Taste The Rainbow

Ella, the shyest and geekiest girl known to mankind. When she falls into a hole in the mountain she is found in The Underground; unaware of her location and surroundings. Will there be any newly bloomed romance with the two sans'? Ink or Error?


2. Chapter 002

I could feel his eyes burning a hole into the side of my head, his sharp, piercing glare seeing right through me. I really want to look up at him and look into his eyes, find any kind of emotion? Love maybe? No, get that thought out of my head! I shook my head violently and shuddered, everyone in Grillby's continuing to participate in private conversations, but...him... I could tell he was shocked and anxious due to the sudden head movements I had just made. Suddenly, I felt a hand resting on my shoulder, it didn't feel like the average hand. It felt really hard and bony. My gaze left the dark wooden floors and met with another pair of eyes. Cold and soulless just like mine, that small glimmer of hope I was holding onto just disappeared into thin air, just like that. Poof, GONE!  

A small smirk crept onto his lips, a slight chuckle escaping his chiseled skeletal head. I swear I could see his eyes light up for a second, I could actually read him. Before, I fell down here I had a friend, her name was Kayleigh. Just like her, I could read him like a book, and I enjoy reading them since reading is the best thing in the world; well, that's my opinion. I could see such strong and powerful emotions- such as: Curiosity, Security, Anger and wait... Joy? No.no.no. I'm just going crazy that's all. I release a sharp and quiet sigh. The smirk dropped and he looked blankly at me again.

"Hmm... Never seen you around before... Wait, no way... Two humans have fell down today?" Error Sans' eyes widened and he called out to Grillby. "Grillby! Bring out that other human from the back..." Sans' attention came back to me. "You ain't the only one who fell down here today, surprised me actually. We haven't had many people fall down in a while... But, two? Seriously?!" You could see the bewilderment in his eyes from a mile off. A door slammed open from the front and head of red came charging in. It tackled me and left me shocked on the hard wooden floors. Arms wrapped around me and I looked into some familiar hazel eyes. "You had me worried, Senpai~!" 

Another stranger walked in through the door, a low growl could be heard from Error Sans. The stranger walked forward, a splash of multicoloured paint on his pale white face. "Come on Error Sansyyyy... What happened to a warm greeting? A hug would be great right now~!" The stranger giggled softly, his eyes darting around the room and resting on me and the redhead tangled on the floor. My eyes widened and pushed her off forcefully, I stood up and I brushed myself off, leaving a highly annoyed redhead on the floor. Error Sans stood up and made sure his face was level with the stranger's face. His entire body back to flashing enchanting reds and blues. "I told you to never call me that, Ink..." He growled, his eyes leaving the stranger's joyful gaze. "Ink Sans is the name, learn it!" Ink Sans says, giggled slightly as he annoyed Error Sans. 

"Are you all just going to hate each other or are you going to introduce me?" The redhead spoke in a very sarcastic yet happy tone. "Oh right..." I mumbled quietly. "Guys, this is Kayleigh." I said in a blank, emotionless tone. "At your service...~" She exclaimed with an inappropriate wink on the end.

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