The Catch

"The Catch.' which tells of a longliners son who joins the Royal Navy and takes on the gruelling divers course. once qualified he is sent out on missions during WW2. When the war is over he goes back to studying what he did in College - Marine archaeology. John James Bridgett (Who is my late Grandfather in real life) plays The man who has a quest to find the 24 lost Spanish Galleons off the coast of Dublin. when in 1588 they were chased by Sir Francis Drake and John Hawkins. Violent storms force the Amada onto the rocks and four of the galleons are carrying Gold and precious Jewels. The hunt is on to recover what is said to be worth 50 million. Chuck Henderson an American Oil prospector cheats an old man out of his farm in Texas, knowing there is oil on the 200 acre farmland. he makes a lot of money and becomes a very powerful figure in Texas. He runs for governor and when he wins he has, the police , judiciary, in his pocket and becomes a law unto himself. He pursues and marries Evel


15. 15

There were four Ships Gentlemen, all carrying gold, precious jewels, and other antiquities. Now if we can locate these wrecks we could make over fifty million pounds. That’s without all the other stuff the museums might buy from us.’

“There will be at least forty million between the ten of us.’

“Foxy Harris from Harrogate let out a whistle. The beefy blonde haired lad was well respected by the others he was an expert in his field where he studied land movement under water over periods of time. Then there was Paul H Jones from Swansea who had been a keen diver before the war began and was the oldest in the squad at 35.

Jake Matthews from Ipswich was good at dating and sorting artefacts.
John McWilliams from Manchester was a great pump man.

Howard Thompson from Essex would take control of decompression.

“The small but well muscled Jeff Tippy Robinson from Bradford was the site safety man.

Byron Badoe was one of the first black divers to pass out at Portland. Rob “Posh” Mason from London had gone to Eton and his father Reginald was a captain in the Royal Navy. He had access to a light aircraft and also had a pilots licence.

“How do we know that this treasure hasn’t already been discovered Jim?’

“Because if they had found it, the world would know about the find. There would be museums with pieces dating back to it.’

“The coast line has bound to have been checked though said John McWilliams. ‘

“Has the area been checked from the air though said Rob Mason.’

“What difference would that make asked Robinson.’

“A hell of a lot over four hundred years, debris gets scattered for miles and where the ships may have sank all those years ago could have been carried miles from the place where it first went down. Maybe that is why no one has been able to locate the area where the ships are.’ We can see the lay of the land from the air and on a clear day and flying over the area might reveal to us the location of wrecks.

“I can plot a chart if someone comes with me.’

“Foxy Harris volunteered his services.

“Good man, I will give you a ring when it is good weather and we can grid the area from the sky.

“Now we will have to take it in turns to go down to dive half an hour at a time; with a relay of five men working shifts of five hours.’

“Once we locate the wrecks be careful not to move anything until we have logged it first. Look out for mines as there could be some from down there from the war.

“If you see one do not attempt to defuse the mine yourself let us use an air bag to get it to the surface then we can deal with it.’

Jeff Tippy Robinson will fill you all in on the safety elements of the site.’

“Has anyone any questions?’

“Yes, do you have any idea how long this operation will take Jim?’

I we can locate the wrecks. Salvage can begin soon after we have mapped out the place. It may take us at least six months on each wreck before we find what we are looking for. Don’t expect to find a treasure chest full of gold because the ship worm would have eaten away most of it so the gold and jewellery could be buried deep in the sand. This will have to be pumped out; but even at 600 gallons a minute this is a slow process believe me but it we find what we came for it will also be rewarding.

 If no one has anything else to ask then I will now ask you all to join me for a drink at the bar.’

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