Like siblings

"Come on, get up, we'll walk you in," four little boys tugged on my new school uniform.
I stopped hugging my mother's right leg and wiped my tears away.


2. Sydney

"Hey darling wake up, we're going to reach Sydney," I heard the familiar voice of my father. My eyes fluttered open and I found myself staring at the beautiful landscape of Sydney. 

"Please buckle your seat belt and prepare for landing. Please buckle your seat belt and prepare for landing," the flight lady announced through the speakers really loudly. I scrabbled with the belt and squeezed my father's hand. We are going to reach our new home and i can't wait to explore Sydney.

*After the flight and all the shit you do after landing*

My family and I flagged a taxi and we drove west from the airport to our new home. I saw many shops I have not seen before and people who speak differently. Even the taxi driver spoke with a funny accent! I had to bite my lower lip to prevent myself from laughing too hard, he sounds like Elmo! We stopped outside a pretty blue house with two levels and probably an attic. I carried my bag and dragged my luggage into the house. Oh my god! the house was massive! I could not wait to check out my room so Iran up the stairs to check out my room. The room was blue and had a white queen-sized bed with fairy lights.

I stuffed all my clothes into the white closet and stuffed all my other stuff into drawers. I looked out of the window and saw a park, I would go there tomorrow. It was about 7:00 p.m and I was getting quite drowsy. I remembered that I left a few stuff in my luggage and I should take them out. I took out a oink bolster and my favorite teddy bear along with a bunch of daily necessities. 

"Darling! Dinner's ready!" I did not know that I was so hungry until mom mentioned dinner. I bounced down the steps and jumped over the last two steps and landed with a thud. I realized that I have not checked out the kitchen and damn, the kitchen was bigger than my old kitchen in Texas! I sat on a high chair, just for me, to eat my favorite dish made by my mom....baked cheese rice. I gobbled the food up and did not care whether the food was hot or not. 

"Whoa don't choke on your food princess by the way, you're going to school tomorrow," my father smiled and replied him with a nod.

" I wanna sleep now daddy...goodnight mommy and daddy!" I ran back up the steps and did my normal night routine. I rolled onto my bed and and I went to sleep.

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