The life as Aryana

Story is about a teenager girl name Dariana going through a haunted house and meet a bunch of friends there she explores father and father and find out who's been killing her parents this whole time.


1. the first day

Aryana was in bed with her patient Justin.Aryana works as a girl who has sex form one day when Aryana was having sex with Justin she said ok time is up sorry baby but it is time for you to go.Justin said oh piz let me have more piz with a sad face.Aryana said fine just 5 more minute.Justin said yay.5 minutes later Aryana said ok now give me the mony you get to pay extra because you had 5 minutes more then what you where supposed to get.Then Justin payed and when he laft Aryana got a strange text message. It said if you what to see you mom and dad then meet me at the Greeley community centre.Aryana's sister died from car accident then all she had was your mom and dad she didn't want to lose them so Aryana got changed and headed to the Greeley community centre.when she got there she saw her

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