The Big Book of Mythological Creatures

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 8 Sep 2016
  • Status: Complete
Step into the world of mythology, fantasy and fairy tales. Professor Egan-Blackmouth, a member of The Guild of Mythology (GOM) and the Head Professor of Cryptzoology at the Unveristy of the city of Adrastia, writes down her notes on all mythological creatures she studies. She documents the obvious, and the not so obvious animals and monsters of this world. Perhaps you shall learn a lot from this book, and Professor Blackmouth does hope you enjoy it.


23. Travel's End

11th Janune 3797, 9th Eon

And thus ends this encyclopedia. It has been 19 years in the making, and it is my finest piece of work yet. Should like a signed copy and are a resident of Adrastia, you can find me in the university in floor 2, corridor B, room 37. I would be happy to write in my signature. 

I hope this book was useful to you, scholar, and shall be useful to many others in many other ways. 


Egan Blackmouth 
Head Professor of Mythology and Cryptozoology at the University of Adrastia ​

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