Dream Collection

Well to put it simply I have odd dreams quite often and most of them would make for an... Interesting read.


2. Second Dream in dream Collection

A day in Tokyo
synopsis: Location Tokyo on a band trip. Final day before final day of band trip as we lost very early in the competition. Day starts at 11:30 and ends in a haze of chaos.

    As my parents and my friends exited the hotel a bit bummed about being beaten in the second round of the global contest for marching band Zack says 
    "Man this sucks. We got eliminated in the second round."
    "Its to be expected. Were in a country that has its students playing instruments since about third grade." I replied.
    "Still." He muttered.

    No our rather large group splits up into just My parent a friend and myself with the rest going to a dine across the street from the hotel.
As were walking we pass many shops, none of which interested my parents due to not knowing Japanese Culture or language. This of which makes her look like
a fool only moments later as she sees a group of nine teenage guys sitting around a Japanese blueberry tree.
    She yells, "What up my Japs" (Aka the worst possible thing you could yell at anyone there)
Thinking quick I grab here and pulled out my phone as I had forgotten the words for stupid foreigner at the moment and goggled it real quickly the words. 
    Then I say "Sumimasen. Watashitachi wa baka gaijin" or translated as. Excuse me we're just stupid foreigners. Then I pull my everyone away before they could
insult anyone else. At this point Im holding my head in confusion as I had just realized I goggled something in a dream and it was correct and on an actual
website, This broke the first rule of dream stating that you cant read in a dream. I then check the time and it was only 11:34 which broke the second rule
that states that even the most consistent dream wont be able to hold time properly. Now having a major headache my friend Makayla put her hand on my shoulder
and asked if I was all right. "Yea I just got a bit dizzy." I lied.

    Now unsure if this was a dream or reality I think back to the events of previous days and could remember them all clearly. Every thing from getting off the 
plane, checking in at the hotel to the marching show and our rankings for each event. We got here on Monday and had our first performance on Tuesday. We scored
a 70.3 out of 100.We were the bottom in the people who got to move on to the second day. On Wednesday we scored a 75.0 but were unable to move on as the 
minimum score needed to move to semi-finals was 80.4. Rather defeated we went back to the hotel and just slept the entire day. Now it was Thursday and I was
as confused as hell. Ten minutes ago I could have sworn I was dreaming but now that I have broken every rule of dreams I was sure I was not.

    I now begin paying closer attention to my soundings and admiring the scenery as I realized we got a hotel in one of the more rural areas surrounding
Tokyo and notice how much greener all the plants are in addition to how well the immersed themselves with the city they were in. It was then I remember that a 
lot of  buildings were moving to green roofs to cut down on pollution, so the plants were quite literally growing out of the buildings. 

    We continued walking and stopped in a few shops That were targeted at American tourist as they were in full English and had the stereotypical I Heart Japan
T Shirt and coffee mugs along with things like sunscreen, candy, other assorted goods of that nature. Other stores had had them, but they didn't interest 
them since they were in Japanese not English. As normal on a trip I always spend my money the last day to make sure that I had enough for food, 
and after today we had another day so I wasn't going to risk it. After we left we diverted off our normal path and make our way to the end of the side walk.
I notice a slab of concrete that led up to the top window of a temple and I try to climb it. Well as it turns out it was not concrete but rope. When I tried to
climb it a ladder slowly came down. 
    When It reached the bottom my dad gets the brilliant idea of climbing up it. He then says "Well are you coming." as he continues up it. Left with no choice
We all begin climbing after him protesting all the way up to the 15th floor. As we climb through the window we are greeted by a "tour guide" 
    "Ah. Welcome to our monastery. I see you found the secret way in which means you get a free tour today."

The rest were saying how cool it was and of the like. I was more concerned that he called it a monastery as this was clearly a Buddhist temple. 
    He explains "From this floor up you can only stand on the little pegs and platforms on the ground as it is considered bad luck to touch the floor above the 
    Now even more skecptial as I had never heard this before started to get suspicious as he spoke strangely good English with only a hint of an accent,
not a Japanese one either. He continues the tour until we reach the top and as we enter the room two large bald men block the door way.
    The "tour guide" then reveals his actual Identity. 
    "I am Saint Bernard the third and you shall all be my slaves for the rest of your lives. Now repent your sins or die."

    No sooner than he finished his rant we here two thuds as the large men fell to the ground unconscious as the two old lady's sweeping the fifteenth floor 
had hit them with fire extinguishers and yelled Haiaku nigero! or translated ash hurry run! I grab My dad who grabbed my mom and started sliding down the railing
of the stairs about the third floor we lose Makayla and we all start sprinting at the door. I assumed it would be locked and tried busting out the glass
by tackling it. I bounce off and only add to my headache. My dad runs up and simply opens the door which had not been locked. I get about a half a block
before I realized we were missing someone. I ran back to see on the first floor the priest had Makayla dressed in a weeding dress about to drag her somewhere.
I sprint inside and deliver a strong blow to his nose sending him back into a vanity shattering the wood and the mirror on impact. I grab her hand and we hurry
out of the building to meet up with my parents. We all then continue running through back alleys and apparently a market as when we got through it we were
holding several new pieces of clothing. My dad put on two masks one on his face and the other the back of his head. Makayla a scarf and my mom a trench coat
with a top hat. It was at this moment I yelled what the hell is going on here but as I did that I sit straight up in bed and actually yell it out loud.

    It takes a few seconds to realize it was actually a dream as I was physically exhausted as if I had been running for the past ten minuets. Not realizing I 
still dizzy I try standing up only to find myself flat on the floor. I look at the clock and noticed It was 5 am. I think to myself. Well that's worth writing 

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