Like siblings

"Come on, get up, we'll walk you in," four little boys tugged on my new school uniform.
I stopped hugging my mother's right leg and wiped my tears away.


1. Moving!

  Yay! Daddy and mommy said that we're moving to Sydney today! I'm wearing my favorite pink Zebra blouse and mini skorts. I hopped to my high cut converse shoes and carried my pink Disney Princess bag. 

"Kendall it's time to go!" Mommy yelled, I ran down the stairs and took the last look of my home in Texas, Houston. Daddy and Mommy carried the big big big luggages while i dragged my tiny tiny tiny bag. Just when we were putting our luggages  into the backseat of a taxi, Cameron, my best best best best friend ran towards me. He was holding a pink box with a a red polka-dotted design ribbon.

"Wait up Kendall *pants* I  *pants* hold on I need to process *pants pants* air *breathes* okay, I got this gift for you!" Cameron smiled and passed me the gift. i looked at the girt closely and realised that the ribbon was horribly tied, it was obviously tied by Cameron because he sucks at handicraft. I smiled and gave Cameron a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek before I hopped into the taxi. Hey, although i'm five, I don't think boys are disgusting.

"That was sweet of him, just to give you a farewell gift," my father smiled and winked at me. 

"He's only my friend, furthermore my only good friend that i actually trust!" I stuck my nose in the air and gave daddy my 'Don't mess with me' face. Daddy chuckled and ruffled my hair as the taxi drove towards the airport.

*An hour later*

Daddy and Mommy had done check-in and we were just about to board the plane in five minutes. I fiddled with my bag and took out my sketchbook, I took the pencil from the side of the sketchbook and started sketching Disney princesses but with a modern twist in it. I sketched Ariel's head and gave her a pretty flower headband, i also gave Ariel a two-piece dress which flashed a little of her belly. 

"Passengers of the Texas Ranger, please head to Gate A for take-off. I repeat, passengers of the Texas Ranger, please head to Gate A for take-off," a flight lady repeated through a loud loud loud speaker. I tossed my stuff into my bag and followed Daddy and Mommy into a glass passage way with a bunched of people, leading to an aeroplane.

I've never been in a plane and I was so excited! I followed my parents into an aisle before sitting onto our seats. I was practically bouncing off my seat from excitement as-come one you'll also be excited when doing something you've never done before right? Mommy squeezed my hand and smiled at me, I smiled back at her and started messing around with the awesome features in the plane. The plane took off and now i know how Jasmine must have felt on the magic carpet! My eyelids soon started drooping and I drifted to sleep. 


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