sisters forever

"You never listen to me!"
"Because I don't want too!!!"
"Your just like mom and dad, you're never there for me!"

Parents are never really there for their kids, what we don't know is how we care for each other as sisters.


3. chapter 2: beginning of a new life


Erika's p.o.v.

I woke up at 6AM and walk towards the bathroom and I saw my sister brushing her teeth. I tried pushing over so I  can brush my hair. While I was finishing up, Elixis started to mess up my hair and laughed at me. 

Erika: what the hell, ugh

Elixis: that's what you get for shoving me

Erika: whatever, get out

Elixis: no this is the bathroom, i can be in here too

Erika: *exist the bathroom*

I went straight back to my room and got dressed, I wore a pink skirt, white floral crop-top, and black heels. I curled my hair, and put mascara and red lipstick on.

Elixis's p.o.v.

My sisters so annoying, after I walked out of the bathroom I started to put my clothes on which was rip black jeans, twenty-one pilots shirt, a white beanie and white converse. After I got my clothes on, I went to my bed, grab my phone and headed down the stairs.

Erika's p.o.v.

I headed down the stairs and saw mt sister on her phone, so I crept up behind her and tap on her shoulder. She actually dropped her phone in the sink, and It had water in it. I laughed so hard that I actually fell to the ground. She got hella mad that she almost slap me until I took her beanie off of her head and put It in the trash. I got out the house as quick as I can, I drove to Regina's house to pick her up. Once we got to school the bell had rang and everyone and me ran to our classes. When I got into my first class which was chemistry, in the corner of my someone new sat next to me. one of friends  named Emmy texted me even though she was across from me, the text said "new hottie lol" and i reply "do you know his name?" after we were texting each other, out teacher mr. Hogg said we had to choose a partner for our next lab. the new guy tap me on the shoulder and ask if he wanted me to be his partner and of course i said yes.

~ skips to lunch ~

While my friends and I were gossiping and eating, the new guy tap me on the shoulder like he did in chemistry, this guy is really good looking and I can tell he was very sweet and we started to introduce our selves.

Erika: Hi, I'm Erika

Caleb: I'm Caleb Sanders

Emmy: I'm Emmy

Britney: hello I'm britney

Regina: and I'm regina

Caleb: nice to meet you all, so Erika about our lab thing...

Erika: we can do that at my house

Caleb: you sure?

Erika: yea and when is this lab due...

Caleb: this friday

Erika: good, we have plenty of time to do the lab

~ bell rings ~

Erika: see you after school 

Caleb: ok and meet me at the football field

Erika: ok

Britney: I'm guessing he play football

Erika: hopefully he's so adorable

Emmy: if i were you Erika, I'll go for that babe

Erika: Em, i'm going for him and you already have a boyfriend

Emmy: I know

Elexis's p.o.v.

After I got my stuff, i headed out the door. I got in my car and stop at Lexi's house to pick her up. Lexi and i had been best friends since first grade. When i introduced Lexi to Erika, things got really weird. Whenever Lexi was at my house, she'll always ask if mt sister was at the house and sometimes I would lie to her. Erika was tying to be nice to Lexi ever since they met each other, maybe i should tell Lexi what happen between them.

Lexi: sup

Elexis: hey

Lexi: don't be all debby downer with me, what's wrong?

Elexis: what happen...

Lexi: what do you mean... omg did my parents....

Elexis: no i didn't tell them we snuck out of your house to go to that party

Lexi: thank goodness :)

Elexis: i mean what happen between you and Erika?

Lexi: damnit! can you just let that go, and we'er going to be late.

Well I tried to tell her, maybe I'll just ask my sister if she knows. Pretty soon we got to school and at that moment the bell had rung. Lexi and I have all the same classes together except fourth period. I have biology and she has gym. After all of the classes It was finally lunch time. I was about to walk up to Erika but someone already beat me to her, and I think it's that new kid. I also have him for third period English, and i already forgot his name, I think it starts with a "C."

~ skips to after school ~

Erika's p.o.v.

Caleb sad to meet him by the football field, as i walked to the field I saw Caleb playing football with someone else and Caleb plays pretty good. I think I was caught staring because Caleb looked at me and i sapped out of my daydreaming.I thought he was gonna hug me but instead he was picking up his water bottle and towel. We were talking for a while and he said we was gonna freshen up and then we can go to my house.

~ at Erika's house ~

Caleb: nice house you have

Erkia: thank you, you can have something to eat while i freshen up 

Caleb; ok and thanks

I walked up the stairs and went to my room. I started to wipe my makeup off and just put on my peach lipstick, brush my hair, after that, I put on one of my  sexy undergarments which were pink and Lacey, then I put on one of my night gowns and a robe which was also pink. I got down that stairs and we started our lab. while we were doing our lab, I can tell he was drooling and look at me when ever smile. The lab that we'er doing is mitosis and the steps. I was looking for the hot glue gun because I have to glue on some pictures for our project. It was behind Caleb, I was trying to reach for it but, i fell on top of him and we were laughing.

Caleb: your laugh is adorable

Erika: thanks (giggles)

Caleb: here you go (hands Erika the hot glue gun)

Erika: thank you

Caleb's hands were still on mine, we looked up at each other and he smash his lips onto mine. I kissed him back, our tongue were fighting and his won. Caleb picked me up and put me on the couch, he started to kiss my neck and untied my robe. when he untied my robe, his eyes were glowing and huge. I took off my nightgown and kissed him hungrily this time and I was on top, I took off his shirt and jeans. we rolled over so he was on top and he pick me up again and put my back against a wall. we were grinding on each other while he kissed my neck. Caleb took my undergarments off, along with his boxers, he was hella huge btw. He went to his backpack to get something which was a condom, and he put it on. After he put the condom on, we was inside of me and this is my first time.

Caleb: *grunts* you're so good Erika

Erika: *moans* harder

Caleb: *groans*

Suddenly my phone rang and It was Elexis. I picked it up and while talking to her, Caleb was was behind me.

Elexis: sup

Erika: hey, where are you?

Elexis: shit, I'm at lexi's house

Erika: ok, are you staying over?

Elexis: yeah, are you gonna be ok alone?

Elexis: oh I'm not alone, I'm with Caleb :D

Elexis: the new kid...

Erika: yea, i got go see you

~ hangs up ~

Caleb: uuhh babe I'm bout to cum

Caleb: get on top of me *grunts*

Erika: *gets on top of Caleb*

Erika: *moans and throws head back*

Caleb: aahhhh yes

Erika: *grinds faster*

Caleb: IM Cumming 

Erika: *out of breath* you'er amazing

Caleb: so are you gorgeous *kisses Erika*

Erika: um, you can crash here tonight if you want

Caleb: sure, and who was that on your phone?

Erika: my sister Elexis

Caleb: oh ok, she's staying over at a friends house?

Erika: yeah, wanna watch a movie

Caleb: ok sure

Caleb's p.o.v.

We were watching some clown movie that I picked out and Erika is so scared i was kind of laughing. I didn't know she hates clowns and was hugging me. I kissed her forehead and rubbed her back until she fell asleep, and I did as well.

















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