Taste The Rainbow

Ella, the shyest and geekiest girl known to mankind. When she falls into a hole in the mountain she is found in The Underground; unaware of her location and surroundings. Will there be any newly bloomed romance with the two sans'? Ink or Error?


1. Chapter 001

I had finally finished my physics homework. The whole day had been a complete wreck. The usual: Bullies, Long Lessons and the Homework we always get. I sighed as I went for a peaceful walk up the mountain. Wind blew in my face gently, birds chirped softly around me. Twigs snapped under my weight as I strolled up the mountain slowly. Clear blue sky spread widely across the sky, white fluffy clouds roaming freely along it like it was some kind of clear blue highway. My long, straight, brown hair flowing behind my back slightly, my cold, soulless, blue eyes staring blankly at the serene surroundings around me.

I took more steps forward until my foot stepped down into plain air. My body was leaning forward rapidly, I tried to lean back and stay on the edge. Unfortunately, my body would just not cooperate with my mind. I screamed a piercing scream as I fell into black nothingness. I came into contact with a bush of golden flowers. The golden petals glistening from the small rays of light bouncing from the petals, light reflecting from petals to earthy walls. Astounded by the patches of golden gloriousness, I didn't notice the flower rising up from behind me. He cleared his throat awkwardly causing me to turn around, startled slightly. "Howdy! I'm Flowey! Flowey the Flower!" Flowey grinned at me, a cheerful look on his heavenly featured face. I tilted my head, confused at the sudden greeting.

"Golly! You must be so confused!" Flowey exclaimed, the cheerfulness painted on his face. "Look, I don't have time for this..." I mumbled, brushing passed him, my facial expressions blank and emotionless like normal. I stopped in my tracks when I hear a low pitched growl from behind me. The feeling of fear overtook me and I just ran. Ran for my life. I sprinted hastily, snow covered trees zooming behind me, my speed picking up as I ran. I had ran so far I ended up in Snowdin. While I was roaming around Snowdin, I saw a few shops and places along the way: Snowdin Shop, Snowdin Inn, Librarby and Grillby's... Wait, they sell food! I emptied my pockets and found 113G. Perfect.

I burst through the door, nobody paid attention to me strangely. I didn't know why until, I saw HIM. His entire body glitching and changing colour between reds and blues. I was already heart eye emoji over him. I got to admit, I love the bad boys. I fall for the wrong boys; always ends up in heartbreak. I walked up to the bar and sat on a stool nearby to him, his head turned to look at me. I wanted to look at him too, but I didn't want to cause suspicion. Being human and all, I didn't really fit in here... But, things could change!

Hopefully, it does.

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