Out of my Limit {Luke Hemmings ff}

"Whoa, this isn't your apartment!"

"Shush I'm hiding from some people"

"Why in my apartment?"

"They know where i live, aka next door"

Eleanor is a nineteen year old girl, who lives on her own in a shitty apartment. The only thing she could afford, her parents are rich but she doesn't want to ask for money.


7. seven.


Luke takes me back to my apartment so we can pack, i can't believe I'm getting out of this shit hole. i hate how my dad bought the condo but maybe i can try to pay him back, he texted us the address and some other info. he told me ill get paid 50$ per hour, ill have to pay food and shit damn did my dad set me up to be a mom of four boys? i hope not. i got boxes from the moving truck and packed my clothes and shoes then i did pictures and kitchen items the only thing that was left was the things that came with the apartment. i left a note on the counter giving my name and number so i can pay that hole Luke did. Luke helped me get the boxes in the truck

"you all done?" he asked 

"yep, I'm ready to move. ill drive my car you'll follow me okay? then we can drive back and get your car"

"sounds good ill see when we get there" he said getting in the truck i got in my car and drove and he followed. about ten minutes later we finally get there no one was there yet it was just us my dad said there was a key under the mat i looked under the mat there was the key.

"Luke i get first pick for the bedrooms!" i yelled unlocking the door i unlocked the door and the inside was huge, when you first walk in, the living room is right there then when you walk down a hall way theres three doors. two bedrooms and the kitchen. i looked in the first bedroom it was the master bedroom it even had a bathroom this is my room. there was more rooms upstairs, i don't really care I'm in love with this master bedroom it was perfect. i walked out to the truck to get my boxes and start putting them in my room. Luke called the room across from mine, i think it was another master bedroom but it was smaller.

~time skip cause unpacking is boring~

everyone finally showed up after like three hours, everyone got all unpacked and started to relax. i was sitting next to luke while he had his arm around me. the guys already knows about us and they think it cool,

"guys you do know we need more things, like a dinner table, chairs, your band shit i already know thats going in the basement. so one of y'all has to come to the store with me" i said 

"not it " Luke said 

"me either" Michael said "i got a date with Charlie"

"nope sorry, working on songs" Calum said 

"Ashton i don't care what you have to say or what you're excuse is you are coming with me if you like it or no" i said giving him the death glare

"Luke she scares me" he said 

"get your shoes on and lets go, we can look at the dinner sets" i said getting up but luke pulling me back down 

"do i not get any kisses or hugs?" he asked with a sad look on his face

"no" i smirk just joking with him

"please" he gave me the puppy face, ugh those adorable blue eyes

"fine" i gave up and pecked him on his lips "see you in a bit. Ashton! lets go!" my god i sound like a mother, I'm only nineteen well almost twenty I'm older than Luke even though his birthday is like in a few weeks. enough with birthdays. i waited for Ashton to come get in my car so we can go to the mall. he finally gets in and we headed to the mall. it takes us about twenty minutes, we walk in and first thing he wants to do is look at the band merch, great he's like a sixteen year old girl who's obsessed with bands. were walking and he just stops in his tracks, what the fuck

"Ashton are you okay?"

"she's so beautiful" he said starring at a very tall girl, well very tall to me since I'm only 5'4 she looks like she's 6'1 like damn

"go talk to her Ash"

"i can't I'm scared ill say something stupid. can you go talk to her?" 

"yeah sure. since your being a pussy" i walked over to her and she as a good taste in clothing when i get closer to her she has some beautiful eyes, pale blue eyes, lighter than Lukes. she has black hair and her shirt said 'Woke up like this' she had light skinny jeans and some black converse, i like her already. 

"Hi, I'm Eleanor and thats Ashton, he was to scared to talk to you. so i came and talked to you. would you like to get some lunch? ill pay, well i mean Ashton will" i said 

"I'm Angel, and yeah thats sounds cool" she said and walking with me back where Ashton was standing

"all three of us are going to get lunch" i said "by the way Ash you're paying"

"all okay" we walked until we all agreed on a place to eat we sat down at a small table, Ashton went to get pizza for all of us he came back and sat across from Angel. 

"so Angel what do you like to do?" i asked staring a conversation 

"well i like to play volleyball and video games" she said 

"do you like to play Fifa?" Ashton asked

"im not good at it" she said taking a bit out of her slice of pizza

"would you like to come over and play video games sometime?" he asked

"sure ill come by tomorrow if thats okay?" she said writing her number on a napkin "here you can text me the address, i gotta head to work. thanks for the pizza! bye!" she said walking away. she was really nice and kind.

"wow she is very pretty Eleanor."

"Ash, we gotta keep looking for things so get your mind off of Angel and help me pick things out"

~hours later~

we found a dinner set finally after fucking three hours. now were heading back home. first thing Ashton will do is tell the guys about Angel. she's really sweet maybe we could be best friends, what will she think of the guys or even Grace. oh god well i can't worry about that yet we have to wait until it happens. on the way home Ashton starts singing a sang I've never heard before 

"She maxed her credit cards and don't got a job
She pays for gas with all the change in her car
It's not the end of the road
Yeah, we've all been there before and it goes oh" he sung

"hey ash what song is that?"

"hey everybody"

"its good you should continue" i said smiling and he continued to sing, i love it when the guys sing they're really good. we finally made it home. i walked inside to see Calum passed out on the couch and Michael watching tv, but no Luke.

"Michael wheres Luke?"

"his room i believe" he said not taking his eyes of the tv i walked to his room and i see him sitting on his bed looking down at something 

"hey Luke are you okay?" i asked sitting next to him, he looked up at me and his eyes were all red and puffy "oh my god luke whats wrong?" 

"today is the day my baby sister, Skylar, passed away" he said rubbing his nose 

"Luke i am so sorry" i said hugging him "it'll be okay, we can do something for her today if you want" 

"no its fine, i do this every year, she was only four when it happened."

"will you tell me what happened?"

"i guess, so i was seventeen, and Sky and i was playing football(soccer) out front and the ball went in the road she went to go get it and a drunk driver comes driving really fast. it all happened so fast, there was a lot of blood, i picked her head up and set it on my legs. the last thing she said to me was i love you. she died right in front of me. i was really close with her, i told her everything. and everytime i see Grace, she reminds me of Skylar" he said 

"Luke i am really sorry."

"yeah, the guys doesn't know about it. tell me about what happened at the mall"

"well Ashton was a fucking pussy for not talking to a girl it was funny, we had lunch wth her and i think she might be coming over tomorrow"

"Ash has always been a pussy" Luke smiled 

"see theres the smile i like" i said and he playfully pushed me 

"thank you Eleanor, for making me smile"

"anytime, now lets go was up Calum." i said getting up and grabbing  his hand i decided to sit on his chest and Luke sat on his legs

"hey! get off!" he yelled

"are you done napping?"

"yeah now get off of me" with that we got off of him for the rest of the day we watched movies and ate pizza. i was laying on Lukes lap and we were hold hands. i looked up at him and he was sound asleep. and so was everyone else. Michael and Ashton were asleep no the floor and Calum was asleep next to me. i guess its my turn to fall asleep i turned the tv off.

"goodnight boys" i said before falling asleep



​(i hoped you enjoyed this chapter and, ill see you in the next chapter!)

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