Surviving High School

I never realized high school would be so difficult. With trying to keep my grades up, to tutoring a stubborn girl in science, to keeping our band alive its been tough. And it's only gonna get harder.


1. New Beginings

It's the start of the school year, what could go wrong? How about everything. I thought this was going to be the best year ever, but I was greatly mistaken.

First off, I moved to England. I left everything behind. All of my friends and family, for this prestigious boarding school called Cassiopeia Academy.

I was on track to graduate valedictorian of my class, but my whole life got ripped away from me and replanted over 4,000 miles away.

I was told to board a plane one morning, so I did. My baggage was already checked in and the plane left right after I got on. We left for England and were told never to return- I wasn't sure what my life would hold in store for me in this new world.

I arrived to my dorm around 5:00, my roommate was sitting on her bed as I entered. Her strawberry blonde hair shielded her face like a curtain as her peered down at her book.

The door creaked shut behind me and she looked up.

"Ah, you must be my new roommate! I'm Laurel Quinn," she said, with a very thick Irish accent, her bright green eyes glimmered.

"I'm Nova Haven," I replied.

"Ah, an American! Welcome to England!" She exclaimed.

I smiled and started to unpack.

"Where ya from?" She asked.

"Colorado, you?"

"Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland," she said proudly.

We got to know each other better. She asked about my history, I wasn't sure what to tell her so I didn't say too much. She told me about her family and her life.

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