The End of Song


4. Amy

He used to sing me to sleep.  The Doctor used to sing me a funny Gallifreyan tune while I went to sleep.  Sometimes, he would do little dances.  When I had Mel, I passed that song along to her. singing it just the way the Doctor would.  She loved it.  I think that when...if...she has kids, she will sing that song to them.  It's stupid, really, how much a simple song can bring out feelings.  Today, I started singing an old Michael Jackson tune called "Heal the World", and I got to about the fourth verse, "And if you want to know why there's a love that cannot lie, love is strong, it only cares of joyful giving", my voice broke and I started to cry because love hates me and only cares to give me sorrow.  If Mel hadn't loved me so much, and Rory hadn't turned around, and if I would have listened to the Doctor, none of this would be happening.  This is all my fault.

And if you

Really try,

You'll find there's no need to cry.

And now, Heal the World is stuck in my head.


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