The Misery of Insanity

The last time Jeff saw Jane or his daughter, Jade, he had almost killed them. Now he is stumbling around in this world lost. His sane self battling for control with his insanity. How can he end this torturous war inside his head?
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2. Insanity and Sanity

Jeff ran through forest as the feelings battled inside his mind. He ran and ran until he found himself in an area where the moonlight shined through the clouds above illuminating the area. Jeff slowed down until he came to a complete halt while still holding his knife tightly.

Jeff stood there with a glazed look in his eyes. It was as if his body were there but his mind was somewhere else. Jeff's body remained unmoved by the crisp nightly breeze that rustled the leaves but as Jeff's eyes started to focus on reality again his gaze shifted to the space in front of him. To anyone watching Jeff they would have seen him staring at the trees but what Jeff saw was different. He saw himself. Standing in front of Jeff was the sane Jeffery Woods and behind that was all the emotions and the past he wanted to forget.

Jeff grit his teeth and let out a howl filled with anger and pain. Jeff held his knife tightly as he started shouting, "Go away! Go away," while swinging his knife at the images from his past. The war waging inside Jeff's head could only be shown in this scene unfolding in his eyes. The feeling, personified by his insanity and bloodlust, trying to erase the other feeling, the personification of his sanity and every human emotion he had once abandoned.

Jeff slashed at the empty air with his bloodied knife trying to kill the emotions that were trying so desperately to return him to a world of humans. The sane Jeffery was like a ghost. Nothing the insane Jeff did phased the illusion created by his mind. Jeff continued swinging at the illusion hoping to make it go away. He didn't want this. He hadn't intended to release his sanity from its prison. He would never had gone back to being Jeffery Woods if it meant enduring all this regret and sorrow. It wrapped around his heart like a snake, trying to crush him before swallowing him whole.

A memory flashed through Jeff's mind of the time he had made the mistake of becoming sane for a brief period. He grit his teeth as he remembered why he did it. Jane's face appeared in Jeff's mind fueling his rage causing it to burn like a ravenous inferno of hate. It was her fault. It was her fault that he felt like this. If he had just killed her then this never would have happened. At that moment, Jeff the Killer had an idea that caused him to chuckle and his grin to widen.

"If I kill her then everything will be fine again. All I have to do is kill her. Yes. Once she's dead it'll all go away."

The feeling grew restless inside Jeff's mind. It demanded Jane's blood. Yes. Only her blood would satisfy it now. Just as Jeff was about to start his hunt he fell to his knees and the other feeling flashed images of Jade into his mind. Jeff held his head and cried out as the other feeling pushed different thoughts into his mind and for a a few minutes, Jeffery Woods had control. In that time he said, "No. I can't do that to her. I can't let her suffer like me!"

Jeff the Killer regained control and shouted at the sky and himself, "Get out of my head! I'll kill you! Go away and die! Stay out of my way!"

As Jeff continued shouting and fighting with himself a shadowed figure started to sneak towards him. They hid in the shadows causing their appearance to be concealed as they drew closer to Jeff. The figure placed a small box behind Jeff before slinking back into the darkness. Once the figure was a good distance away from Jeff they climbed a tree and sat in the tree branch before laying their head back.

Moonlight broke through the clouds illuminating the figure and removing their cover of darkness. The figure wore dark blue jeans, an orange hoodie, and a black mask with red eyes and a red frown decorating it. The figure spoke with a deep voice as they said to the darkness, "It has been done."

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