The Prank

Luna has been considered average normal girl under the radar at everything. It's finally senor year and she plans for it to stay that way. But life is full of twists and surprises. When her parents decide to move to a New York City from there small suburban town and when the most popular guy in the school befriends her, is her new lifestyle just a twist of fate or is it just a high school prank.
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2. chapter 1- Chicken Dance

Luna Marie Scout, is a name of someone who you would expect to be most likely not ordinary. Unlike my unusual name I am as normal and under the radar as it gets or so I thought.

I wake up to the sound of chicken dance.... I know what you are thinking who would wake up to something as weird as that. My parents and three siblings Renee who is in middle school, Winston who is unluckily my twin brother and my little annoying  toddler sister Rosemund. We are all in the car on the way to the airport which is unluckily a three hour drive (lucky me). We are moving from our amazing small suburban town to one of the busiest cites in the county ironic right. My mom had decided to  play Rosemund's favorite songs on a playlist for the whole ride. Which only consisted of Old McDonald, the Hokey Pokey, and of course the chicken dance.

I brushed my long auburn hair from my green eyes and looked at Winston who was lucky enough to sleep through this madness. Unlike him that was one of the traits I lacked.being able to fall and stay asleep anywhere. Don't even get me started one the topic of him and the Ferris wheel last summer he was on it for hours without anyone noticing.

"how much more longer" I asked my dad. Most people say my Dad and I look nothing alike with him being a a solid 6 foot two tall and me barely reaching a five foot two and unlike him and my two sisters who had honey blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I had more of my Mother's features of auburn hair and dark green eyes which people mistake for brown.

"around two hours honey" my dad said not keeping his eyes off of the McDonald's as we passed it. 

"This is going to be be a long day" I thought looking out the window



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