... And so we meet

My brother died. And it hunts me every day. I don't really want to be alive. But I don't want to just through my life away. I was certain of one thing Maxon tried to help my brother but was to late. And I love him.


1. The end

Chapter 1 – The End


You might find it weird that I start with the ending, but it's not the ending you might think. It's the ending of my life, or at least I thought so myself. Well it’s not so easy to tell so please be nice when you read my part of the story, cause not everybody will understand what I went through. Well here goes nothing.

I was standing on a cleft. The view was amazing. Not like when you stand there to find out you’re going to end your life beautiful, but like when you discover a whole new world is right in front of you beautiful. It might have been a reason to stay, but it wasn’t. The reason way you are reading this is because, when I was about to jump someone took me in for a hug. Where I was thinking about taking my life, someone saw me standing there in the middle of the hallway of my school, and just started hugging me? I suddenly understood that I was not about to take my life. Just thinking about it like always.


The one with the black hair and dark brown eyes who hugged me was Jungkook. My best friend. He wasn’t that good around girls but with me, it was surprisingly easy to him. At least that’s what he tells me. Nevertheless, he knows a lot about me. Like when I’m just standing and looking at something it means that I’m not focused on my life. And he is always the one to get me back. But who can blame me? I lost my brother to some drunk dude, and now I can’t even control myself to stop thinking about death and how to get to my little brother. Nevertheless, it is not how it ends. Well enough of my boring way of a life style. “Noreen you have to stop doing that, it scares the bloody hell out of me every time” it’s Jung kooks voice, and I can’t stop smiling. “I know, sorry” still with a smile on my face I looked behind Jungkook and found the stare from one of the most irritating boys at the school. He thought about himself as the king or something. I never really asked him, but he certainly did act like it. “Hey Kookie, we have to get to class” It always meant that Maxon was looking at me. Like he always did. I never understood why and I never thought I would want to know it either. “I actually have to get something from the library, but we’ll meet in there later,” he said turning around into the other direction, and then I was alone. With him.


… And so we meet. Or I could just go like in the other direction, but at the exact same time, I was about to turn my face away from him, he for the first time actually went over to me. It was like I was going to die. He was so amazing. Almost as amazing as the world I had seen for my inner eye. Like never in a million years. But he did go over to me and I kind of didn’t know what to do. That is, and will always be, the first time ever I went speechless. Then he opened his mouth. “Hello my dear” I couldn’t stand his arrogance. Maybe he saw it in my face, but he suddenly decided to apologize. “Stop, please before I really am going to commit suicide” I said with my hand in the air. If I didn’t have turned after those words I would probably have gone speechless again.


Oh did I by the way tell you guys that Maxon was watching what happened to my brother? Oh well he did, and he didn’t stop it, so way were I going to talk to him? He had from that day became my enemy, but I didn’t know him at all.


Jungkook did not know about Maxon watching my brother die, but I never told anyone, so he didn’t really had to know. Actually, Maxon had been the one who told me it was almost a murder, but at the same time, the doctor who had seen my brother when they found him had told me he died of appendicitis. I never told Maxon and he blames himself. I at least hope so.

“Noreen, I’m sorry” The only words I never had thought about coming from his perfect mouth. An apology. 

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