Dream Collection

Well to put it simply I have odd dreams quite often and most of them would make for an... Interesting read.


1. First Dream in Dream Collection

#note that this is a dream and small parts of it are missing. also the perspective of the dream changed from time to time so it may jump from first person to third and etc.


Date 6/10/16
Synopsis: A new dream. The beginning part is a bit hazy but I believe it went somewhat like, I was in town at an unknown store when a scientist lady walked
up to me. Part missing here. We were riding in her dark blue Jeep like car when she hands me a tape measure looking item. She explains its a device that houses
a component that would allow for super human ability's and that I would be the one to test it for her. Naturally I didn't question it and just went along. By the
time we started testing it was around noon. Small part missing here. I am now outside the Jeep and she says the first power they know for sure the device provides
is super speed and all I had to do to activate it was to focus. I do so and rocket off at about the same speed as the Jeep which had to be going around 70-100 
MPH. I then realized that I could go much much faster if I wanted to and did so. As I did an orange aura formed around me and I was going upward of 400+
MPH down an Arkansas road. I look over to see the Jeep going the same speed with an orange aura also. We continue going at this pace until we get to an
intersection and only the Jeep being able to stop I rush headlong into a building. At this point I imagine DR. Collins as I now remember her name
Was Noting down that the orange aura acted as some sort of shield against any type of collision as I had passed straight through the wall leaving a rather large
hole behind, and yet I was unscathed.

    I re-emerged from the the building a bit dizzy and confused as I had just ploughed through a building at high velocity and was completely unharmed
Looking back to Collins I see her motioning to me to get into the Jeep, seeing the mess I just created I did so without question. It was then that she came into 
focus and her features finally appeared. She had light brown hair that reached about midway down her back and was in her early 40s. She had hazel eyes and near
perfect teeth. On a similar note my own features had also started to appear. I looked exactly as I did in real life but with slightly longer hair. This is also
the point where the dream starts getting more detailed. We are once again back in her Jeep and driving down the road. Her Jeep seemed to be rather neat and taken
care of. No loose change in the upholders or drinks for that matter. And hardly a speck of dirt to be seen in the vehicle, It had two front seats and a long
back seat that could hold three people. The road had many signs mostly the standard ones warning you of turns and the occasional speed limit sign which usually
read around 45-50. She turns to me and says 

    "Not far down the road from there there's a small old packing facility that provides packed freight to all the stores in the county. That is the text 
place we will be stopping" 

    "Whys that?" I asked curiously.
    "Before I became a scientist I worked there. Lets just say I don't like the owner very much." she quipped as she smiled evilly.

    Remembering that I had just put a pretty good sized hole in the wall of a gas station I could see where she was going with this. Loving destruction as 
much as I do, I didn't question it or complain. "How long till we get there?" I asked her.

    "About an hour.... So you may as well take a nap till we get there."
    "Okay" I respond and proceed to fall asleep in my own dream.

    Up till now I have had no control over my dream and was mostly a passenger in this world, This only allowed me to remember somewhat vague details
and no control of my actions or words. The action of falling a sleep in the dream however allowed for a false awakening, but in me unlike most people when
I have a false awakening I gain almost complete control of my dream. Almost. In this particular dream I can control my actions and words and know im dreaming
but cannot control large portions of reality or change my form. So in this particular instants it became eerily similar to real life. Even to the point that
the longer I stayed in the dream the more I could feel see hear and do. All of this started at the false awakening as we arrived at the packing plant. Now
back to the dream.

    "Wake up" Collins said as she shook my arm. I wake up throughout confused as I had just gained control of my dream and only realized it was a dream 
because of Dr Collins and the device mounted on the side of my pants. I then notice some more of my features, As I had stated earlier I had looked exactly
the same as in real life with the exception of my hair. Now it seems to have spread to more parts of me as I was a bit thinner and my hair was even longer.
I also noticed I was about three inches shorter than before I fell asleep. I just shrugged it off and followed her through the front door. 

    Moments after we walk in the owner of the facility notices us and like a dog in heat is running towards Dr Collins. She greets him with a firm slap to the 
face and from there I just assumed I could wreck the place at will. As I now was in my own body and not at the will of the dream I was no longer omniscient so
I couldn't tell you how there encounter went after that. 

    I walked to the back of the building where I saw a few workers lounging around, They spot me and mockingly ask. "What's a pipsqueak like you doing in here?"
    I yell back "Watch it punk I'll plough that steel shelf your sitting on right through the wall!" then taking notice of my now higher voice I was starting
to wonder what was happening. But then I was snapped out of it by all three of them laughing at me. Now enraged I start running towards the steel shelving unit
but instead of hitting super speed I was staying at normal sprinting speed. This only infuriated me more so as I reached it once again surrounded by the orange
aura I grab the fifty foot tall and forty foot wide steel shelving unit and lift it a few feet off the ground and start crushing it by pulling each part inward 
till I was left with the supports and a ball of steel. Meanwhile I could here the workers screaming and running out the door. "Super strength" I chuckle to 
myself still taking notice of my voice and how it was even higher than before and also that my hair now reached the bottom of my neck. 
    I disregard it and start playing with my powers some more starting with running though several of the offices leaving gaping holes in my wake. Surprisingly
enough it wasn't the speed that you needed to break down the walls just the aura, So this time I was able to destroy as I pleased and not loose control and 
crash again. After ploughing through about ten offices I meet up with Dr Collins holding up the metal scraps as I do.
    "What's that?" Collins asks inquisitively.
    "Oh just the scraps of a steel shelf that I crushed with my bare hands" I say slightly cockily.
    "Ah? Really? That's great news that means that my device also gives super strength!" She says a bit over zealously. "Anyway were done here so lets get on 
the road." I nod and follow her out the door and look back at the destruction I created and smiled. We climb back into the Jeep and start heading down the road.
For about ten minutes she plagued me with questions everything from how the new power started to how much I think the super strengths limit is. Honestly though
It was similar to an angry adrenalin rush. Noting since I now could feel what was happening when I destroyed the shelf. The feel of the metal bending and 
the smell of steel snapping is just incredible. Not to mention that the aura that washes over you feels like an etherized massage with lodes of adrenalin
being injected into you, is nearly indescribable.

    Now that her question tsunami was over, now we had a different problem, Apparently mass destruction of a building doesn't go unnoticed by authorities
even in a dream. Now with the police hot on our tail she demonstrates the power of her device on vehicles but only going about 120 mph to avoid flying off
the road. Well they were one step ahead of us and had a road block set up. Almost unconsciously I grab the device and activate the super strength not knowing 
what would happen since it was attached to a Jeep. Our speed was instantly halved and we approached the blockade of about twenty four cars. We hit the first 
the tires of the Jeep went right on top and as we went on we crushed all twenty four of the cars straight down the middle leaving them all undriveable but 
avoided hurting anyone inside. Yet it was rather funny seeing the officers bailing out of the cars spilling Starbucks and other coffee brands all over the place
while trying to avoid a high velocity glowing Jeep.

    Now past the road block and with no one chasing us I relax and notice a dial that I had missed before. "What's this?" I asked
    "A dial to control how fast the device can let us go.... Wanna test it out?" She asked.

    Of course I jumped at the chance and turned the dial all the way up,then shortly after we are zooming along at speeds of 600+ Mph. I had noticed earlier that
Both of our devices had a faint glow to them and that the one attached to the car was starting to fade. We finally slowed to the point where signs were readable
again and the last one we passed was a sign that was green and a rectangle with curved sides, It said upon it. End of world. Shortly after the sign we see a 
bridge. Our Jeep looses all power at the edge of the bridge and we get out. Dr Collins is silent at this time.

From this point till the end, which is not far I could feel, see and hear every detail. This was the most beautiful lucid dream I have ever had and I highly
doubt that mear words could describe. But I'll give it a shot.

    Now fully consuis in this odd plain of existence, I look up at the sunset setting behind the hill from across the bridge and notice that I could actually see
everything in full detail. Nothing blurry or signs of how my actual vision is. I walk off the side of the road and feel the stones crunch under my feet and the 
weeds tickle my legs, also my now shoulder length hair brush my neck and I peer over the river the evening light engulfing my visage. With one hand rubbing a
tall cat tail weeds stock I notice how smooth it was and how the sky colours merged in to one heavenly scenery. I grab the device still strapped to my waist and 
open it up and hold it to the sky. Its vivid glow matched the evening sky and almost seemed a part of it. I replace the device in its holder and then start 
walking back to the Jeep. As I do so with the Cats tails weeds and under brush tickling my feet I feel a tear running down my face realizing that this was the
end of this world for now, and that It was time to go back to reality.

    I slowly walk back and the dream starts to fade first with the sounds till it became similar to the roar of the fan I sleep by then the feelings as it 
returned to me laying in bed. Then all the landscape and colours whirlpool into a mess until it was nothing but inky blackness. I open my eyes back in reality
noticing that its only 4 am fairly mad at this point as I still had 4 hrs. to sleep at least.

End dream. For now.

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