High kingdoms

"Look you don't like me and I don't like you. Now we can just be civil for tonight and then have nothing to do with each other."
"I don't think thats going to happen hun. We may be spending the rest of our lives together." He says.
For everything fan fiction competition.


15. Chapter 14

The next few weeks seem to go by in a blur of buying dresses sorting out seating plans checking venues and ordering decorations. Harry's mum looks so exhausted I swear she hasn't slept in a month. We will have the wedding service first and then the coronation. I'm not looking forward to it at all. Harry is, every day he seems to be in a better mood. We are still a little icy towards each other after our argument but that's usual for us.

Tonight is my last night of freedom without having another ring on finger and I'm going to live it like its my last night ever. Harry and his lot have gone out, he is staying in a different room so we don't see each other till the ceremony tomorrow.

I'm sitting in the middle of all the beanbags in my comfiest pyjamas with a load of popcorn, takeaway pizza and ice cream to go with some really crappy television. I wouldn't have it any other way though. As the adverts start I hear a knock at the door.

"Come in." I shout muting the TV. Harry walks in and stands awkwardly in the doorway. "I thought you were going out." I say shuffling around so I can see him better.

"We were just about to but I needed to talk to you first. I hope I'm not interrupting anything." He says moving into the room a bit more.

"Nope it's just me a load of food and crappy TV." He laughs slightly.

"Well I won't I interrupt you then. Have a good night." He says walking out before I can say anything. Well that was weird. It's not like him to be shy. I un-mute the TV and continue watching forgetting about are weird chat.

When I wake up I feel melted ice cream in my hair and the pizza slice that I was holding is now down my top. Elegant Cecilia well done. The popcorn has spilled and bits are over the floor. I take the ice cream tub and put it in the bin along with the pizza box and remaining slices. I grab a bin bag and start scooping popcorn into it. Soon the room looks normal again, I certainly don't. I go into the massive bathroom and hop in the shower and wash my hair. I then turn the Jacuzzi on and get in that. I sit in it letting the steam and bubbles relax my skin until everyone descends on me.

Way to soon there is a knock on the door and I'm forced to get out. I wrap myself up in a robe after putting on the underwear that I had laid out for me. I walk out and through to the bedroom there are products, people and a few cameras everywhere. There are a few more presents that I need to open when Harry's around as well.

"There you are. I was beginning to think you'd given up on us." Harry's mum says, I sit down in a chair and someone descends on my hair pulling and drying it before putting half of it up and the rest into loose curls. Once thats done they do my makeup highlighting my cheek bones and making my eyes look darker. When there finished I look amazing. They then help me into my gown which is white at the top and slowly fades down to a dark purple at the end of the train which is ridiculously long. My flower girls walk in and I take some pictures with them. Finally it's time and I walk down to the drive barefoot as the heels are too high to do anything to be honest. That's the drawback of being only just over five foot you get given huge heels all the time. My balance is bad at the best of times so giving me an extra few inches to balance in is feet suicide. We get to the limo and climb in. Even though it's a few minutes walk away supposedly its "not suitable for a lady to walk to her own wedding" according to Harry's mother. 

"Nervous." Maria asks me fiddling with a few bits of my hair.

"A bit." I admit smoothing out my dress.

"Don't be. It's all going to go perfectly. And then you can live a quite life letting Harry steer the wheel." She says patting my knee. I try to smile but can't quite force it. That's the problem I don't want to be in the passenger seat only able to control my own air conditioning. All too soon we reach the church and I get helped out because of the long train. Cameras start snapping and I walk as gracefully as I can into the foyer of the church. Niall is there waiting ready to give me away. There were lots of protests when I asked if he could do it but they gave in after a bit.

"You look gorgeous as usual." He says giving me a quick hug.

"Thanks. Did you have fun last night?" I ask as people rush around grabbing flowers and other random bits.

"Yes. It was a little hard getting up this morning." He says, I laugh. "Everything is going to work out. You and Harry will be fine." He promises taking my hand and looking in my eyes. I sigh.

"We're ready." Someone says running up to me. I nod and walk to big middle doors. Niall follows and takes my arm linking his with mine.

"Let's get this over with." I whisper, the music starts and the door swings open. I start making my way down the long aisle. Louis is standing on Harry's side, he glances back and makes eye contact with me. He winks and turns back round whispering something in Harry's ear. All too soon I've reached the end and I'm standing by Harry's side.

"Please sit down." The priest says, there is a load of noise as everyone in the space sits down. I can see a camera swooping around, the ceremony will be televised across the world, so I really can't mess anything up. "Today you join us for the wedding of Mr Harold Styles and Miss Cecilia Madoon. Before we start is there anyone who would like to give their opinion?" I can almost hear the whole hall take a breath in. No one ever goes against the priest in weddings, you would be shot on the spot if you did. Part of me wishes that someone would say something but no one makes a move. "No lets carry on." He says, he then waffles on about marriage and other boring stuff. It then comes to our vows.

"Do you Mr Harold Styles take Miss Cecilia Madoon as your lawfully wedded wife?" He asks, Harry looks me in the eye and takes my hands in his making me feel very self conscious.

"I do." He says, his voice is amplified down the hall making me jump slightly.

"Do you Miss Cecilia Madoon take Mr Harold Styles as your lawfully wedded husband?" This is the big question the one I've been dreading all along.

"I do." I say, quietly hoping that no one will here but the microphone picks everything up.

"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife." There is a massive cheer and Harry leans in as I lean up to give him a kiss. We break apart and turn to walk out the church. My flower girls pick up my dress and I hold Harry's arm as we walk slowly out as these heels aren't letting me go any faster.

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