My Happy Ending

Alyssa Dane had everything she could ever wish for--a successful job and a supportive boyfriend. But things take a turn for the worse when dark secrets are revealed and Alyssa loses everything. From childhood to adulthood, she learned to follow her dreams and never give up.


8. Seven

The next morning, Harry and I had breakfast together. He asked me to join him and his family for the holidays. “Your parents wouldn’t mind?” I took a bite of my food. He shook his head and told me that his parents would love to meet the girl that brings a smile to his face.

I blushed and looked down at my food, thinking about Louis. It’s just odd that he had never introduced me to his parents before. I have introduced him to mine. “I think they’re just glad that I have a friend like you Aly.” Harry took a drink from his cup. I’m glad that we’re friends too Harry.

I spent the holidays with Harry, whose family has been nothing but kind to me. When New Year’s Eve came around, Harry's family invited me back to their house to celebrate with them. “It’s nice to celebrate the holiday with close friends.” I smiled.

Harry and I were sitting on the couch. His family was chatting in the kitchen. The two of us were alone. Harry's arm was wrapped around my shoulders. I didn’t bother to shrug him off. “I’m just glad to be here and celebrate it with you.” Harry leaned over and kissed my head.

He rubbed my shoulder gently. I smiled softly when hearing his comment. I felt the same exact way. For the rest of the night, I was anxiously waiting with Harry and his family until the Midnight countdown. Harry's family kept asking me all of these random questions.

Some about myself and others about where I work, went to school, etc. Guess they were just curious about the lady friend Harry had decided to bring home to meet them. Finally the countdown was starting. Everyone in the room had somebody to kiss.

Harry and I glanced over at each other. I blushed and glanced away. When the countdown reached one, Harry pulled my face towards his and kissed me. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around his neck. I’ve never had a more passionate kiss in my entire life.

We pulled away from the kiss. Everyone greeted one another a happy new year. “I have to head home.”  Harry and I were standing in the foyer. Some of the guests had left. Harry's family had retreated to their rooms, which left the two of us by ourselves. “In this weather? I’m afraid you’ll drive over some black ice. At least stay tonight and leave tomorrow afternoon.” said he.

It’s safe to assume that he was concerned about my overall well-being. He wanted me to get home in one piece and not end up in the hospital, injured. I nodded and took his advice. There were no extra rooms for me to sleep in but to share with Harry.

I didn’t have any extra clothes, so Harry allowed me to borrow his long-sleeved flannel t-shirt and a pair of boxers to pose as shorts. I thanked him and went down the hallway to change. I decided that I was going to shower tomorrow morning.

When I retreated back to Harry’s room, he was already passed out asleep. I quietly closed his door and got in bed with him. I turned to face him. “Good night Harry.” I whispered before closing my eyes and falling asleep.

The holiday was over. Harry had to go back to Los Angeles. I wish he didn’t have to go. I was having so much fun with him around. “Come visit will you?” asked he. I nodded and promised him that I would. I gave him a hug goodbye at the airport. I drove back home to my apartment.

I checked my messages. “Hey, it’s Louis. I know we haven’t spoken in a long while. Maybe when you’re in the city we can catch up.  Feel free to call me back at this number. Hope to hear from you soon.” How in the world did Louis get my number? I haven’t left anyone with it since I left LA.

I contemplated on whether or not I should call him back. In the back of my mind, I know he’s probably seeing Eleanor. After all, he didn’t exactly deny any of the information Jade had said to me at the party that night. I wasn’t close friends with Jade, but I did seem to trust her word more than Louis'.

The next weekend, I made a plan to fly out to Los Angeles. Guess after dealing with the weather here in New York, I was tired of wearing my winter coat all the time. When my plane landed at LAX, Harry was waiting for me in the car outside. I had called him to pick me up.

He offered me his place to stay while I was visiting. I told him I didn’t set for a return date, that I decided to leave it open for the time being. I packed enough clothes to stay for a few months. “How was your flight?” asked he. The two of us entered his condo.

It was a nice place with a beautiful view. I told him the reason why I didn’t like flying. It was only because the seats were uncomfortable. He inquired me about my job. I told him that I’ll be emailing them my work through attachments. “I forgot what the weather is like here in LA.”

I handed my coat over to Harry, who hung it up in the closet. He helped me with my bags and set them in the extra guest bedroom. His room was at the end of the hallway. I’m still shocked at the fact that he still hasn’t found anyone to be with yet. “I’m sure in a few days you’ll be fully adjusted.” he smirked. “Hey, I can call up our friends and tell them that you’re in the city.”

“No, I uh… I wanted to tell you that the reason I’m here is because Louis left me a message. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the thought of him miraculously having my new number.”

“Oh, well I might’ve accidentally let your number slip to our friends.” Harry sounded innocent. I couldn’t get mad at him for doing so. I reassured him that it was okay and jokingly said that I would have to change my number. I added on the fact that I didn’t mind catching up with my old friends.

“I don’t think they’re happy with me. They haven’t called since I left. I shut everyone out Harry.” I looked down at my hands. Harry reached out and caressed my cheek. He told me that he was thankful that I didn’t fully shut him out like everyone else.

Guess he was most surprised with the fact that I had decided to be friends with him after leaving without a goodbye. I told him that I would need to take a quick shower and head to bed early. I was tired from the jet lag from my four hour flight.

Harry didn’t mind and said that he had to run a few errands anyway. I told him not to stay out too late before proceeding down the hallway. The next morning, I decided to head out for some coffee. Harry had gone to work, so I had to walk. I should be relieved that I didn’t decide to wear heels this morning. Harry left the extra key to his condo for me to use.

I put on my coat and headed out. I locked the door behind me and began my walk down the street. There wasn’t a lot of change in LA, besides the weather. It was still the same to me. I noticed the street that I was on and remembered a local cafe shop that I would stop by before work to have breakfast.

The shop was still there. I entered through the doors. “Alyssa Dane?” It was the owner who recognized my face as soon as I entered. Maybe I have visited this cafe one too many times, but I loved the service and the coffee. “Mrs. Miller, how are you?” I greeted her with a hug.

Julie Miller’s grandmother had owned this cafe before her and Julie’s mother as well. She returned the hug and talked with me about how the shop was doing since I left. She noticed that I had left without a word.

“I should’ve stopped by before I left, but I was in such a rush.” She offered me the regular and a croissant to go. I was about to pay, but Julie insisted that it was on the house. I thanked her before I had to leave. She told me to stop by again soon. I promised her that I would.

I exited the cafe shop and began my walk on down the street. It was so nostalgic to be back here in LA after being gone for so long. New York was no comparison to this lovely city. I started to eat my croissant. As soon as I was finished, I came to a traffic light. If I turned down the street to my right, it would be LT Enterprises.

Instinctively, I did just that. I couldn’t stop thinking about Louis' message. I stood in front of the building’s entrance when I arrived. I had forgotten how tall the building really was. It was quite intimidating. I remember when I got a call to meet with Louis.

At the time, I was just starting out as an intern who didn’t think twice to work here. Of course, I went off to work for Niall and took the move to New York to continue with my dream of being a journalist. I entered the building.

“Alyssa?” I was most surprised to see Liam here. He was definitely surprised to see me as well. With that charming smile of his, Liam approached me and greeted me with a hug. “God, it’s so good to see a familiar face around here.” said he.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was dropping something off for Soph. I was just leaving. Hey, we should have lunch together.” He suggested. I nodded and agreed to have lunch with him someday. We exchanged numbers before he said he had to go to work. I hugged him goodbye and watched him exit through the doors.

Liam had grown a beard. Beard or no beard, he looked the same to me. I think the beard just made him look more manlier. I should’ve told him that earlier, but he seemed to be in such a rush. The receptionist at the desk and took notice of me. She didn’t give me a visitor’s pass.

I headed up to the fourteenth floor. I felt my heart start to race against my chest. I wasn’t sure if I should actually be here. When the doors opened, I stepped out onto the floor. It still looked the same to me. There was a different receptionist at the desk.

Figured that Louis must’ve fired her or something. The office area definitely hasn’t changed much. It was still the way I had left it. I looked around the room to see that Sophia wasn’t at her desk. I walked closer to see that someone else had occupied the desk. Sophia doesn’t work on this floor anymore. I wondered if she still worked here.

I looked around for Zayn as well. I asked one of the women on the floor, if they knew of Zayn or Sophia's whereabouts. The woman informed me that they were on a different floor. She didn’t tell me which floor or floors. I thanked her and was about to head towards the elevator when Louis' office door opened.

A woman stepped out. She had medium brown hair and a slim figure. She was beautiful. Louis stood idle in the doorway. He planted a kiss on her lips. They exchanged a few words before she head towards the elevator. I had grabbed a folder from an empty desk nearby and looked through it.

I leaned against the wall while the woman pressed the button for the elevator. She entered the elevator. When the doors closed, I closed the folder and set it down. Louis had retreated to his office. I let out a sigh. I noticed that some of the women here weren’t the same women I had worked with. In fact, they were almost a new set of women.

The door to his office opened once more. “Tricia, will you cancel the rest of my appointments for today.” said Louis. Tricia was the same receptionist that was here when I was meeting with Louis for an internship. Well, at least he kept someone familiar. She nodded.

Louis walked back to his office, leaving the door open. He must’ve known that I was here or something. I walked over to Tricia’s desk. She was about to open her mouth to speak, but I held a finger up. “I need you to email me some information about that woman who left here five minutes ago. Will you do that for me Tricia?” I asked her.

“But Mr. Tomlinson informed us not to interfere with his personal affairs.”

“I’d greatly appreciate it if you kept this between the two of us.”  Tricia nodded. I thanked her before heading over to Louis' office. I knocked on the door and peeked my head inside to see that Louis had his back turned towards me. He turned around, simply frozen in place. “Alyssa?”

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