The Prank

Luna has been considered average normal girl under the radar at everything. It's finally senor year and she plans for it to stay that way. But life is full of twists and surprises. When her parents decide to move to a New York City from there small suburban town and when the most popular guy in the school befriends her, is her new lifestyle just a twist of fate or is it just a high school prank.
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5. Chapter 4- like who even has a couch in there bedroom

"That's the final box" my Dad said in relief 

"finally" I said falling back onto floor 

After our three ongoing hours of unloading the truck we finally finished. You see my Dad refused to hire a moving company to do all of this for us. He thought it was a waste of money. But for goodness sake we are living in a penthouse we cold of spared a couple extra dollars on moving people.  We had to go up and down the elevator so many times, I even got to know to elevator operator pretty well. Considering I knew everything from how long he has been working at our apartment building to his favorite deodorant brand. Don't even ask how we got on that subject.

"Luna you realize we haven't even started unpacking yet" mentioned Winston looking at me sprawled out on the floor with disbelief in his eyes.

"ughhhh, can't I do it later. or even better yet can't you unpack for me" I said adding in the puppy dog face

"Your boxes are on the pile next to Rosemund"s" He said sternly walking away

After mumbling some not to nice things, i got up and brought the like a thousand boxes to my so called room. If you ask me it looked more like a mini house of it's own.

"like who even has a couch in there bedroom" I thought to myself


After I finished unpacking i was quite pleased with the results my room looked like this


"Hey Wintson and Renee do you want to see my room" I yelled out as a response a heard loud foot steps coming toward my room. It must of been Winston because he has heavy feet. I swear sometimes you can hear him from a mile away.

"Hey Luna oh wow it looks great but not as good as my room' He said smiling a bit

He knows how competitive I can get sometimes so he was just asking for it.

"My room is the twelfth door on the right" he said walking off

Wow our house is really big i thought to myself before walking after him

"hey can i have a a little bit of help" Renee yelled as we passed her door

Since she had the smallest room in our last house my parents decided to give her the biggest one out of the three of ours. Her room was even two stories.


"hey guys can you put my ladder back up it fell again" she said

After me and Winston struggled to put that thing back up and may I say it was super heavy, we went back to going to Winston's room with Renee tagging along behind us. 

"okay close your eyes' Winston said with a huge smile on his face

He ushered us into the room in the process I stubbed my toe twice thanks Winston 

"okay you can open them now he said"

 "it looks exactly like your old bedroom" I said with disbelief   

"And you even managed to keep your trash in the same spot to" Renee said with disgust

"How is your be even unmade you haven't even slept in it yet" I asked with disbelief 

I love my brother, but he is one of the messiest people I have ever seen

"so you like it right" he said

Renee and I just bursted out laughing

"yep we sure do" we said sarcastically 

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