The Catch

"The Catch.' which tells of a longliners son who joins the Royal Navy and takes on the gruelling divers course. once qualified he is sent out on missions during WW2. When the war is over he goes back to studying what he did in College - Marine archaeology. John James Bridgett (Who is my late Grandfather in real life) plays The man who has a quest to find the 24 lost Spanish Galleons off the coast of Dublin. when in 1588 they were chased by Sir Francis Drake and John Hawkins. Violent storms force the Amada onto the rocks and four of the galleons are carrying Gold and precious Jewels. The hunt is on to recover what is said to be worth 50 million. Chuck Henderson an American Oil prospector cheats an old man out of his farm in Texas, knowing there is oil on the 200 acre farmland. he makes a lot of money and becomes a very powerful figure in Texas. He runs for governor and when he wins he has, the police , judiciary, in his pocket and becomes a law unto himself. He pursues and marries Evel


19. 19

Both men were up at six o’clock’ their training in the Royal Navy had seen them function on less than two hours sleep.

Jim got shaved and ready first then started breakfast.’

Rob then did the same. Both men wore a suit and tie which was left slightly open at the collar they would do it up later.

After eating some toast and a boiled egg they packed the cases into the back of the Hillman Hunter and drove away. The journey would take then about five hours by the time they found the place. Rob was familiar with London though so he reckoned if Jim put his foot down they could do it in four. They planned to take the A1 motorway through Newcastle to Durham, then through Middlesbrough onto Leeds where they would stop for coffee somewhere before driving to Sheffield, Nottingham, then onto Leicester and finally London.

“At least it’s not raining said Rob as they took the motor way to Durham.’

“Thank God for small mercies aye.’

It was now September and it was like an Indian summer as the sun streamed in the windows of the car. In fact Jim wound down the window and put on a pair of sun glasses for the sun’s glare.

They reached Leeds by nine O’clock and stopped at a motorway café and drank a cup of coffee and ate a chocolate biscuit.

Rob looked around the café that was full of lorry drivers who had also stopped to take a break. The girl behind the counter was pleasant enough and asked if they would like their coffee topped up.

“Thank you said Robert in his charming voice which was a cross between Leslie Thomas and John Mills. All the women fell for his charm and it wasn’t long before Rob had the girl’s phone number and a date organised for the following weekend.

“Doesn’t take you long does it.’

“It doesn’t pay to let the grass grow under one’s feet old chap.’

“What’s her name then asked Jim?’

“Sandra said Rob which sounded more like Sondra coming from his mouth.’

 Rob took the cups and tea plates back to the counter then said goodbye to the pretty young girl with mousey hair and a nice smile.’

Jim held the door as they left for the car.’

Soon they were speeding down the motorway again at eighty five miles per hour.

By eleven they were in Leicester and it would only be another hour to London.

Jim thought about breaking the news to Rob about the conditions that the IUS had stipulated. He thought he’d tell them when they were all together. They wouldn’t be happy about a woman joining them on the trip but his hands were tied it was either allow Selene to come with them or no funding. London was always a busy place with wagons and horse and carts either delivering or leaving from the markets that surrounded the area. They drove to the city centre and parked outside of Kings Cross Station.

“What does she look like this Frenchy?

“I have no idea really Rob; wait here I will go inside and see if I can see her she may think we are getting the train.’

Quickly Jim got out of the car then went to the terminal gates and looked down towards the platform.

Standing looking out there were several people so he walked down the platform looking for a person that he had no idea looked like until he spotted a girl at the end of the platform carrying a white placard with his name on it?


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