The Big Book of Mythological Creatures

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 8 Sep 2016
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Step into the world of mythology, fantasy and fairy tales. Professor Egan-Blackmouth, a member of The Guild of Mythology (GOM) and the Head Professor of Cryptzoology at the Unveristy of the city of Adrastia, writes down her notes on all mythological creatures she studies. She documents the obvious, and the not so obvious animals and monsters of this world. Perhaps you shall learn a lot from this book, and Professor Blackmouth does hope you enjoy it.


7. VI - Unicorns

116th Dekender 3781, 9th Eon


The enchanted forests of the North West. Or in the Southern plains of the West.

A bit larger than a fully grown stallion. Unicorn mares and stallions grow roughly the same size. 

Unicorns are magical and majestic creatures. They are said to be the first wielders of magic, the very first to pass the secret and skill of the arcane unto humans in the 1st Eon. Their power comes from their horn, with the power inside it to cast spells of tremendous might. Calling thunder down from the heavens, breathe burning fire like dragons and bend the very ground beneath them to their will. But they are not simply aggressive creatures, otherwise they would not have passed on the knowledge of magic onto humans. Their horns can cast magic that can cure any wound or disease, turn themselves invisible to run when they must, or cast bright orbs of light to illuminate the night. When I observed the animals, I had one or two vanish before my eyes when they saw me. But who else knows what spells they can cast. 

However... the sad story of the unicorns is they are ruthlessly hunted. Unicorns have a weakness to them, one they seem to have no control of. When a unicorn sees a damsel in distress, they appear to have no hesitation to lay and comfort her. Like the caring beasts that they are. But poachers use this to their advantage, capturing the poor creature when its guard is down, and the poor damsel will be as guilty a poacher as the others. Their horns are made from a material called alicorn, which is used for alchemy potions that will enhance magical powers for a short duration, and are used to make wizard's staves to give them more power. Also, a unicorn's blood will keep anyone alive, even when inches away from death; the blood is used in medicinal potions and reagents. Poachers earn good coin hunting unicorns, but at its own price. Unicorns are such pure creatures that drinking their blood and carving their horns will curse their soul for as long as they live. Bad things will start to happen in their lives, such as loved ones being lost, fortunes being stolen or any other form of rotten luck imaginable. And whilst unicorns are a protected species, illegal to anyone trying to hunt them, they are not endangered yet due to the curses they put on poachers. Unicorn blood potions are becoming somewhat rarer, and unicorn horn potions and staves, are becoming somewhat a thing of the past now, but that wont stop poachers trying to make their filthy gold.

Kirins - Unicorns found on the far east side of the world. More adapted to a swampy, marshland type of habitat.


Egan Blackmouth 
Head Professor of Mythology and Cryptozoology at the University of Adrastia 

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