Ayu is a seventeen year old girl. The only sweet and responsible one in the Izumi family. She's the only biological daughter to her father so when he decided to re-marry she accumulated four evil older step siblings who blamed her for being there and would do anything to rid her of their presence. She did the only thing she had left to do runaway. She just so happens to meet a very strange person during a dangerous ride in a taxi cab a young scary looking man named Ikuto with a very sketchy appearance. Ayu decided she's not going back home back to being degraded so she follows a stranger a person who is very perilous and who she knows nothing about but mysteries can sometimes also lead to ecstasy. During her runaway with Ikuto she thought nothing of the law chasing her down everywhere or were they really... just chasing him? "He is a stranger... He is dangerous,careless and a reckless man, someone you cannot place you're trust in but even so..."


2. Chapter 1 Runaways



    They were always blaming me for something I never did right. Living a life full of lies was my fate and it was always so cruel. I hated it here this place, this house it wasn’t my home and it never would be. Coming in from school late I went straight upstairs before I had any chance to get inside my room safely a tall skinny model figure towered over me. With a flawless body like that I knew who it was without a second guess it was Madako.

      “You” She said. Arms crossed she scanned me closely. “Where is it?”

        My backpack sloped down my shoulder. “Where is what?”

   “Don’t play stupid Ayu” She brushed away strands of blonde hair from her face. “You really think you’re so slick huh? Well you’re not fooling anyone here so hand it over before I call the police”

    Both fear and anger pulsed through me. “I-Don’t know what you’re talking about!” I almost screamed out of frustration.

      “Oh right” She sneered. “I guess I should have been more specific since you’ve stolen countless of things in this house. Anyway where is the money you stole?” Her voice deepened and her brows scowled.

      She thought I stole money from the house nothing new. Footsteps down the hall I heard came closer. I turned to see my step mother, biological father and my three older step brothers. They all came from their rooms to watch trying to make clear of the situation. It wasn’t so new to hear me and Madako fusing everyone liked to watch and laugh and say how close we were. It had always been like this we never let an argument go or even forgave each other the next day I had to admit it was fun to torment my older step sister but this time it wasn’t so much as fun and games it would be different and much more dangerous. My glance turned from them back to Madako. She wouldn’t listen even if I told her I hadn’t stolen any money but even so I was desperate I wanted someone to believe me. “I didn’t steal any money!” I barked. She chuckled. “Then where is it?” Coming a few steps closer she stopped and leaned her upper body down to my level “You were the only one who got up so early and you were late coming in from school where did you go?” Something in her eyes darkened. “With the money Ayu?” Sweat trickled down my cheek. Nobody would believe me they always took Madako’s side over mine and that always stirred something inside of me. Our step mother stepped in putting some distance between us.

    “Okay girls stop.” She turned to me with her full attention. “Ayu its okay I’ll believe you” For a split second I had actually believed her, her sweet soft Manipulative voice. “I know… You didn’t mean anything by it but could you please return the money? If you by any chance need money I coul-” 

     “You could give me some? I cut her off. "Just so you can accuse me of stealing?” Her face turned cold. I smiled. A hand immediately came down too fast for me to move or dodge. I lost my balance due to the stinging, burning pain my right cheek had to offer from a great slap. Madako’s eyes engulfed in flames her brows scowled and she smirked. “You see Ayu? The floor suits you quite well. Like mother said if you needed any money you could have asked there really was no need in stealing we would have given you what you had asked for no matter how much because we are family” Family… Would family accuse you of stealing too? Hit you without explanations; frame you would family do that to you?

      My eyes darkened my body felt light and I lost sight of everything. Shaking tears started their way down my cheek. “Do I need your money? Do I need a nice big fancy house such as this? Do I need you’re lies?”  I wiped away the sweet, bitter relieving tears. I couldn’t stop and I wouldn’t. “How about this “family” Do I even need that? People who choose to degrade me purposely and treat me like trash do I need that?!” Everyone stared in disbelief astounded by my screams it had been the first I screamed at anyone even my own father. I picked myself up off the ground and stood my ground not backing down. Already I was engulfed in flames, sixteen years full of silence finally shattered it was my time to talk my time to scream and fill their world full of darkness. My step mother motioned closer and I glared stopping her in her tracks. I didn’t wasn’t her to touch me or even come near me. I was like an unleashed wild beast my hair a mess my backpack spilled open on the ground from the fall and my clothes slightly out of place. I flashed my white teeth at everyone.

            “Don’t anyone of you come near me!” I screamed.

My father shot me a look of disappointment. “Is that any way to talk to your kind hearted loving family?!”

       “Kind hearted? Loving? How about evil rich stuck up people” I knew the look in his eyes I could tell he wanted me to stop, to obey and be mute but I couldn’t and I was way to combative to do so. “If you choose them over me… That’s your choice then” I warned him. He furrowed his brows. Standing there for a few seconds he said nothing. He looked back at everyone, everyone else except me. I curved my lips into a sad smile. He chose them, them over his own blood his own daughter. I really expected nothing more really it’s just that it had hurt a lot more actually seeing it. 

      “I see…” I said as I bent over. Placing the scattered books back into my bag one by one tears streamed down my cheeks onto the floor. It was painful. It was painful knowing he chose them over me it was just too painful. A pink shimmering five inch heel slammed down onto my book as I was about to pick it up. My eyes widened and my hand trembled. Madako’s deep blue dark scary eyes met mine and fear pulsed throughout my body. Normally I wouldn’t show fear when it came to facing Madako but this time she looked inhuman and I was scared. Just as I was about to stand her sharp heel knocked me over back onto the ground mercilessly. I groaned in pain cradling. She had kicked my side and had probably left a good bruise too. My eyes desperately turned to my father who looked away I could only see his profile. He wouldn’t help me I already knew that but still I couldn’t help but want him to say something anything to help me.  

         “Trash like you don’t need families” Madako said coldly. She came closer her lips brushed against my ear sending shivers down my spine. “And your father- well let’s just say he’s already left that whore of a mother of yours for my flawless mother, so don’t forget your only here because of him and if you forget your place I’ll make sure your life more of a living hell than it already is” My heart stopped beating. She was serious more serious than I had ever seen her. Without another word I picked up my bag and ran to my room without looking back the door slammed behind me. I was angry angrier than I had ever been in my entire life I had lived a life full of hell but today it had been the most hell I had ever suffered. Nobody believed me. I hate it here why am I here? What did I do to deserve such a fate? All those thoughts stirred inside my head causing headaches. I couldn’t take it anymore what else could I do?


            An immediate thought suddenly consumed my mind. Leave. Leave. Runaway leave this place be freed from these chains. Could I leave? I had nothing else to live for here… My father who had chosen them betrayed and abandoned me what reason would I have to stay now?  I didn’t have any reason to say here and I didn’t need any my father had only ever been the reason I stayed because I wanted his love and his reassuring smile once more, as a child I had all of  that but that was ancient history now. He didn’t love me now. Leave the memories behind leave the house and leave the sick twisted family I had been destined to be with. Me. Only I would play god in my new book it was time to start a new chapter in my life a blank page that I would fill on my own.  I quickly emptied my bag school supplies and such fell to the floor. Some of my clothes I grabbed and stuffed them inside my bag as best I could, most of them I didn’t grab because of the insignificant space. My phone I grabbed that off my dresser and the little snacks I had for later I shoved those into my bag as well. I was almost forgetting something, something very important. My saving’s. The money I had worked long hours for at my part time job I would need that. I reached into the left side of my drawer pulled out a small blue decorative box inside I had almost a thousand dollars I saved up for collage but collage was out of the question now. I grabbed the money and stuffed it inside my pocket. I was ready and I didn’t need to wait I needed to leave now.

            Leaving through the front door wouldn’t be the best option Madako would probably catch me and immediately tell everyone I was leaving. I already knew that so I would have no other choice but to climb out my window to leave.  It was definitely easier said than done my room was three stories up and it didn’t help that ledge outside my window had seemed old worn out and about to crack to pieces. Nope not at all but still what other choice did I have? Well at the time death defiantly seemed better than living here but if I survived the fall that would be great too. I yanked the white sheet of my bed. Tying it around something sturdy like my bed stool that had been attached to my bed seemed like a pretty good idea I hoped. I tugged on the sheet a bit then tugged with more force and it was secure. I could climb down now. I had always watched the movies were the young teenage girls would sneak out climbing down there windows with their bed sheets just to go to some party but this wasn’t a movie and I wasn’t an actor and if I did by any chance fall I’d seriously be injured. It was too late to turn back now. I shouldered my backpack I and mustard-ed up all my courage and took my first step onto the ledge clutching to the sheet. I slowly turned myself trembling my foot slowly made its way to the wall safely and from there I started to climb down but with caution.

        When I made it down in one piece I took a brief breather. The gate was already open so I wouldn’t have to climb up a tree or something. I didn’t look back once I passed the gate I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. Even though I had been in and out of this very same gate every day for school and work it felt different like I was released from some kind of curse. I was gone without a word but I doubted anyone would notice my disappearance. It didn’t matter I was on my own now and I needed to learn how to live. Seventeen and on the streets was a bit dangerous and I had no place to go but still I’d have to manage I’d just have to get another job it had to be different if I showed up at my old workplace then they would call that family to take me back.No I won’t go back. Passing by people and the small sale shops I just kept walking. I knew the streets around shibuya station almost too well. Whenever I had free time with my friends in junior high we would wonder the streets and just loiter around. Walking around all day definitely wouldn’t get me anywhere and it was nearly five o clock. I needed a taxi but in order to get a taxi I would need a destination someplace to go. Where could I go? I would need a place to sleep too. A hotel could probably work for a night at least I would figure the rest out later right now I just wanted rest. I could recall a hotel named “Granbell hotel” Somewhere around. Waiting for a taxi to pass by I turned my glance to two odd girls who just happened to catch my attention.

       “Hey did you hear?”  The flashy friend asked. She pulled out her phone and showed her friend. “What was on the news today?”

       “The news?” She asked peering down at the phone.

“Yeah apparently there was an accident nearby you know like a dangerous crash or something but get this it was a prison bus!” The flashy girl perked up.

     “Eh Really?” Her face seemed troubled. She folded her hands together. “How sad…”  The flashy friend grabbed her by the shoulder and ushered her forward smiling.

           A crash had been nearby? And it was a prison bus? How strange. A yellow taxi suddenly caught my attention drawing me from my thoughts. My hand immediately went up into the air and the taxi came to a halt.

   The middle aged driver popped open the trunk then got out of the car gesturing for my bag.  I didn’t say anything when he took it from me and put it inside the trunk.

       He scanned me closely. “Do you have a destination young lady?” He slammed the trunk door shut securely.

          “I do. Granbell hotel is where I would like to go” 

He shot me a look of concern. “Granbell hotel? How old are you to be entering a hotel on your own?”

    Did taxi drivers always ask so many questions? “Twenty one” I said. Lie. “And my husband is also staying at the granbell hotel” Lie.  His eyes widened he look as if he was just astounded. “My deepest apologies miss. He bowed. You just look so much younger than your age” Did I really? Well I couldn’t blame him there because I was only seventeen and he was right I was young too young to be staying at a hotel on my own but lying was the only way I would be able to get around on my own at this age, besides the world was just full of cold lies one more wouldn’t hurt right? “I get that a lot” I said. I smiled and he did to. He opened up the back door and I made my way inside. Before he could climb into the driver’s seat someone called out his name which had been Yuta I thought I heard. He motioned me to stay in my seat and that he would be right back. I waited a second before turning around in my seat. I gasped my eyes widened and my heart beat stopped. It was an officer who had called him over. The officer was speaking to him. I threw myself down onto the floorboard hiding. Oh no, no, no.Oh dear god no! Why was there an officer calling out to my taxi driver?! Did they report me? Did they know I left already? I could hear and feel my heart beat loud and fast. I shut my eyes tight squeezing. Praying I prayed they wouldn’t come for me. Don’t take me back there please don’t take me back I prayed even harder. When the car door opened I shot up. When I saw it wasn’t Yuta but a scary looking man my body trembled.

       Our eyes had met. I flinched. He looked like trouble. He had dark brown eyes that were almond shaped he was tall, long and skinny. He had crimson black hair that stood out of place. Piercings covered the left side of his ear he were a black hoodie with some kind of design, his jeans which were stained had holes in them and I had thought I saw a faint tattoo on his upper right arm somewhere. He was hot but still trouble with a capital T.  No stop gawking at him! What was he doing in the driver’s seat!? He was definitely not a substitute driver I could tell. Thief? Maybe he was looking to steal the taxi? That would be incredibly stupid to do in front of an officer. I didn’t want to make a scene but at the same time I didn’t want to be inside a car with someone who looked like trouble. Without thinking my hand quickly made its way to the doors handle as I was about to open I heard a clicking sound.  He- He locked the doors with me inside…

     “Don’t” He said. He had such a deep and musky voice. “Don’t you dare cause me trouble little girl”

        I shuddered. My hand slipped away from the handle. “W-why are you doing this…?”   He sighed. “I need to get away.” He paused. He looked back at me. “And you seem to just have bad luck” He was right sixteen years full of horrible unfortunate luck. Get away I need to get away from this guy there was just something wrong his eyes that didn’t seem right. My phone I still have my phone I could secretly dial 119. When he peered out the window and was distracted I quickly slipped my hand into my jacket pocket there I felt my phone and I started to dial. Before I could dial in the last digit he noticed. He grabbed me by the arm startling me I yelped as he squeezed until the phone fell from my hand. He caught it before I had the chance and then with only his bare hand he crushed it in front of my eyes. Blood and microscopic glass fell to the seats and floor. He scowled at me. I felt fear before surprise.  He grabbed me by the jacket and jerked my closer.

    “Listen I don’t have a problem with you being on the six o clock news but I’m warning you next time you try and call the cops your body will definitely be in a bag got it?”  I nodded in response.

    I averted my eyes from his. He was serious. I didn’t try anything. He had to be crazy. He had locked me inside the car crushed my only phone with one hand and then threatened me after he was dangerous I sensed it but even so how would I get out of such a messed up situation? Escaping him wouldn’t be easy.

     When I turned my glance back at him I saw him messing around with the wires down below the stirring wheel. I cocked my head to the side. I heard a few sparking sounds. I told him I wouldn’t call the cops but I never said I wouldn’t run to them. Now was my chance while he was once again distracted. I shifted over to the door unlocked it and then I heard a loud roar an engines roar but not only me the driver and the officer seemed to hear it as well and came running toward our direction screaming and yelling. Sweat trickled down my forehead. What if I… also got caught? What if they took me back?  No. I’m not going back ever. Before I had any chance to regret my decision he caught me off guard and something cold and metal clicked around my wrist. He handcuffed me to a handle. He shifted the car in gear and shot down the road.

      Anger grew inside me. “W-What was that for!?” I scowled my brows. “And are you trying to kill us both slow down!”

“So you won’t cause any more trouble than what you have”

      “I didn’t do anything!” I protested. He just gave me an unconvinced look through the rearview mirror.  My insides boiled. “Listen I promise you I won’t report you or even describe what you look like so please just let me go”

    “That’s what they all say” He sighed.

    My brows twitched. They all say? Who?

     We passed a few cars and I heard sirens down the road. Hungry speeding sirens coming closer I flinched when I saw a police car suddenly shot out of nowhere in front of us. Cars swerved to the sides of the road causing others to stop. That police officer was absolutely crazy he could have caused a wreck. The taxi screeched and came to a stop. I nearly fell out of my seat but being handcuffed to the handle helped keep me in place. He was also crazy I was also in a car with a crazy person. I saw a smirk play on his perfect lips. His eyes were dark as they hunted for danger. Dear gods please help me. My heart exploded when both cars shot off dangerously at each other. The cars looked as if they were about to clash but then our car screeched and swerved around the police car creating a perfect circular turn. The police car came to a stop not able to turn around due to the traffic and sudden car stops. I heard another siren coming up from behind us. He wasn’t as reckless as the other car was in fact he kept caution while other cars drove and stopped at the sound of sirens. The dangerous man increased our speed and as did the police car from behind. We turned down a road that led to a highway. Nothing but cars covered the road and still we managed to pass by with incredible speed. The police car fell a bit behind but still he pursed. Another police car raced past the other car increasing with dangerous speed. Cars on the highway started to swerve and come to a stop.  Other cars couldn’t handle the speed or chaos they began to clash into each other one by one. Fear pulsed through me. They were creating havoc on the road and the poor people and families had to suffer through it. I didn’t like it.

      “Can you just stop?!” I screamed

“Stop?” He asked

    “Yes stop!” I glared. “Can’t you see how many people you’re injuring here? Just turn yourself in before you cause more damage!”

      “That’s really not my problem” He said. “I’m only living for one thing and one thing only and I’m not going to stop until I get it”

     One thing he wanted to live for what was that? So he wouldn’t turn himself In until he had one thing but what about me would he let me go if I-  Tiers screeched immediately wakening me from my thoughts. A large white semi in front was all I could see. My eyes widened my heart dropped and my body trembled. The semi swerved striving for control but failed to keep its self-up and then it came crashing down in front us in front of me. I shut my eyes squeezing till I saw nothing but white. 



















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