When Predators Become Prey

The dead have begun to rise as mindless zombies but there is something different about these ones. They remember the ones that killed them. The undead horde has begun to move. They will spread their curse until they find the ones responsible for their deaths. The Creepypastas are no longer the predators of this world. Now they are the prey. They just don't know it yet.

Cover Art By http://www.movellas.com/user/201411151558064617 (KuraiSenshi)


3. Displeasing

"W-What's going o-on?"

Dark wisps of smoke streaked across the night sky like a tsunami of darkness and beneath the darkened sky stood a boy who looked like he was no older than seventeen staring up at the sky. Now this boy was very different from your average kid. For one, his skin was a pale almost grey color while his messy brown hair was covered by his blue hood and his eyes were concealed by the orange lenses of his goggles but that wasn't what made him different. It was that every few minutes his body would twitch and tic causing him to stutter and grip the two bloody hatchets he held tightly.

In the center of a graveyard stood Ticci-Toby standing over the body of his latest victim that had made the mistake of being out alone at night. The victim was a girl around Toby's age and now she would stop aging forever. The two axe shaped holes in her chest and back made sure of that. As Toby the dark smoke snaked across the sky he started to twitch and say, "W-What are t-those?"

From behind Toby sounded a deep voice that said, "I don't know. Maybe he knows something."

Toby turned around to see Hoodie, yet another proxy of the Slenderman, sitting on a tombstone. That black mask with red eyes and a red frown, in addition to the orange hoodie and blue jeans, was unmistakable. Hoodie had his hands in the pockets of his hoodie as he hopped off the tombstone and said, "If he is behind it then that means we mustn't question him. He will tell us if we need to know."

Toby looked down at his hatchets before saying, "I k-know but i-it's just a little w-weird."

Hoodie shook his head and said, "It doesn't matter. Just do your job unless you want to get punished. You and I both know what happens when you disobey him."

A chuckle sounded to the right of Hoodie causing him to let out a sigh of disappointment. A man wearing a tan colored jacket, black pants, and a mask with black eyes and lips walked over to Toby and Hoodie. It was Masky, another proxy of the Slenderman and the dedicated trouble maker for the trio.

Masky walked over to Toby and Hoodie with a bloody crowbar in hand as he said, "You don't have to worry about anything Brian. We're the best in the business. We won't disappoint the big man."

Hoodie became noticeably annoyed as he pulled his hands out of his pockets and said, "Don't use my real name and don't be so sure about that. You've pushed your limits far too much. I wouldn't be surprised if he disposed of you in the near future."

Masky pointed his crowbar at Hoodie and said, "I don't really care what you think Hoodie. I doubt that he'll ever find someone to fill my position but if you'd like to force me to abandon my position then come on. Try to make me back down."

While Hoodie and Masky were arguing Toby looked up and saw some of the the dark smoke snaking down towards the ground where they were standing. Toby gripped his axes tightly and twitched as he said, "G-Guys, something's h-happening."

Hoodie and Masky stopped their quarrel and looked up to see the smoke reaching down and entering the corpse of the girl Toby had just killed in addition to entering many of the graves around them. Toby backed up a bit from the girl's corpse and prepared to strike while Masky put his back to Toby's, readying his crowbar.

Hoodie watched the smoke enter the graves and he slowly began to retrieve a cellphone from his pocket. He turned on the cellphone and waited until the smoke had finished entering the girl's corpse and the graves before turning it off and saying, "The Slenderman is not the cause of this."

Masky scoffed and said, "No shit Sherlock. I don't recall him being able to do this shit."

The trio stood with their backs facing each other as an ominous silence settled in. All was quiet for a few minutes before a low moan sounded from the corpse of the girl. Toby watched as the girl slowly got to her feet before facing him. Toby's eyes widened beneath his goggles as he saw the girl he knew that he had killed start to shamble towards him. Toby hesitated for a second but when the corpse let out another lifeless moan he swung with full force towards the girl's head. The sound of breaking bones and splitting flesh echoed through the air as Toby split the shambling corpse in half from head to toe.

Toby was breathing heavily as he looked at what he had done. He began wondering how it was possible for that girl to have gotten up after being killed when Masky said, "Well it looks like even the dead can't sleep in this town."

Toby turned around and saw at least fifty rotting bodies climbing out of the ground and all of them were focused on the trio. Hoodie pulled out a knife that he used on occasion and said, "We need to inform the Slenderman of what is going on. I doubt he will be happy about this."

Masky chuckled and gripped his crowbar with both hands as he said, "I don't know. I think killing zombies is a great past time."

As the horde of rotting bodies shambled and crawled towards them the proxies began to slowly back away. they stopped then Toby said, "They're behind us too."

Masky and Hoodie glanced back and saw twenty more corpses approaching them from the back. Hoodie looked around for an exit but it was useless. They were surrounded and the dead were closing it. Hoodie shook his head and said, "We have to fight our way through. Move towards the ones to the left and make a hole, now!"

In an instant the proxies dashed towards the left side of the horde and began to hack and slash at the heads of the starving corpses. Brains, blood, and heads flew. Sickening cracks of crushing skulls echoed through the night air followed by the cries of the dead.

Just as the proxies burst through the horde one of the corpses grabbed Toby's left arm and sank its teeth into his flesh. Toby would have cried out if weren't for the fact he couldn't feel pain but the teeth didn't stop. The corpses tried to pull Toby in to devour him but no matter how much he hacked and slashed he couldn't get free.

As Masky looked back he saw Toby about to get swarmed by the dead causing him to say to himself, "God damn it."

He was about to charge in to crack some more skulls when Hoodie grabbed his shoulder and said, "No. There's no point."

Masky smirked under his mask and said, "If anyone gets to kill that annoying little brat it'll be me."

Masky tore away from Hoodie with crowbar ready. Masky didn't know what to call it exactly but after working with Toby for so long he had grown fond of the kid. Plus, if Masky saved the kid then maybe the Slenderman would give him a little promotion. However, Masky stopped himself when he heard static beginning to sound in his ears.

Masky watched as countless black tentacles reached up into the air before coming down like rain, piercing the skulls of every corpse that was trying to devour Toby. Once Toby managed to pull his arm free he saw the tentacles that had saved him retreat back to the tall and faceless man in a suit that he called the Slenderman.

Before Toby could open his mouth he fell to his knees, feeling weak from exhaustion and the retreating adrenaline. He looked up and saw the Slenderman standing in front of him. Despite not having a face it was clear to Toby that the Slenderman was very displeased with what he saw.

Toby lowered his gaze to his arm that had been bitten and rolled up the sleeve to see his skin becoming a dark purplish color. It was then that an ominous and dark voice echoed through his mind. "Toby, now is not your time to die. I still have use for you."

Masky and Hoodie didn't hear what the Slenderman said to Toby. They would only hear what the Slenderman wanted them to hear. However, it wasn't hard to figure out what the Slenderman said to Toby. Especially when the Slenderman's tentacles started to wrap around the top of Toby's bitten arm.

Without a single second wasted the Slenderman sliced off Toby's bitten arm and sealed the wound by burning it closed with his tentacles. His tentacles were something that none of the Proxies understood so they weren't surprised that he could heat them at will. Once Toby stood he sighed and said, "T-That's going to m-make things a little d-difficult."

Toby fell silent when the Slenderman spoke to all of them, "The dead are beginning to rise. If they bite you then they will turn you into another pawn in their ranks. Do not allow yourselves to become another walking corpse."

The proxies nodded and said in unison, "Yes sir."

The Slenderman then continued, "The dead rising is displeasing to say the least. They are an annoyance that needs to be removed in order for my plan to succeed. We will gather the other monsters that prowl the night. This will no doubt anger them as well. At the very least, they won't like that their kills are being stolen. Now come, we will go to find the first of our temporary allies now."

Toby wanted to question the Slenderman about what he meant but he knew better and said, "I understand."

Masky sighed and placed his crowbar on his shoulder as he said, "Fine. I guess its nice to travel from time to time."

Hoodie already knew of a few that the Slenderman would seek out. He especially knew of one that the Slenderman would stop at nothing to recruit so he simply nodded and said, "Yes sir."

With that the Slenderman wrapped his tentacles around his proxies then vanished to seek out the other demons of the night to end this annoyance. After all, no one likes someone taking what belongs to them.

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