The Misery of Insanity

The last time Jeff saw Jane or his daughter, Jade, he had almost killed them. Now he is stumbling around in this world lost. His sane self battling for control with his insanity. How can he end this torturous war inside his head?
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3. Friendly Visit

After an hour Jeff's inner battle stopped. Jeffery Woods had ended the victor but not for long. The feeling would return soon and Jeff knew he wouldn't be able to resist it for long. When it returned Jeff didn't know if there would be anything left of his sanity to fight back.

As the moonlight shined through the leaves of the trees Jeff got to his feet while leaning on a tree for support. He breathed heavily as he struggled to get his energy back but his heavy breathing was silenced when he turned to see a small box laying behind him. Jeff leaned down and picked up the box while eyeing it with caution. He turned in over in his hands searching for anything that might lead him to the owner.

Jeff froze immediately when his mind finally realized something. Someone had placed this here while he was fighting against himself which meant he wasn't safe here. Jeff shoved the box in his pocket and began running as fast as he could out of the forest. He had to get far away from any people or else the feeling would get exactly what it wanted.

Trees blurred by Jeff while low hanging branches scratched and whipped against his face. His heart pounded against his chest ready to break free as his legs moved him at incredible speeds. Through the blurs in Jeff's vision he made out a clearing just a little ways away from him and he proceeded to speed towards there.

Jeff didn't know where he was going but anywhere was better than the woods. Even though Jeff's sanity had been shattered he still had vague memories of the monsters he had encountered during his hunts. Once Jeff had entered the clearing he came to a stop and proceeded to sit down next to the edge of the trees.

Jeff took several deep breathes before he finally let out a sigh and said, "Why did I do this? If I had stayed insane I wouldn't have to suffer like this."

The regret and guilt weighed heavily upon Jeff for the lives he had taken. If possible Jeff would have killed himself but he knew that the feeling would overpower him before he could get a chance. Jeff shook his head, casting aside the meaningless thoughts, and pulled the box out from his pocket. Jeff was hesitant to open it since there was a chance it was something meant to kill him. Jeff wanted to kill himself for everything he had done but the thought of dying by someone else's hand didn't sit well with Jeff, especially since he didn't know who it was.

Jeff slowly opened the box and to his surprise, it didn't kill him but instead it held a piece of paper with a message written on it. Jeff read the message quietly to himself and as he read his eyes became wider and his fists clenched but it wasn't in anger. No. It was fear. Fear coursed through Jeff's veins as he remembered a time he wanted so badly to forget.

The message was short but effective. It read, "Jeffery, it is time for you to embrace it."

Jeff slowly looked up and saw it standing in the trees just opposite of him. Static began ringing in Jeff's ears as he saw the form fear itself. Incredibly tall, dressed in a fancy suit and tie, with skin white as the snow, and a faceless head that Jeff had once sliced a gruesome smile into.

Jeff stumbled to his feet to escape but once he blinked the Slenderman had vanished into the darkness. Jeff frantically looked around for the faceless monster but found nothing. However, the Slenderman was still there. He was watching in amusement as Jeff scrambled around in fear. It wouldn't be long now. Everything would fall into place and eternal amusement would finally be granted upon him. He had waited for millennia for this so a few more weeks was nothing.

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