High kingdoms

"Look you don't like me and I don't like you. Now we can just be civil for tonight and then have nothing to do with each other."
"I don't think thats going to happen hun. We may be spending the rest of our lives together." He says.
For everything fan fiction competition.


11. Chapter 10

"Welcome back. Miss Cecilia, master Harold. One of the servants says opening the car door. I smile at him as he helps me out. Nothing on the outside seems to have changed but inside I know it will be chaos.

"Miss Styles would like to see you now." He says helping Liam and Louis with the luggage.

"Yes well I just need to go get changed first." I say slinging my hand bag onto my shoulder and falling into step beside the servant.

"No you must go up immediately those were her orders." He says I sigh, opening my mouth to say something horrible about Harry's mother but I notice that Harry is walking next to me, he flashes me a warning glare and I know better than to argue. He would make me go even if he would have to tie me down first.

"Alright, where is she?" I ask walking through into the huge hall.

"In your parents old quarters." He says, I thank him and head up the stairs. How come she can move into my parents rooms. I reach the door taking a big breath and knock on it.

"Come in." Someone shouts, I walk into a completely different room than the one I remembered when my parents were here. I spot her by the window seat in a corner so I walk over. "Sit down." She says motioning to the chair in front of her. I sit and try to look as lady like as possible.

"Now would you like a drink?" She asks getting a servant to come over.

"Some water would be lovely please." I say smiling, the servant nods and walks off.

"So I've started some of the wedding plans but I just want your opinion. Here's the seating plan" she says handing me a big piece of paper. I scan through it and there are a lot of important names. "I've also written the invitations and sent them out. I will go with you later this week to pick a dress. Harry will then choose his suit on the colour and style yours is." All of that went over my head but I just smile and nod. "What do you think about cream and purple for the colours and what type of flowers do you want in the middle of the tables?" She asks, oh God what do I want.

"The colours are fine." You can't go wrong with cream and purple. "Could we have tulips in the middle?" I ask she nods taking a note pad and jotting it down.

The servant from earlier hands me my drink and I take a few sips as she finishes whatever.

"Now Cecilia, I consider you as my responsibility so just like you would tell your own mother your problems I want you to tell me your problems and how you feel." She says placing her hands on her knees. No way am I telling her my problems.

"Well I'm a bit scared about the wedding because I don't like how your family treats me." I say, where did that come from. It's like I've lost control of my tongue.

"Don't be scared everything's going to be fine once all this stress is out the way you can enjoy your life." She says patting my knee.

"I think I love Harry but he is really horrible to me. That's everything." I say, some part of me is screaming to say more but I bite in my tongue, she gives me a weak smile.

"Well we will have to sort that out. You may go now. I would suggest a big sleep." She says smiling, I just nod and walk out the door. I feel like I'm drunk, my feet are wobbling around everywhere.

"C. Cecilia. Are you alright." I hear someone shout. I turn around a little too quickly and fall into their arms. I look up and see its Harry.

"Yeah. I just had a nice chat with your mum. Lovely person." I say smiling he frowns at me and drags my body into our bedroom. I stand there awkwardly waiting for him to finish rummaging around in his drawers. I walk over and sit down on the bed. He stops rummaging and instead bangs on the door joining our room and the boys rooms. He then sits down next to me pushing me into the bed and pinning my hands above me.

"Harry you naughty boy." I say giggling furiously, he rolls his eyes and just presses harder. Suddenly Niall runs in followed by Louis and Liam.

"Ew Harry we don't need to see this." Louis says turning back round, Liam grabs his top and pulls him back in.

"I think my mum did something to her." He says they grab chairs and sit around the bed. I stare up at him confused.

"Tell me everything that happened." He demands, I nod racking my brain.

"Well she gave me the seating plan and I'm sitting next to you and your mum. I'm getting my dress sometime this week and then you will get your suit. We chose the colours cream and purple for the theme. Their very nice colours Harry. Do you like them because we can always change them." I say.

"Yes there fine C. Did you drink anything?"

"Yes I had some water and then she asked me if I had any problems I wanted to talk about so I said that I didn't like how you treat me and then I told her that I think I love you and she said that she would have to sort it out. Then she said I could go." I finish, looking up into Harry's face.

"Fuck." He shouts banging the bed beside me. He sits up and gets off me. "She gave you a truth drink. So you can't lie. It's a good job you didn't tell her about any of your powers otherwise you would not be sitting here."

"What are we going to do?" Niall asks, I know he will be every bit as worried as Harry.

"Louis you had a truth drink once didn't you?" Liam asks him, Louis nods trying to remember.

"Yeah just before I started working here. Usually I can resist it but your mum has some sort of way and she can manipulate your mind to telling the truth. After I answered stuff I slept for ages." He says. Harry raises an eyebrow and looks at me then back at Louis. I feel my eyelids dropping, Harry helps me down onto the bed and places the covers over me. I fall asleep staring into his eyes.

"How are you feeling love?" Harry asks walking in and putting the chairs back in their places.

"A little bit startled to be honest." I say shaking my head trying to get rid of everything.

"Guys your late to dinner." Liam says running in. I glance at the clock and sure enough we're ten minutes late. Harry grabs my hand pulling me out the room and downstairs to the dining room. We stop outside it tying to catch our breath and then we walk in.

"Ah. How nice of you to join me." Harry's mum says smiling, there's only her in the room I don't know where Harry's dad is.

"Where's Father?" Harry asks pulling a chair out for me to sit on. I sit down as he pushes me in, I take my napkin and slide it over my lap.

"He had to go find something for after the wedding." She says glancing at me and then back at Harry who is now sitting next to me. He just nods and waves the waiter over who serves the food. We start eating and an awkward silence fills the room. I finish and put my napkin back on the table.

"Please may I be excused. I'm rather tired." I say smiling at her, she just nods giving me permission. I slip out the room leaving the door open a tiny bit so I can hear their conversation.

"Why did you do that mother?" Harry demands.

"Oh come on. You know how dangerous she is it was my only option. Your father will be back soon and he will give you some more orders. Don't get too close she has more power in there than she can hold." She says, what is she on about, more orders and too much power.

"Her powers have come out. Louis is training her so she won't get stuck in a vision but she learnt how to teleport the other day which is going to make everything a lot harder. Is there anything else you need to find out?" He asks, I can't believe it he is going behind my back.

"No, just don't leave her alone even in the castle so she can't find any more out. If you can't be with her then get Liam or someone to follow her round. Do you think I need to get your father to put another charm on Niall?" There is a very long silence.

"Yes." How could he say that, it's like wiping Niall of his free will. He probably said yes because he is jealous of mine and his relationship. I hear movement so I close my eyes and imagine our bedroom. I then think of me in it and I feel the sensation in my stomach again. When I open my eyes I'm standing in the middle of the room. Niall turns around and jumps when he sees me. I put my fingers on my lips and walk up to him.

"There going to put another charm on you. Watch out." I whisper to him. I hear Harry walking down the corridor outside. I dive into the bed pulling the covers over me and pretending to be asleep. The door clicks open and then shuts again.

"Wow she falls asleep quickly." Harry says laughing slightly.

"She's probably exhausted after everything that's happened." Niall says.

"Where are Liam and Louis?" Harry asks.

"In their rooms I'll go get them one second."

"What's up mate?" Louis says after a few minutes.

"My mum told me to make sure that C is never alone. So like you would for a small child just follow her everywhere. Okay?" Harry asks.

"Yep." Liam says.

"Night guys." Harry says, a door opens and then shuts again leaving me and Harry alone together. The bed moves under his weight and then settles for a little bit. I feel strong arms round me and his chest pressing against my back. It feels so wrong but so right at the same time.

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