The Prank

Luna has been considered average normal girl under the radar at everything. It's finally senor year and she plans for it to stay that way. But life is full of twists and surprises. When her parents decide to move to a New York City from there small suburban town and when the most popular guy in the school befriends her, is her new lifestyle just a twist of fate or is it just a high school prank.
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9. Chapter 7-that's Harry Potter over there

"Am I in Hogwarts" I asked Blayke looking at the school standing in front of me. 

 "Ya you are and that's Harry Potter over there" She replied jokingly pointing to a nerdy guy oddly resembling Harry Potter.

"OMG really" I yelled quickly running over to him and asking for his autograph.

"Now Harry if you had to pick your favorite spell which would it be, you can tell me your secret is safe with me" I whispered to him.

"I don't know what your talking about" he answered fearfully trying to get away from me.

"Luna I was joking" Blayke said pulling me away trying to hold a straight smile but failing miserably 

"Here let me see your schedule" She said trying to change the subject so the poor Harry potter resembler could escape my fangirling.

"You have Math first with Mr. Brookes, I'll walk you there" she said

On our way I saw Winston walking down the hall looking like hes been going to this school his whole entire life. Ugh I hate him.

"Who's that" Blayke said looking at Winston with googly eyes

"The rudest, messiest, human being to walk the planet, otherwise known as my twin brother" I said loud enough for him the hear me.

He looked over shocked at who could possibly saying that, once his eyes locked mine a evil grin planted itself onto his face. You see my twin and I love to prank each other as much as possible. Before he did his evil scheme that Evil grin would appear onto his face.

"Hey Luna, wait up I need to tell you something" He said. I saw his slowly pulling out a bottle of silly string from behind his back.

"uh oh I got to go" I told Blayke running in the direction I hoped Mr. Brookes room was in. I turned down the next hallway when I suddenly bumped into a hard wall.

"ouch" I said rubbing my head " who would put a wall in a middle of a hallway" I said mumbling under my breath.

I looked up and saw the solid wall turned out to be Karson from the bus this morning

He smirked down at me and helped me get up.

"You should watch where you are going Luna" He whispered smirking with a slight grin on his face. His perfect brown hair was now slightly tousled from him running his hands through it, and his deep forest eyes were starring deeply into mine our faces were inches apart.

We were cut out of trance when we both heard a girl shouting.

"Who do you think you are trying to kiss my boyfriend" she yelled at me now everyone in the hallway was now pointing at us.

"Oh um I" I tried to respond but was cut off when Karson spoke up

"Hey Karly I was just telling Luna about our School" He said quickly covering up our almost kiss

"Sure you were" she said huffing and walking away

Once she was gone I slapped him

"you cannot try to kiss me if you have a girlfriend" I yelled at him

"okay i'm sorry"

"At least let me walk you to class Luna" He asked 

"fine" I huffed

"Hi you must be Luna Scout" Mr Brokes said

"The one and only" I replied smugly

"Why don't you tell the class a little bit about yourself then you can chose your seat"

I was about to start talking when three gorgeous guys walked in. One in particular caught my eye.




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