catch me l.h.

Do i walk away heartbroken or fall for him and let him catch me ?
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2016 all rights reserved.


4. iii.


" So your tell me that you have a hot, annoying, badass looking neighbor" Kendall says as we talk in her room. I nod.

" Yeah pretty much" She laughs.

Kendall and i have been best friends ever since we were three and since then we tell each other everything. I literally don't know what i would do without her. We also have El and Jade who we met when we were five and we'll just all been the best of friends and do everything together and are always there for each other no matter what.

" Well since you have a boyfriend i think i might just go and-"

"Kendall'' I say making her laugh even harder.

" I'm kidding, beside i'm this close to being Anthony's girlfriend" I roll my eyes and laugh.

''you mean you two actually talked to each other while i was gone ?'' She nods.

" yeah, and maybe hooked up like once  but" I cut her off by throwing a pillow at her knowing she would start explaining the whole story.

" Don't need that much information" She roll her eyes.

" Well anyways, back to your problem i think you should just ignore him right now i mean he sounds like a fuck boy" I nod.

" Yeah, you're probably right"

"See, and i know i'm right cause i'm always right. Now go and see Liam" I laugh and get off the bed.

"  Yeah i know you are, I'll see you later" She nods.

" Alright girly, we should go to dinner with El and Jade later tonight" I nod.

" Okay just text me the plans" And with that i leave and make my way towards my car and drive to Liam's house. I was getting excited to see him again and be able to hug him after almost four months of not seeing each other.

We've been dating for almost four years and everything has been great expect for the fact that Liam and Jordan don't really get along.The two use to be best friends, but a fight happen between them and now they don't talk. And to make it worse Jordan hangs out with some of the... boys that have a bad reputation.

Basically after the fight Jordan decided to hang out with Zayn Malik and his little crew. Zayn and Liam are enemies and hate each other so much that when Liam found out he got so mad he almost got into a fight with Jordan.  And Jordan threaten to beat Liam up if he wouldn't leave me alone.They don't talk or see each other anymore so it's not really a problem now. 

I pull up to Liam's driveway and notice Harry's car as well as Dylan's car. Both Best friends of Liam. El and Jade are both dating them to. Harry and Jade have been together for over two years now. While Dylan and El have just started and have been dating for five months. El and Jade were probably here to.

I get out and right when i was going to knock on the door I turn around when i hear loud music, i see a black motorcycle that look similar to Jordan's. I raise an eyebrow because Jordan barely comes near Liam's house. I move my head and see that behind him was Zayn and all of his friends. All i was thinking was that shit was about to go down and if Liam saw them he would probably flip out. I see Zayn, Jai, Nick, Jordan and some new guy. Which was probably Luke. I walk towards them since they stop right in front of Liam's house.

They all take off their helmets and look at me.

" Jordan what are you doing here ?'' I ask only making Zayn and Nick laugh. I roll my eyes and look back at Liam.

" Oh just passing by the neighborhood" He says with a smirk on his face.It was so annoying when Jordan turned into some badass just to impress Zayn.  I notice Luke staring down at me almost making me feel uncomfortable, so i turn back to Jordan.

" really is that the best you an do ?'' I say as i cross my arms against my chest.

" Look we just need to talk to Liam if that's alright with you Princess" Zayn says. So Zayn has a thing for e apparently fro what i hear. And from his actions, He calls me princess and doll in front of Jordan sometimes, But Zayn knows if he does anything to me he would beat him up.

" Well i'm pretty sure he doesn't want to talk you, so if you wouldn't mind leaving that would be great" I say  with a smile making Zayn and Nick roll his eyes.

" Look, why don't we just come back once she leaves and we can take care of everything then" Luke says making his Australian accent thick.

" Yeah Luke has a point" Nick speaks out as well. Making Jordan scoff and Zayn roll is eyes.

" Fine" Jordan says and puts his helmet on and leaves.

" See you around doll" Zayn says. I walk away and decide to just walk in before anything else happens.

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