What would they say?

What would they say if they could speak?

I share my interpretation.


1. Death


You know not the time I will come for you. You know not the place, not the reason and not the power I hold. Some run from me, some even attempt to free themselves from my unyielding clutch. I understand, I'm a stranger. But others; others make my life so much easier. They welcome me with open arms. And they seem to bathe in the bliss and the peace that I offer them, the freedom from responsibility, the lack of fear and envy. It's refreshing to say the least.

I care little for money and I snicker at the deluded idea of power, or even fame. Your wealth will be of little consequence and the power you perceive yourself to possess will be stolen from you in an instance. The mark and the light you may, or may not have bestowed upon the world… makes little difference to me. Your fate will be the same, your name will represent nothing but a lingering shell and your mind will be catapulted into oblivion. As for your body…what body?

You exist. Get over it - it's temporary.

Why bother with life you ask? Why not end it for yourself? If I haven’t greeted you yet, that’s for a reason. I’m not ready for you, my arms feel no yearning to embrace you. Your life may be meaningless, but as I’ve pointed out, isn’t everyone's? But know this: I do not control the way in which you choose to participate in my game. You are your own player; you have your own tactics, your own wants and needs, your own successes and failures. It is as the game progresses that the fun begins. So play your game, take pride in how you the play it. I haven’t put an end to your game yet, so keep playing.

But I'll let you in on another shred of my wisdom.

You are not only a player, but a number on my list.

You are a ticking time bomb that will erupt from the inside out and destroy every essence of who you are. So treat those around you as you wish, but know that you cannot and will not belittle others, because to belittle others is to belittle yourself. You are their equal in the universe - nothing more, nothing less. That's the way it is, and that's the way it shall remain until I say so.

You’re all here for now and you all share the same ignorance upon your oblivious nature. Embrace it whilst you can. 

And let's face it, you can escape the woes and the hardships of life...but you cannot escape me.



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