Mischief With the Weasley Twins

Melina Black is the daughter of Sirius Black. Sirius had a relationship with Melina's mom when they had finished school, but Melina's mom died giving birth to her. Mel was with Harry on the day his parents were killed and her dad was taken away, as it happen Harry was taken to the Dursly's while Mel was taken to live with her Cousin Draco Malfoy. On her way to Hogwarts Melina meets the famous Weasley twins.


2. Chapter 2

Mel's POV

After every one got separated and the head master Dumbledore talked we got to eat. George sat next to me while Lee and Fred sat across from us. I had grabbed a lot of food. The food melted in my mouth because of its deliciousness.

"Found yourself a girl already George" an older boy said who I guess was another Weasley

"Shut up Charlie she's on my friend" George said

"Well I'm Charlie and you" Charlie said sticking out his hand

"Melina but you can call me Mel" I said shaking his hand

"Well Mel if these boys are trouble just tell me so I can tell our mum" he smirked and went of

"How many of you guys are there?" I asked

"Seven" Fred said

"Well I don't have any siblings" I said continuing to eat

After the meals were over we were all escorted back to our houses

"Girls dormitory is on the right boys on the left. All your stuff should be in there. Get a good sleep since school starts tomorrow" our prefect said

"Meet me here in the morning" I said to the twins and Lee. They nodded their heads years and went of to their dormitory. I head up to mine to see four other girls in there. I went to my bed where I saw Stitch asleep in his cage. As I was getting ready for bed two of the girls came over to me

"I'm Angelina and this is Katie" Angelina said

"I'm Melina but I go by Mel" I said

"Do you want to eat breakfast with us tomorrow?" Katie asked

"Uh how about the next day. I already promised to sit with some other people" I said

"Totally. The three of us are going to be best friends" Katie said excitedly and went to her bed

"Katie is very hyper so. Anyways ill see you in class Mel" Angelina said going into her bed. I layed down and thought for a while but soon I fell asleep.

The next day

Fred's POV

Last night was amazing to see we could have another prankster to joking George and I. We were waiting for Mel in the common room when two girls came out and passed us. I noticed them staring at us but blushed and left in a hurry. After 10 more minutes Mel came out.

"About time!" I yelled going towards her

"I'm sorry it's just that I'm sleepy" she said

"Well I'm hungry so let's go" George said grabbing Mel's hand and dragging her

I sighed and helped pull Mel. After a while we got to the Great hall when Percy gave George and I a letter from mum. It went like congratulations on making it into Gryffindor. And not to misbehave and stuff like that. As we were eat a letter was dropped in front of Mel. She opened it and sighed

"Whats wrong?" Lee asked

"Its my uncle. He disappointed that I was put in Gryffindor but I honestly don't care." She said stuffing the letter in her pocket. After breakfast our schedule was given out. All the first year Gryffindors had the same classes

History of Magic





Defense against the dark arts

Well this was going to be interesting I thought. As we were about to leave professor Snape came over to us and took Mel away for the rest of breakfast

"What do you think happened?" Lee asked

"I don't know but I call sitting next to Mel" George said

"Well I get to sit next to her in the rest of the classes" I said

"No you don't" George yelled back at me

"Yes I do" I said as we walked into class.

We sat in the back. I sat next to Lee whole George was going to sit next to Mel but she still hadn't shown up. Five minutes into class she came in and looked around for a seat. I saw George wave to her but she went and sat with one of the girls that was staring at us. The whole class was boring just sitting there and listening to our ghost teach talk and talk. As soon as class was over I tried to get to Mel but she had zoomed to the next class.

"What's wrong with her" I asked

"It has to do with Snape I bet" George said as we walked to his class

Once we got there Mel sat with three girls. I sighed knowing that to day was going to be a long day

Later at night

Mel's POV

When Snape had took me away he warned me not to be with the twins or he would tell Lucius and I didn't want Lucius to go back to hating me so I avoided them all day. I had just came back from dinner to see the twins and Lee in a corner. I walked over to them and cleared my throat. They turned around and look at me

"Guys I'm sorry I was ignoring you guys. It's just that Snape had threatened to tell my uncle that I was friends with you guys and I just didn't want him to hate me a lot like when I was little so I'm sorry. But I don't care if he tells my uncle you guys are a lot more important" I said

Fred got up and hugged me "it's ok I was just worried" he said

"Thank you I said embracing him. The twins were my first real friends. I never got along with Dracos friends. I do remember my half brother Harry. Harry's godfather was my dad and I remember going to visit them a lot. I knew this because I use ease drop on Lucius conversations a lot. I look back at the other and gave them a smile and which they returned

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