other side of the screen

ella a 18 year old girl, alex a 18 year old boy,
they are perfect for each other but they can't meet in person,
something stops them from meeting each other but little do they and the thing know it's bringing them closer to one another~


4. Chapter four - on the plane!

Play piano and violin music to get the feeling of the story~

-Ell@ logged on-

-alex11 logged on-

Ell@- hey!! Are you on the plane?

alex11- yeah! I'm almost there don't worry!

Ell@-im just sooo happy!!! I can't wait to hug you!!!

alex11- I can't wait to mess up your hair after the hug!!

Ell@-you better not!!

alex11- guess what...


alex11-IVE LANDED!!!!


alex11- are you at the air port waiting?

Ell@-yeah I have a sign that says your username already and waiting!

alex11- okay see u in a sec!!

-alex11 left-hand

-Ell@ left-hand

This part of the story is in third person 

Alex rushes of the plane and tries to get passed people in front of him just to see Ella in person, after he gets off he all around for the sign then he sees it -alex11- in fine writing, Alex rushes to the person who is holding the sign... it was her.. the one he's dreamed to meet...Ella~ her eyes widen and hugs him tightly. He was so happy to see her he couldn't believe his own eyes!"I love you..." ella says, her voice soft as the clouds like an angel singing to him. "Your a dream come true... I love you..." Alex says in a slight deep voice but calming to hear. Alex stayed in Ireland for six days then went home in new York. That still talk to one another and go back and forth visiting each other. One month Ella goes you new York, the next month he goes to Ireland, they both are a true story written in real life...

-alex11 logged on -

-Ell@ logged on-

alex11- hey um...

Ell@- what what's wrong??

alex11- I.. im dying

Ell@-no..No tell me your lying

alex11-no...im not 

Ell@-i....I can't bare this..I'm sorry

-Ell@ left-

-alex11 left-


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