High kingdoms

"Look you don't like me and I don't like you. Now we can just be civil for tonight and then have nothing to do with each other."
"I don't think thats going to happen hun. We may be spending the rest of our lives together." He says.
For everything fan fiction competition.


13. Chapter 12

"So what are we going to do today?" I ask him sitting down on the desk while he takes out the crystal ball.

"Just going in and out, making sure the vision is clear and not fuzzy. If that goes well then you don't have to train any more." He says smiling at me. I look at him confused what happened to a week more of training at the least. Now he's telling me that I only need one more session. 

"You ready?" He asks grabbing my hand and placing it on the ball. He wraps his arms round me like he always does and we get pulled into the vision.

We're inside the big cottage place that we stayed a week at. Sitting on the sofa is Harry's dad and mum having a big argument I think, I walk closer and I start to hear it.

"Are you telling me that child isn't mine." He shouts at her who is cowering in the corner of the chair. She nods slowly, what child are they talking about, Harry is their only child does that mean he has a sibling.

"Who's the father then?" He demands.

"The King of fortune tellers." She stutters out, who's the King of fortune tellers.

"C. What's going on can you tell me please." Louis says tugging on my arm. I shake him off and continue to listen.

"You do realize she can't live with us any more. Imagine it, it would be a disaster think how powerful she will be. Just like Cecilia. It would be suicide keeping her around." He says pacing up and down the room.

"We could send her away with Zayn." She says sitting up a little bit straighter.

"That, is a very good idea." The vision starts to become blurry signalling the end of it. I know I need to get out but it all feels so surreal. Harry must have a sister I wonder if he knows about them.

I wrap my arms around Louis and think about exiting the vision like he has taught me, soon we are standing back in the study.

Before he has time to say anything I run out the room and into Niall's room. He looks up from his book when I run in.

"What's wrong?" He asks looking at me worriedly. I sit down next to him. Checking the rest of the room, Liam isn't in here which is good and Louis is somewhere else so we should be alright.

"Does Harry have a sibling?" I ask him, he goes to open his mouth but nothing comes out.

"The charm." He chokes, I groan falling back onto the bed.

"In the vision I just went into it showed Harry's parents arguing because his mum had a child with the King of fortune tellers and so they sent them away with someone called Zayn." I say looking at him, he looks very confused. Suddenly the door bursts open and Harry runs in.

"What did you see?" He demands standing in the door frame.

"It was the same that I've seen before. I was just asking Niall if you could see a vision twice but he can't tell me because of the charm." I say, praying that he will believe me.

"Is that what she said Niall?" He asks with his hands on his hips. Niall shakes his head after a bit but I can tell that he is trying to not.

"I don't like being lied to Cecilia. Are you going to tell me or not? You shouldn't be in here anyway. These are servant quarters and I'm pretty sure your the future queen not a servant" He says, I groan and get up following him back into the bedroom. He sits down on the bed expecting me to start telling him. I rack my brains trying to think of something else but I know if I lie he will go and ask Niall again.

"Guys Liam's just made lunch come on." Louis shouts running in.

"Don't think you've escaped this." Harry says pointing at me. I then follow them through to the little kitchen area.

I somehow manage to avoid Harry for the rest of the day, he goes off to have a meeting with his parents which I imagine is about me. When he gets back I go with Liam to the gym and we workout for a few hours. By the time I get back to our suite and have sorted myself out Harry is already asleep.

I slip into the bed as quietly as possible trying not to disturb him. He as usual is lying in the middle so I end up scrunched up in the top corner. As I lie there staring into the dark I realize just how much my life has changed. I've actually met people and have discovered things I never thought was possible. I've only known Harry for over a month and in that time everything I've known has been turned upside down.

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