Out of my Limit {Luke Hemmings ff}

"Whoa, this isn't your apartment!"

"Shush I'm hiding from some people"

"Why in my apartment?"

"They know where i live, aka next door"

Eleanor is a nineteen year old girl, who lives on her own in a shitty apartment. The only thing she could afford, her parents are rich but she doesn't want to ask for money.


13. thirteen


why can't Eleanor remember me? she remembers the others but why not me? thats so weird.. im so hurt, the girl im in love with doesn't remember me and the things we did. i walked out and sat down and put my head in my hands, i started to cry. 

"Luke?" sounded like Calum "luke look up at me please" i looked up and it was Calum with a sad look on his face

"s-she doesn't remember me-e" i said holding my tears 

"its okay Luke we can help her remember you, and your love for each other." he said i stood up and embraced him in a hug 

"what would i do without you?" i said 

"you would have killed Michael already" Calum said laughing, i chuckled a little "come on lets go talk to her"


i feel bad for not remembering Luke but everyone else, why is that? Charlie was sitting next to my hospital bed reading a book. 

"Charlie who's Star?" i randomly said, wait why did i say the name Star? who is that

"Star? thats my cousin" she said looking up from her book

"Star? I've met her" Calum said walking in with someone behind him, looks like Luke "i even dated her, she lives like ten minutes away"

"Charlie is he right?" she nodded "well call her! i need her!" i don't know why i needed her but i just did, its like the old me is taking over. everyone looked confused. "stop looking at me like im crazy and do it!" i yelled 

"okay! sorry, don't yell Eleanor" Charlie said pulling her phone out and calling her cousin

"thank you" 

ten minutes later Star shows up 

"hey its star can i come in?" she said knocking 

"yep come in" she came in and gave Charlie a hug

"you bitch you didn't tell me you dated Calum from 5sos" Charlie said pushing her playfully 

"it was before they were even a band"Star laughed" but whats up, who needed me?" everyone looked at me

"can you guys leave?" i asked and with that everyone but Star left 

"yes Eleanor?" 

"i want to know who luke is again" i blurted 

"Eleanor you know i cant, you had a choice and you picked to forget him" 

"i need them back, he's hurt because i dint remember him!" i said almost crying



"fine" she said coming closer to me and touching my head "it might hurt, and its going make you pass out" she said and it felt like a really bad headache, after that everything went back. all i heard was voices "Nurse! help she was just talking but she stopped and passed out " i hear star yell everything went silent 

"shes good now, y'all can come back in here" the nurse said

"Star what happened?" Charlie asked 

"she asked me about Luke, Charlie you know what happened, don't call me if she loses it again" Star said to Charlie

"Eleanor, why would you ask to remember Luke, he's bad for you thats why i made Star do it. its always been a gift of hers" 

come on Eleanor wake up. i need to wake up and see him i started to open my eyes slowly the bright lights hurts 

"w-wheres Luke?" i asked 

"Luke!" Charlie yelled 

"yes?" he said, and i turned my head to face him and smiled really big at him 

"Luke!" i said and he came towards me and kissed me, of course i kissed him back "im sorry i couldn't remember you, i don't know why i couldn't" i lied about that last part

"its fine im glad you finally remembered" he said smile




(im soooooooooo sorry i haven't posted this.. im gonna kms because y'all probably hate me... but ill probably make chapter fourteen a little longer than this one, but now you know that Eleanor gets to remember Luke after finding out that Star is Charlies cousin with a gift. well i hoped you enjoyed! leave some feedback it makes me happy!!)

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