Let's pretend

Spencer knows who she wants, Ashton Irwin.. One of her best friends but he is dating one of the prettiest girls in school..Her best friend Calum hood tells her to make him jealous.. But in the end is ashton really who she wants or someone else.


8. 8

Calum's P.O.V (finally i know )

"It's not like you actually care." she laughs.. I actually do, Im starting to fall in love with my fake girlfriend but she is in love with ashton. "Cal.." I cut her off

"No, Your right i dont care." i say with the straightest face I could but inside I want to scream.

She looks really shocked, she starts crying before i can do anything she runs past me and down the stairs 

"Spencer?!" she is stopped at where Ashton is standing on the stairs i run towards her but she runs past Ash, Luke, and Michael.

"Whats going on?'' 

"Not right now!!" i scream and walk up to my room and slam the door. I hear my front door close, The boys must have left. Im just going to go to bed. 


I walk up around 8:30 and go downstairs to make breakfest, I decide on pancakes and scrambled eggs..I eat my food and go back upstairs for a shower.


When i get it the clock reads 10:00am. I into my room and put some Black skinny jeans with a long sleeve green and black shirt. I also put socks on and head down stairs. When i reach the bottom there is a knock on the door... I hope its Spencer... I open it and see Lizzy my ex girlfriend .

"Uh. Lizzy?''

"Hey Calum.." she jumps onto my and kisses , me.. shortly after that there is another knock on the door. Lizzy pushes me down and goes towards the door.

"Lizzy?'' Spencer.

I walk over to the door and move Lizzy. "Spencer, i can explain."

"Nothing to explain. Me and Calum are back together," Lizzy shuts the door, I reopen it and see that Spencer didn't move a muscle.."We.. are over. I never want to to see you again Calum." she turns and runs 

"You guys were together?" 

"Get out!" i scream Lizzy runs out of my house and down the street.

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