My Other Half // Luke Hemmings // au

❝Get back here you bitch!❞

I run to my room and closed the door, locking it in place. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.

"Bella, you dumb whore! Open the damn door!" He hits the door from the outside furiously.

I can't let him tackle me again. I don't know what he is anymore. He's a different person when he acts like this and it's really scaring me. He keeps hitting the door, making the door break in the center.

Oh, my god.

He barges the door open and I see his full figure, filled with rage. "I swear to god, Bella," he walks closer to me and I stumble backwards trying to get away from him. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" He slaps me in the face and I fall on the ground.

I hit my head on the ground, feeing dizzy. He kicks my abdomen with his foot and I scream in pain.

"You trying to fight with me?!" He kicks again.

"AHH! Please stop!!" I begged screaming.


When Isabella Washington was five years old, she met a six year old boy named Luke Hemmings at a school bus going to their first day of elementary school and they became best friends instantly.

Twelve years later, Isabella and Luke are eighteen years old and they are still "Best Friends for Life" as they named their friendship years ago. They are inseparable and they never want anything bad happening to one another.

But what happens when one of them goes through something frightening and repugnant that one can't do anything about it?

Experience the lives of Luke and Isabella as they grow up to see the truth about the real world.

They never discovered the real world until now...

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2. one

1 || the first day of school (part one)

August 12, 2002





I can't wait for today!

Finally, it's the first day of school and I'm so excited I'm going to be a second grader this year! Mommy and I went shopping last week and got everything I needed. I have dozens of new clothes in my closet, my school supplies which are colored pencils for drawing, markers, crayons, and many more.

I can't wait to meet new people this year, it's going to be awesome. Mommy and daddy are nervous for me because this is the first time I'm actually going to a real school. Even though I'm five-years-old, turning six in thirteen days, I'm energetic as a dog who wants its dog treats.

I wake up from the blaring lights shining through my eyes. I open my eyes wide seeing the light dancing in my room. I jump out of my bed, run to my closet getting my first day of school outfit! I have prepared my favorite T-shirt. Hot Wheels! (I'm not those girls who loves Barbie or Bratz. They're too clingy and gross.)

Plus, I have blue denim jeans and blue clip-on shoes. I say it's a good outfit because mommy picked it out.

After I got dressed earlier, since I took a bubble bath last night, I walk out of my bedroom and went to the bathroom next door to do my routine. My parents always say to brush your teeth so they can shine like the sun. I take my orange toothbrush and apply the minty toothpaste on the bristles. I brush my little teeth and brush my tongue at the same time, tasting the mint flavor dancing around my mouth. After three minutes of brushing my teeth, I rinse off my mouth and gargle mouth-wash like mommy taught me.

I spit the mouth-wash out in the sink and took a look at my shiny teeth. It does shine like the sun. I approve my teeth and I walk out of the bathroom, walking down the stairs to the living room. As I'm walking to the living room, I see mommy in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

"Hi, mommy!"

Mommy turns around and looks at me with a smile on her face. My ethnicity is really interesting! I'm half black and half white, that's what my parents told me anyway. Mommy has light blue eyes and blonde hair while my daddy has long black hair and brown eyes. Plus, I have his mean attitude inside when it's needed.

"Good morning, sweetie." I see her put eggs on a plate and I get excited. I'm in love with eggs! I run to the kitchen and I look up at my mom. She bends her knees looking at me face - to - face. "Are you excited about today?"

"YES!" I screamed excitedly and mommy laughs at my out burst.

"Well I'm glad you're excited because your daddy and I are so proud of you.

"Where is daddy?" I asked. I didn't see him when I woke up this morning, it's strange.

"Well . . . he has to work today, but I promise that he'll be here when you get home." She said with a worried look on her face.

"Oh." I titled my head down upset about daddy not being here.

"It's okay pumpkin, I know you're upset but he'll be here later, I promise." She told me.

"Okay." I mumbled.

". . . How about you eat the eggs I made you. Your favoriteee." She sang at the end.

I snapped my head up and I look at my mom excitedly. "Yay!!" I ran to the island and jumped on the stool, sitting my butt down.

I hear mommy laughing and walks over to the counter, grabbing the plate of eggs and bacon. I clap my hands eagerly waiting for my yummy breakfast to arrive. She rests the plate on the island counter and smiles at me.

"Enjoy baby girl, and eat up quickly because your bus is coming here soon."

"Okay." I replied as I start eating my eggs. I can't lie about being nervous going on a bus for the first time, because I don't know anyone there. But it will be like a new adventure for me!

After I ate the eggs, I feel stuffed and complete to start the day. I hear a loud noise outside my house.

I think that's my bus!

"Mommy, the bus is here!" I said loudly as I jump off the stool.

"Okay." She rushes to the living room, grabbing my backpack off the floor, then runs back to me. She wraps the bag straps around my arms and fixes my T-shirt. "Alright honey, you're all set. Remember to have a good day in school, don't be mean to anyone, and eat your lunch whether you like their school food or not--"

I roll my eyes because of my mother's rules. "Okay mom, you said this like a hundred times already last week. Can I go?" I begged.

"Sorry. I'm just proud you're going." She puts her hands on my cheeks and kisses my forehead. "I love you, pumpkin." She smiles at me.

"Love you too, mommy!" I kiss her cheek. "Wish me luck!" I said as I turn around and run to the door.

"Have fun, sweetie." I heard mommy say behind me.

I run out of the house, close the door, and I run to the bus stop across from my house seeing the big yellow bus. I walk at the open door and I climb up the stairs seeing a lady bus driver. "Hey sweetie."

"Hello!" I smiled and waved at her.

"Pick a seat so we can go." She smiled. I look at the bus trying to find a spot to sit.

Darn! The front is filled. I walk further down the bus and I find an empty spot next to a boy who's looking down drawing a picture on a sketch pad.

"Hello." I greeted him. He looks up at me with his  blue eyes, blonde hair, and a dimple on the side of his mouth. He looks at me for a little bit until he opened his mouth.

"Hello." He said silently with a different accent I've never heard before.

"Can I sit next to you?" I asked cheerfully.

He looks at the empty spot next to him then he looks back at me, nodding his head. He scoots a little further to the window to make extra room. I take off my backpack, resting it on the floor as I sit next to the boy making myself comfortable.

"So, are you excited about today?" I asked smiling.

He looks down at the picture he's drawing. "Not really." I frown at his answer. Who's not excited about school?

"Why not?"

"It's my first time going to a school." He mumbled. Wow! He's just like me!

"Really? Me too!" He looks up from his drawing and looks at me with wide eyes.


"Yeah! It's my first day in an actual school." I finished smiling at him.

He looks at me with confusion on his face. "Why are you happy about it?" He asked.

"Because, new school, new friends, teachers, everything!" I answered.

"Interesting." He said quietly again. "Well I'm nervous about it."


"Well . . . I'm not good with . . . people very much." He answered looking down at his picture, which looks awesome!

"You'll be great, I guarantee it." He nods his head without looking at me and I see him drawing a picture of a car that looks amazing.

"What are you drawing?" I asked leaning in looking at his drawing.

He looks up at me and bites his lips. "Um . . . I'm just drawing a car."

"It looks awesome!" I said smiling.

"Really? It doesn't look that good--"

"Are you crazy?" I cut him off while snatching his sketch pad from his lap and I look at it in front of my eyes. "It's amazing! I wish I can draw like you." I look at his drawing and he drew a sports car with every detail like a real car has: car doors, a motor, tires, engines, everything! It's incredible.

I look back at him and he looks shy, I see a slight pink color forming on his cheeks.

He clears his throat. "Thank you."

"No problem." I smile and I give him back his sketch pad. "When did you start drawing?"

"A couple months ago." My eyes grew bigger after hearing his answer.

"And you draw like this?!" I asked shockingly.

He nods his head at my question. It's amazing how he's so talented! "That's amazing!" I exclaimed. He twitches the end of his lips upwards and the pink color on his cheeks appear again.

"Thanks." He responded. I wonder if he has any friends.

"So, what's your name?" I asked.

"Uh . . . Luke." He looks down at his sketch pad and closes it. He looks up and stares at me. "What's yours?"

"I'm Isabella," I smile. "Isabella Washington at your service." I solute like those soldiers do in the movies. He shows his teeth as he's laughing, squinting his eyes. Aww! I made him laugh. Progress!

He calms his laughter down and stares at me. "Um . . . well I'm Luke Hemmings. Full name." He smiles.

"Well nice to meet ya!" I take my hand away from my forehead and put my hand in midair, offering him a handshake.

He accepts the handshake by connecting his hand to mine and we move our hands in up and down motion.

"It's nice to meet you too, Isabella." He responded smiling and I smile back.

We stop our handshake and we start talking about random stuff like our favorite T.V. shows, movies, activities, etc. and we have everything in common! I'm so glad I met Luke. I think I just made a new best friend.



After the comfortable bus ride, we finally made it to the school. I look out the window and see the big school in front of me. It looks awesome! I can't wait to get inside. The bus lady stops the bus and opens the door.

"Okay kids, have a great first day of school." The bus driver said to all of us.

All of us say 'thank you' in unison and we get out of the bus, looking at the school in person. Luke walks to my side and looks at the school with me.

"Doesn't it look amazing?" I asked while looking at him. He looks at the school with wide eyes and his mouth opened a little.

"Y-yeah." He stuttered. Is he nervous? I curl my arm to his arm. He flinched from my touch and he snaps his head at me looking scared.

"It's okay, don't be nervous. We'll get through the day together!" I assured him giving him my best smile for comfort.

He looks at me and starts to nod his head slowly, forming a little grin on his face. "Okay." He said silently. We walk at the front of the school and we walk straight inside since the doors are already open.

Luke and I walk inside the school and we see five separate lines of signs with each grade on it. Wow, they're so many kids at this school. It feels like there's a trillion of us.

I see a sign that says, 2ND GRADE and I start to get excited.

"Come on Luke, let's get in line!" I said jumping up and down. He looks at me with confusion on his eyes but I don't care, I'm way too excited.

I rush the both of us to the second grade line and wait behind other kids. "I'm so excited, aren't you?" I asked looking at him.

He looks at me with a look I've never seen before. Bored? "I know you're excited, but I don't think I'm gonna like this place." Now his face turns into a frowny face.

"Why not?" I asked with a frown face also.

"Because I've never been somewhere like this before and I'm nervous." He tilted his head down and looks afraid. Oh . . . I don't like this sight of him, I want the happy kid I met on the bus with his cool artistic skills.

"Luke," I said while the line is moving up. He looks up at me and stares at me with a scared look in his eyes. "It's my first day too . . . and I'll admit that I'm a little nervous, but that's why you and I will get through this day together." I finished giving him a comfort grin.

He looks at me and gives me a little grin. "Okay, Isabella, I trust you on this." He responded nodding his head. I smile as I'm proud of myself for encouraging him that today will be okay.

"Great!" I smiled. The line moved closer and we were next in line. I see a lady in front of me who is smiling at me behind her table. "Hello." I waved at her with my free hand.

"Hello." She greeted me happily. "What's your name?"

"Isabella Washington, miss." I said politely. Mommy always taught me to be nice to adults, no matter what the situation is.

She looks at the paper and flips through the second page, runs the palm of her index finger down on the page. "Ah, here you are." She gets a piece of paper and writes something down. After she finished writing, she gives me the piece of paper. "Here you go sweetie. Your teacher is Ms. Galloway and the room number is on that paper. If you need help finding the room number, you just go talk to those nice people at the end of the hallway." She points behind her at the two adult ladies at the end of the hallway helping some kids out.

"Okay, thank you." I said to the nice lady.

"You're welcome." She smiles. I move out of the way for Luke's turn. He walks up to the lady and stares at her looking nervous.

"Hello, what's your name?" She asked and he looks afraid again. I walk over to him and curl my arm around his. He flinches at first but he relaxes again while I look at him for comfort.

"Uh . . . Luke Hemmings, ma'am." He said quietly but still loud enough for the nice lady to hear.

"Okay . . ." She looks at the paper and does the same routine she did for looking for my name. She brings out another piece of paper and writes something down. "Alrighty . . . here's your schedule." She gives the piece of paper to him and he takes it gently. "Your teacher is also Ms. Galloway with this young girl next to you." She said pointing at me. "I hope you two have a great first day at school."

"Thank you!" I said while smiling. "Come on, Luke!" I pull him with me to go find our classroom. We walk at the end of the hallway turning to our left to find Ms. Galloway's classroom.

"Isabella, should we ask for help?" He asked panicking.

"No, we can find it ourselves. That's why we're on an adventure." I answered as we kept walking down the hallway. We walk and we see other kids standing by a door with a big sign above the door reading, MS. GALLOWAY'S CLASS

"Look, we found it! We didn't need help." I said proudly at him and he does a side grin. "Let's go!" We walk inside the classroom and see the classroom filled with decorations and kids.

"Hello kids! Welcome to your first day of second grade. I'm your teacher Ms. Galloway," she said with a cheerful voice. "So, please choose a seat so we can start the day." Ms. Galloway is really pretty, she doesn't look old, she has no winkles or anything. She's tall and she's wearing a white blouse with a black skirt, something my mommy would wear.

"Come on, let's sit next together." I walk to two empty seats at the back of the room and I sit in one seat. Luke walks slowly to me and sits next to me while he's hugging himself. It looks like he's shaking again. He looks afraid because he's looking around the room while other kids are coming inside the classroom.

I rest my hand on his shoulder and he flinches, snapping his head at me looking scared. "Are you okay?" I asked frowning my eyebrows.

". . . I'm just . . . not used to this." He mumbled looking scared. I feel bad for him, I'm trying to make him feel comfortable, but I don't think I'm doing a good job.

"I'm sorry if I'm not making you feel better." I told him sadly. He looks at me and looks like he's guilty.

"No . . . you're actually making me feel . . . better." I look down as I see red color forming on his cheeks again. "Don't feel bad because of me." He gives me a side grin probably to make me feel better.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah . . ." He gives me a full smile showing his dimples. Now I'm smiling big since I didn't do anything wrong and his smile is contagious.

"I'm glad you're happy then!" I said happily. His smile forms into a frown face and stares at me.

"Can I ask you something?" He asked.

"Yeah." I responded waiting for his question.

"So . . . are we . . .  friends?" He asked silently. I look at him with a grin on my face and I wrap my arms around his neck and he tenses a little bit feeling stiff.

"Of course we are. We're best friends for life!" I said as I hug him tighter and I feel him relax his body. I think he is comfortable with me now, he tenses for a few seconds then relaxes when I touch him. I feel happy even more. I think he accepts our friendship.

I can't believe I made a new best friend on the first day!




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