When Predators Become Prey

The dead have begun to rise as mindless zombies but there is something different about these ones. They remember the ones that killed them. The undead horde has begun to move. They will spread their curse until they find the ones responsible for their deaths. The Creepypastas are no longer the predators of this world. Now they are the prey. They just don't know it yet.

Cover Art By http://www.movellas.com/user/201411151558064617 (KuraiSenshi)


1. It Begins

The night was dark and cold. The wind howled and thunder roared. Lightning struck the earth with unending fury as the rain fell relentlessly. On this night, a single man stood in the center of a graveyard. His grey robe flapped furiously as the rain lashed at his face. He held an old leather book in one of his hands as his other hand pressed against the tombstone in front of him.

The man had tears streaming down his face but the empty expression he wore would have made any onlookers think it was simply the rain. He knelt down and placed his forehead against the tombstone and whispered something. In that moment that the man whispered, all became silent. His voice was the only thing that could be heard in that brief moment. "I'm sorry."

His words were then swept away by the rolling thunder. The storm renewed its assault upon the land as the man stood and opened the book. Despite the rain lashing at the book it did not become wet. It was untouched by the wind and rain as the man recited the words from a certain page of the book.

"I hereby bind my soul to a thousand years of torment to invoke the gods of death! The dead shall rise and the living shall join their ranks! Return the dead to this earth with only vengeance! They shall seek out those I command and drag them all into the abyss! Now return! Return and invoke fear in the hearts of the living! Return and devour! Return and destroy the Proxies!"

A dark hole appeared in the sky above the man and from that darkness hundreds of thousands of pillars of black smoke snaked down to the earth. They went in every direction seeking out the victims of every Creepypasta. The black smoke shot into every grave and from every grave the corpses that had been buried burst from their coffins.

The man dropped the book as he gazed at the corpses rising from their graves. He could not believe it actually worked. After searching for so many years he had finally done it. Now it began. Now began the man's crusade to kill each and every creature that humanity had come to call the Creepypastas in the world! At least, that was what the man thought until the corpse from the grave in front of him rose. He stared into the lifeless and rotting eyes of his daughter and grimaced at the sight. Despite her rotting complexion the thing that chilled him to the bone was the grin that was cut from ear to ear. The nightmarish smile cut into his daughter's face by the proxie that called itself Jeff the Killer. That smile haunted the man's every waking moment but at this second on this day he never felt more terrified.

The walking corpse that had once been the man's daughter looked at the man and without a second of hesitation the corpse lunged at the man. He began to cry out, "No! This wasn't what was supposed to happen! No!"

All of the newly awakened corpses in the grave shambled over to the screaming man and began to devour him. His cries were silenced as one of the corpses bit into his neck causing the man to begin choking on his own blood as each of the corpses bit into him in every place. His arms were bitten and torn off. His legs were ripped off and devoured. His rib cage was torn open by rotting fingers and his guts were consumed. Even while the man was still alive his skull was cracked open and as the teeth dug into the man's brain he had one final thought. One of regret. He had unleashed this evil and now it would kill everyone. Even those he hadn't meant to kill.


If you like this first chapter please show me some love and brace yourselves. This story is going to be the thing I devote a majority of my time to so expect nothing but greatness. This is going to be one hell of a ride!

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