What Movellas Means to Me

To celebrate 7 years of Movellas, I decided to go back in time over the last four years and see how Movellas has developed since 2012.


4. 2014

Once again, there were lots of changes over this year, but there may not have been as many. Following Jordan leaving in December, we got Georgia T and Eva84 joining the Movellas team. They brought with them yet another feature that we still have – the ability to change backgrounds on your profile. Though, it’s a relatively minor thing now, I remember some being excited by it, including myself. The background I chose, like my profile picture, is still the one I use today.

There had been a clear change in the way things were run though. Over the course of the year, there was a variety of competitions for different genres, books and TV shows, whether it be to celebrate a new book or season, or just because of the time of year. In May, the novelty of Papellas seemed to have worn off, as the times you could order them were restricted. I’m kind of sorry I didn’t order one while I had the chance, to be honest, because it wasn’t long after that that they were removed completely.

The first half of the year went without anything major happening. I got into reading Hetalia and Gravity Falls fanfictions around that time and, as a result, made some friends with people in those fandoms as well. Being the nerd I am, I decided to create lists for them and then write any comments in the GF one in Atbash code, since I was very obsessed with solving the codes around that time. There are many memories of this year I have, like participating in the Movellas Scavenger Hunt and getting more interested in watching YouTube, due to watching videos people posted links to on Movellas. As a result, I’d start by watching a GF theory video and end up watching an AVByte Musical.

This peace didn’t last long, though, as October brought the second Movellas Makeover. This one was the most different of all of them, as rather than stick with the blue, green and white theme that everyone had got used to, they instead transformed the colours to pink, purple, blue and white. We thought the response to the first makeover was bad, but people went crazy over this one (and not in the good way). Petitions were made; users took to the mumbles to give their opinions; some even threatened to leave as a result. The colours were said to be “too feminine”, the transformation “too soon” and any previous positive comments about change were taken back.

There was also a change from fans to followers, which I’ll admit I wasn’t keen on, and a new, personalised homepage, which meant you could see other people’s activity and any new competitions and blog posts. Everything eventually died down, but, as you can see, the colours reverted back eventually.

Nevertheless, I think 2014 was one of my favourite years of the ones I’ve spent on Movellas. It was definitely the time I was most active, though most of that was through co-author conversations.

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