I came out and I tried to come back to the cafeteria, but those two boys walked in front of me. They wouldn't move out of the way, so one of them grabbed my wrist and started to grip on it even tighter and now I have this bruise on my wrist." I finished starting to cry again.

"Please don't cry." He rubs my wrist softly and wipes a tear off my face. "It's okay, I'm glad I came early when I did; I was worried about you."

"You were?" I asked surprisingly.

"Yeah." He said quietly. I smile at his response and he smiles back. "Do you need to go to the nurse?"

I look at my wrist that he's holding onto and I see the bruise getting worse. I don't know if I should go to the nurse because grown ups handle their injuries like no problem. But I'm only five and I don't know if this will get infected.

"Yes." I nod my head.

"Okay, let's tell the teacher." He informed. He starts to walk away, but I look at the boys on the floor still in pain.

"What about them?" I look at them on the floor.

"They're fine." He responded. We walk away from the boys and walk to the cafeteria to tell Ms. Galloway.

When we told Ms. Galloway about my wrist, she freaked out and made the other kids go back to the classroom with another teacher to watch them. Then she went to take me and Luke to the nurse to get my wrist fixed.

The nurse wraps a bandage around my wrist, while I'm sitting on a chair and Luke sitting next to me. "Okay, sweetie. Your bandage is on." I look at the bandage and see that it's perfectly wrapped. "And don't worry, those two boys won't be bothering you again. They're going to get in big trouble." She said walking to the big computer she owns.

"Thank you!" I said nicely.

"You're very welcome." She gets a phone out and starts to dial a number. "I'm going to call your mom, okay?"

"Okay." I nodded. As I wait for the nurse to call mommy, Luke is sitting next to me shaking his leg up and down. I look at his face and he looks nervous, not looking at me. "Luke?"

He snaps his head at me with wide eyes. "Huh?"

"Are you okay?" I asked with worry.

He nods his head as his leg keeps going up and down.

"Are you sure? Because you look nervous." He gives me a more worried look. He stops his shaky leg and looks down at his lap.

"I was just worried about you." He responded quietly.

"But I'm okay now." I smiled showing him my bandage. He still has a frown on his face and he looks up at me.

"But it wouldn't have happened if I came to help you earlier." He frowned even more. Aww . . .

"But you came for me either way," I told him truthfully. "And I'm glad I met you today on the bus, because you're the best friend I've ever had." I give him a real smile. He looks at me and twitches his lips upward giving me a big smile. Yay! He smiled, he should keep that smile all the time.

"Isabella." I snap my head at the nurse because she called for me. "Your mother is on her way."

"Okay." I smile at her then turn my head, looking at Luke as he gives me a grin. "I wish I didn't have to go home, I want to stay until school is over." I whined at him and he laughs a little.

"It's okay. Was your day okay at least?" He asked and my answer is yes all the way! My first day was fantastic because I finally came to a real school and I met a new best friend for life. Also, the food was AWESOME!

"Of course. It was fun because you made it fun." I said truthfully. He looks at me with a shocked expression on his face and I see red color forming on his cheeks again. He looks down staring at his lap. I can't help but laugh at his cheeks, he looks like a little rabbit.

"Honey!" I heard a voice screaming and I snap my head at a lady by the door.


How did she come here so fast?

"Honey, are you okay?" Mommy rushes over to me and kneels down looking straight at me. "Are you hurt?" She asked panicking.

"I'm fine, mommy. How did you get here so fast? We live like twenty minutes from here." I asked concerned.

"I ran two stop signs because no one messes with my baby." She rushed. Oh my goodness, she's crazy! "Who hurt you? Who do I have to call the police for?"

"Mommy! The nice people took care of it. And besides, Luke saved me from the incident before anything else happened." I explained. 

"Who's Luke?"

"My new best friend!" I smiled at him then I look back at my mom. "He saved me by kicking the boys shins!"

Mommy's eyes became bigger and her left eye twitches a little. "Um . . . well honey I'm glad you're okay." Her eye stops twitching. She looks at Luke and smiles at him. "Very nice to meet you. Thank you for helping my baby."

He shows a slight grin on his face. "You're welcome, ma'am." He said silently.

"Such a sweetheart!" Mommy exclaimed. "You ready to go honey?" She asked me.

"I guess so." I said disappointed.


"Mrs. Washington?" The nurse called for mommy. Mommy turns around and looks at the nurse, waiting for her to continue. "Can you sign the permission slip so little Isabella can go home?"

"Oh, of course." Mommy stands up and looks at me. "I'll be right back." I nod my head and she walks to the nurse.

I jump off the plastic green chair and Luke does the same. Both of us look at each other, and I have a sad look on my face. "I'm gonna miss you."

He stares at me and has a smile on his face. "I'll be able to see you tomorrow." I guess that's true . . .

"Right." I giggled and he smiles again. "I just liked hanging out with you today."

". . . me too." He didn't talk quietly this time! He actually spoke in his normal tone. I can't help but smile at him.

"Honey, it's time to go." I heard mommy announce.

"Wait!" I panicked. Luke looks confused, but I wrap my arms around his neck and I hug him tightly out of sadness because I didn't want to let go.

I feel him tense up but his shoulder relaxes quickly. I feel him wrap his arms around my waist slowly, trying to get comfortable. I'm glad he's comfortable with me now. Just this morning he was so shy, quiet, vulnerable. But he changed because he saved me from those two boys like a superhero would do. I'm so happy I met him . . .

"Aww . . ." I heard a voice. I let go of him and I turn around looking at mommy. She has a face that I can't explain.

Happy . . . ?

"You guys look so adorable."

I feel my face heating up and I look at Luke with his face red again. Why does mommy have to be so embarrassing?

"Mommy!" I whined.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She smirked. "Let's go." She smiles looking down at me.

I turn around looking at him and I grin at him. "I'll see you tomorrow, Luke."

". . . Okay, I hope your wrist feels better." He looks concerned.

"It will, I promise." I assured him. I wave goodbye at him and he waves back.

"Bye Isabella."

"Bye." I give him a last smile and I go to mommy ready to go home. I hope he's going to be okay by himself for the rest of the day. But tomorrow will be different because I'm going to be with him all day to hang out with him. I can't wait to spend the rest of the year with my New Best Friend . . . for life!

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