Ayu is a seventeen year old girl. The only sweet and responsible one in the Izumi family. She's the only biological daughter to her father so when he decided to re-marry she accumulated four evil older step siblings who blamed her for being there and would do anything to rid her of their presence. She did the only thing she had left to do runaway. She just so happens to meet a very strange person during a dangerous ride in a taxi cab a young scary looking man named Ikuto with a very sketchy appearance. Ayu decided she's not going back home back to being degraded so she follows a stranger a person who is very perilous and who she knows nothing about but mysteries can sometimes also lead to ecstasy. During her runaway with Ikuto she thought nothing of the law chasing her down everywhere or were they really... just chasing him? "He is a stranger... He is dangerous,careless and a reckless man, someone you cannot place you're trust in but even so..."


1. Just a little note ^-^

   Okay I've decided to completely re-edit this story with some new ideas

        It'll take a minute to post my chapters but when I do please tell me what you think. I have grammar issues so feel free to correct me oh and advice (Like I always say) Is wanted ^-^

       Thank you

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