Out of my Limit {Luke Hemmings ff}

"Whoa, this isn't your apartment!"

"Shush I'm hiding from some people"

"Why in my apartment?"

"They know where i live, aka next door"

Eleanor is a nineteen year old girl, who lives on her own in a shitty apartment. The only thing she could afford, her parents are rich but she doesn't want to ask for money.


16. sixteen.


I just told everyone I'm keeping the baby. I can see it in my dads eyes that's he's a little disappointed but who cares? Not me. I know I'm not married and it wasn't planned but a baby is a baby, he will grow to love it.

"Dad i can obviously see that your disappointed, but i dont care, you guys were what 19 when you had Edward?"

"yes but we had help from both our parents, he was a condom mistake honey" my dad said 

"oh so was i one too?" 

"of course not" my mom said "honey let her keep the baby, its your first grandchild"

"well at least Edward knows how to keep it in his pants" my dad said Luke got up with his fist bawled i whispered in his ear 

"Luke dont its not worth it you'll lose the record deal" he grabbed my hand "Dad i think you should leave, what you said was uncalled for and i didnt like it. if your not going to support me then don't i can do it on my own, with mums help so leave, you know where the door is" he got up and left 

"I'm sorry honey, i don't know what is wrong with him, love you, call me when you need anything" my mum said hugging me. my parents left and it was just me Luke and our friends. i sat on the couch and Mikey came in 

"im sorry about you dad El, I'm happy that Luke and you are having a baby, ill be Uncle Mikey" 
" yeah the uncle who cant choose a damn hair color " i said laughing

"i call being the god mother" said Angel 

"no me!"Emma said coming in and sitting next to me 

"lets name it Calum Jr" Calum said we all laughed 

"guys we don't even know if its a boy or girl" Luke said 

"Luke won't those same guys make fun of you for having a baby at 20?" Ashton said 

"Ash we moved away from that area"

"oh yeah" 

"does anyone want to go shopping with me? i gotta get some shoes and clothes?" i asked getting up everyone shook their heads no 

"sorry babe but we gotta practice we have a tour in a few months, were heading to United States" Luke said kissing my head and walking away along with he other boys 

"I have school work" Emma said 

"Angel?" i asked 

"i have to work today at Nandos " she said 

"oh thats fine don't worry" i said grabbing my keys "bye ill see you later" i said walking out the door ro my car i drove for like twenty minutes, and finally ended up in a parking space i got out and walked into my favorite shoe store. i looked around and finally found a pair of Vans i liked i bought them and left, i got hungry because now I'm eating for two. i sat down with my plate and started eating. people passed by and I'm still eating, a girl walks by and another girl trips her. i got up and helped the girl who got tripped. 

"okay that was mean" i said to the girl who tripped the girl 

"and what are you gonna do about it old lady" she said chewing her gum 

"I'm only 20 and i will kick you ass, what are you 15? this isn't high school. so get you head out of your ass and try no to be a bitch to everyone you see or Karma will bite you in the small ass you have " i snapped "you can come sit with me, you don't mind if i eat do you? I'm kinda eating for two" i said looking at the other girl she nodded her head and sat down and the other girl left "thats what i thought bitch" i said sitting down " anyways I'm Eleanor" 

"Im Lily" i looked straight into her eyes, she had really pretty green eyes and long brown hair and a Katy Perry shirt. she had good taste we talked for hours and lost track of time i got to know her really well and she got to know me really well its like i have a new best friend. maybe she won't leave me for pairs (shade was thrown) i let her come back to the condo with me to meet everyone again hours went by and she met everyone and we just chilled here. i let her stay in the guest room.



*hey guys!!! I'm sorry i havent posted in days i feel bad I've been trying to write this. but anyways who's been active with this story? comment down below it'll make me really happy*

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