Let's pretend

Spencer knows who she wants, Ashton Irwin.. One of her best friends but he is dating one of the prettiest girls in school..Her best friend Calum hood tells her to make him jealous.. But in the end is ashton really who she wants or someone else.


9. 9

Spencer's P.O.V 

I never thought this would hurt so much..But Calum cheating on me hurts im not gonna lie. I cant even stop crying, Im just walking. Walking while sobbing..  My make up is probably all over my face.. I dont even know where I am. 

"Hey!" i turn to see two guys walking towards me. Shit. Shit. Shit.

"I know you can hear me!'' I run into an alley.. and take my phone out of my pocket.. I dont have service on this side of town I run over to a trash can and hide behind it. I can hear them walking towards the trash. I put my phone on ground to pear around the corner when they see me, I get up and run as fast as i could. I take a sharp turn on some ice, the snow hasn't fully melted. I quickly get up and start running again, I eventually start to slow down when I get back onto the main road. I see a Mc' Donalds across the street. Ehh why not? I cross the street and there is nobody but a group of like 13-14 year old boys. I reach into my bag so I could have Alayna come get me. Its not in here, My phone is gone. I left it in the alley! Hopefully I can find my way back to my house.. I get up to leave when I see Luke. I run outside.. he is with Michael and Calum.. they all look frantic. They stop and talk for a minuet. Luke goes left Calum goes straight and Michael crosses the street towards a shop a few shops down from where I'm standing,I saw Luke first, so I cross the street and run down dark road, Oh did  mention it got insanely dark since ditching the rapers. I can barley see anything, but i catch a glance of Luke. "Luke." i whisper loud enough for him to hear.




"No! Spencer!'' he comes running over to me 

"Where were you?!" He start to freak. 

"I got upset with Calum again, then ran down to this neighbor hood but as I got further into the neighborhood these guys chased me into an alley and I lost my phone there. Thats why i haven't answered."

"oh, Okay well lets get you home.Yeah?''

"Yeah." Luke starts walking with me to the main road again.. When Michael and Calum come running towards us and give me huge bear hugs.

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