4 friends on a night out

4 Friends known as Ben, Bert, Bill and Bob go out on a pub crawl of their local town. Basic, I know.


1. Pub Crawl

There was once a town in Cheshire called Grimsbiscuit. In this particularly uninviting conurbation lived four young men, all very good friends. They were known as Ben, Bert, Bill and Bob. One evening while they sat hunched over a chessboard Bill said, "hey why dont we all go on a pub crawl" and the others agreed to do this. So they abandoned the chess game and headed to the first out of nine pubs in town called "The cocky dustbin". It stank like an unclean portable toilet and was full of scouse skinheads, talking about bashing each other's faces in."oi yer cheeky nob ed aisle smash yore face inside owt" said one noticeably drunk skinhead. The four said friends had several pints each and were pissed as farts. "Ey yer fat wonka" Bill sed 2 a skined. "u fukn wot mait" h3 replyd. Berrrrrt, Bin and Bub wer jragging Bull away from th commoashun. They hit th 2nd and 3rd pubs b4 taeking sum smack off an asian bloak. They went 2 th uthr pubs b4 passing owt in th midl off th roed. Bun, Blut, Ball and Blob wer ckilld laiter bye a big astroid.



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