High kingdoms

"Look you don't like me and I don't like you. Now we can just be civil for tonight and then have nothing to do with each other."
"I don't think thats going to happen hun. We may be spending the rest of our lives together." He says.
For everything fan fiction competition.


14. Chapter 13

"Wake up." I hear a foreign voice shout something then bangs my head. I turn around and end up falling out the bed. Light streams into my eyes blinding me momentarily. Standing over me is Maria looking very annoyed holding a pillow which would explain the slight pain in my head. "Morning." I croak sitting up. "You have photo in thirty minute. Me have to make you look pretty." She shouts pointing at the chair in front of my dresser. I stumble over and sit down stifling a yawn. My hair looks like a birds nest and I have slight bags under my eyes. Wow I look great. No one else is around so I guess they've gone into the snug to play call of duty or something like that. After what seems like a year Maria is done and is just doing the final touches to my hair when Niall walks in with a plate of toast. "Harry thought you might like this." He says smiling and putting it down in front of me. "Thanks Nialler." I say grabbing a piece and going to take a bite but Maria slaps my hand making me drop the piece. "Lip gloss!" She shouts, my stomach rumbles and I wish that I could eat it but I know she would have a fit if I did. A different servant walks in and hands Maria a dress bag. She then unzips it revealing a white, ankle length dress with little diamonds that will sit along my collarbone. I stand up and she helps me slip it over my head without smudging anything. She grabs her little over the shoulder make up bag and a pair of heels for me to wear. I follow her out the room and down the stairs into the rose garden which is now filled with cameras and lights. Maria hands me the shoes and I put them on, they add another few inches to my height and make it almost impossible to walk. I stumble over to where everyone is pointing me and wait for instructions. "Just sit on that wall, cross your legs and smile." Someone shouts I go to the wall and sit down trying to make myself as elegant as possible. Cameras snap so I guess their happy with how I'm sitting. "Okay bring him in." Wait who is coming in. Then I see Harry striding towards me he looks so good in black skinny jeans and a white shirt with the top undone as usual. "Morning gorgeous." He says when he reaches me. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "It's a wedding photo shoot were getting married." He says in a duh like tone. I roll my eyes I'm so stupid sometimes. He sticks his hand out for me to take. I take it and we start walking along a path with the cameras following us. "Go onto that bridge" the camera man shouts, Harry steps onto it and then helps me up. I lean against the railing looking up at the palace. Harry puts his arms round me and rests his chin on my head. We spend a little bit more on the bridge and then go to the big sloping lawn. On it is a thrown facing down it. "Right Harry sit there. Cecilia stand on a side of it and put your hand on it." This will probably appear on a poster saying men are stronger or something like that. I stand and try to look happy but I find it really unfair that all the attention is on Harry. "Next outfit please." The director shouts, Maria rushes up and someone brings a screen that surrounds me and her. I take the dress off and she helps me into a ripped green dress that looks like it's been dragged through some mud. It's not the most flattering thing. I don't think they were aiming for that though. When I step out Harry has changed as well, he is now wearing some trousers that look like deer skin and is topless showing all his tattoos. I can feel my body wanting to drool at the sight of him. We spend the rest of the day taking pictures that basically show off male dominance. I then have to have some taken with Harry's parents and finally as the sun starts casting long shadows I can go. "That was fun." Harry says bouncing along beside me, I grunt in reply. "What's wrong?" He asks stepping in front of me. "I just love being that person who has to be in the photos but serves no purpose apart from making sure that the centre stands out more." I snap back at him pushing past and inside, he soon comes scurrying back up to me like an annoying dog. "Don't take it out on me. I can't help what the law is." He shouts. "That's bullshit and you know it. You have full control over this country now and everyone in it. But you just like being the centre of attention all the time and having people to boss around. If you changed the laws you'd have less people to boss around wouldn't you that's why." I ask him stopping and crossing my arms. He doesn't say anything so I know I'm right. "Goodnight Harry." I say turning and walking in the opposite direction of our rooms. I can't bare to look at him let alone sleep with him at the moment. God he's just so self centered and arrogant thinking he's the best at everything. I have to say I didn't think our first fight would be like this. I find a cosy window seat with curtains that drapes around. I curl up and draw the thick fabric round me trapping me in from the world. I gaze out the window and watch as the camera crew starts taking down everything. In the far corner of my vision I can see the church that I will get married in and then in a different section the place where we will have our first dance and cut the cake. Everything seems so real now, it's actually happening I'm marrying Harry styles.
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