High kingdoms

"Look you don't like me and I don't like you. Now we can just be civil for tonight and then have nothing to do with each other."
"I don't think thats going to happen hun. We may be spending the rest of our lives together." He says.
For everything fan fiction competition.


7. Chapter 6

"Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow." I shout rushing into my bathroom and sticking my finger under the tap. God I hate nail varnish remover. I have a tiny little scratch on my thumb but it feels like there is an army of microbes forcing there way though my skin. I give up on taking nail varnish off and just sit on the toilet seat painting my toe nails with some bright red nail varnish that I've found under my sink. I finish and wiggle them admiring my painting skills.

So far it's only been around a hour since my parents have left but the castle feels really different. It feels empty and unloved. My family always make sure to treat the staff like everyone else but the Styles just walk all over them like there a scum. All of them except Niall, Louis and Liam who are treated like members of the family. They don't eat with us and stuff but they have rooms that are on the same corridor as mine and Harry's and they don't have as many duties and they have the benefit of being able to talk to us.

"Princess." I hear Niall say very quietly while knocking on the door of the bathroom.

"Come in I'm decent." I say. All I have done is change into some baggy bottoms and a tank top from my dress. He walks in looking very sad.

"You may want to come and see this." He says holding his hand out for me to take. I take it and he guides me out the room into the corridor. What's wrong. Niall never shows me any sign of acknowledgment when we are outside my room because no one can know how close we are.

"Niall." I whisper trying to stop him but he keeps pulling me along not talking to me. We reach the door leading into the big drawing room. I can hear the muffled noise of the TV and people talking.

"You need to see for yourself." He says opening the door for me. I look at him confused, he nods his head nodding me to go forward. I walk in, everyone is in here. Everyone stops talking as soon as they notice me but Harry keeps chatting to Louis. Their bodies blocks the TV, they haven't realized I'm here yet. Louis spots me and whispers something in his ear. I walk forward more, Harry turns around. I can see he is exhausted and is pushed emotionally.

"Baby. I'm so sorry." He says taking my hand and moving out the way so I can see the screen. I don't notice how odd it is that he called me baby or the fact that he is holding my hand by choice and not force. All my attention is focused on the HD television sitting in the corner.

"Breaking news the King and Queen of Madoon have just been killed in a plane crash over the Pacific Ocean." The reporter says. I stare at it confused. No it's not them it must be some other plane. I step even closer so my nose is almost touching the screen but sure enough there floating in the ocean is the familiar sight of our plane. I run into Harry's arms hiding from the news that's on the screen.

"It's not real. It's not real. Harry tell me it's fake!" I shout at him but from the silence around us I can tell that it isn't fake.

My parents died in a plane crash.

I break down into his shoulder. Letting the sobs rattle through my body and out into his T-shirt that's getting damper by the second. He strokes my back whispering into my ear but I don't pay attention to any of it. I've lost everything. I don't have a single say in this house hold anymore.

"Harry take her to her room or something it's not fit for a princess to be seen crying like this." I hear Harry's mum say. That's it that annoying bitch. I start to move away towards her ready to lash out. For god sake my parents have just died, at that thought I burst out crying and kneel down on the floor crying into my hands.

"Come on Sweetheart." Harry's husky voice says. I find the strength to stand up. He picks me up bridal styles while I continue to cry into his chest. We walk down the hall and go past my room.

"Harry you've missed my room." I say hiccuping.

"I know, who said I was taking you to your room though." I rest my head on his abbs and breath in his gorgeous scent. Wow his chest is hard it must be all the working out he does. I feel him wobble as he balances on one leg to open the door he kicks it but it doesn't budge.


"She's fallen asleep on the couch again George." I hear my mum say. We were watching TV when I decided to pretend to fall asleep as I like my dad carrying me up to my room at night and tucking me in.

"I'll be back without the child in a minute." He says, I feel his gentle arms scoop under me as he lifts my body off the sofa. His gentle footsteps pad down the hallways till we reach my room where he kicks at the door trying to get it open. Eventually he does and manoeuvres inside and lies me down on my bed pulling the covers round my tired body.

"I love you never forget that." He whispers in my ear and then walks out the room before he sees the grin that has spread across my face.

~~~~real time~~~~

"C. Wake up. Please your worrying me." I hear someone say and then someone's hands grabbing my shoulders and shaking them lightly. I flutter my eyelids open and see Harry's worried face leaning over me. He spots that I'm awake and collapses onto the bed next to me letting out a big sigh.

"What happened?" I ask, then I remember my parents died. "Wait don't explain it all. Just the bit about me passing out."

"Hum I'm not sure I was carrying you into my room and when I looked down you were completely out. I thought you were dying but Niall told me not to worry and Liam..."

"Harry stop your rambling. I was only away for a few minutes. I had a flashback kind of thing." I say adjusting myself so I'm facing him.

"You've been out for over a three days princess." He says softly stroking a bit of hair away from my face, he leans in like he is about to kiss me but I move away just in time.

"Why are you being so nice? How long do you have until you go back to horrible Harry." I ask turning away from him. Tears creep down my cheeks as I realize I have no one left to love and no one that truly loves me. I hear myself sobbing again.

"I'm going to get Niall for you. He always knows what to do." He says getting off the bed. It shifts from his weight but settles down again. I just nod and continue crying into my pillow. The door closes and then opens again.

"Afternoon Cecilia." I hear Harry's mum say in her annoying too cheerful voice. "I know it's probably a lot to process but I was just wondering if you wanted yours and Harry's coronation on the same day as the wedding. As it would be rather annoying to schedule it for after your honey moon as you won't be here to help organize everything."  That's all she cares about at the moment. Her son getting married and coronated so she can then have a say over two countries rather than just the one.

"I don't know." I manage to say between my breaths of air to support the amount of crying I've done.

"The same day would be lovely Mrs Styles." I hear Niall say, their is the familiar click of the door and then silence again. "I'm sorry C. I really am it didn't have to be like this." I hear Niall say as he walks round the bed and lies in front of me. I manage a weak smile.

"What do you mean it didn't have to be like this." I ask puzzled. Does this mean it was planned.

"Look I'm really not the best person to tell you. How about you get some rest and then we can talk about it?" Niall says adjusting the blankets around me. He gets up to head out the door but I grab his arm to stop him.

"Don't go." I say moving over so there is room for him on the bed. He sighs but climbs in next to me. He envelopes my body in his arms and strokes my hair. I bury my face in his chest and breath in his scent. Me and Niall are just very good friends but at the moment he is my rock keeping me sane.

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