The Big Book of Mythological Creatures

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 8 Sep 2016
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Step into the world of mythology, fantasy and fairy tales. Professor Egan-Blackmouth, a member of The Guild of Mythology (GOM) and the Head Professor of Cryptzoology at the Unveristy of the city of Adrastia, writes down her notes on all mythological creatures she studies. She documents the obvious, and the not so obvious animals and monsters of this world. Perhaps you shall learn a lot from this book, and Professor Blackmouth does hope you enjoy it.


17. XVI - Harpies

45th Fibúry 3788, 9th Eon


The Skylands above the middle eastern regions. They rarely touch the earth bellow them. 

No bigger than the average sized human woman.

The Harpies are a heavily debated political topic in the world right now. Some see them as the enemy, others see them as no trouble at all, and few see them as allies. It is a tricky argument, and one that I shall contribute to in this chapter. They steal the food, livestock and crops of those who live underneath their skylands, making the people below sometimes starve to their deaths. However, whilst this may seem like they are our enemy, they do indeed have a strong hate for the bestial tribes. For instance, when the Minotaurs invaded the middle east in the 7th Eon en mass, the harpies were very much offended and waged war with the bestial tribes till they were driven out of the middle east and allowed the humans to return. In fact, the bestial tribes and the harpies have had many a conflict, sometimes the harpies even leading hit and run skirmishes on the Minotaurs in their own homelands to the North East. This is why they are seen as the "enemy of my enemy is my friend".

Harpies are all female. No male Harpy has ever has ever been seen or heard of before, and we are not quite sure why this is. We also do not know how they reproduce either, and it has been a huge speculation to the world of Cryptozoology as to how they do so. Yet we do know that they are keen spell casters. Using ancient, old magic, harpies have extreme powers over the weather, able to cause great gusts of wind from their hands, chilling blizzards from their mouths and even cause minute earthquakes directed at their opponents. They believe in tribal religions, worshiping the great Goddess of the Clouds, Vashna. They collect the skulls of birds and their feathers to honour her, and see that they are her guardians of the sky. Their language is very much different to ours, but reports have documented them speaking our language very primitively, but our language nonetheless. 
I traveled up with the Skylords, a group of people who have earned the Harpies' trust, and live among their culture. I spoke with their Chieftess, Alkonost who could speak our language rather fluently, and observed their culture and religion. However, it is unfortunate that I cannot document all that I saw up there, for should this book be found with that information in it, by the Harpies or the Skylords, I can imagine my death assassination would be imminent, but I have documented all I could and was allowed. Yet as an overall judgement I can say that Harpies can be our allies. They indeed can get along with us, it's just whether we can get along with them. 

No subspecies has been given. 

Egan Blackmouth 
Head Professor of Mythology and Cryptozoology at the University of Adrastia 

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