Surviving Earth

I should have been floated. That was the punishment for anyone over eighteen who broke any of the rules. But I had one last trick up my sleeve, landing me on the drop ship to earth. What I wasn't expecting? To ever see Bellamy ever again. Earth might be our second chance, or it might be the only thing that could ever break us apart.


3. Chapter 3

I found myself moving further and further away from the drop ship. The voices of the kids yelling and talking died down until it was silent and I was all alone… but it wasn't silent. Not really. There was no machine hum. The wind made the leaves rustle and even caused some to float down from the branches above. Earth is strange. Everything looks so much bigger than what is on the ARK.

Stopping on the top of a large hill, I took in the view. Bright colors from the field of flowers at the very bottom caught all of my attention. I wanted go down, but I knew I shouldn't. Too much time had already passed. Heading back to the drop ship should be my destination, but damn I wanted to smell a flower. From reading about them, they were supposed to smell sweet.

The steepness of the hill was the only thing that stopped me. Getting down without breaking a bone might be possible, but not climbing back up without a rope. The next plan was to try going around to find a less steep part. I set off to find it.

The hill started to slope down slowly until finally I'd leveled off with the ground. The sun was no longer high in the sky but I figured I had a while until it would start getting dark. The field looked much bigger down here, standing at the edge.

For a moment, I wondered if it might be poisonous or toxic, but I pushed that aside. I tried to avoid stepping on the flowers. It was impossible. I just had to stand in the middle. They were colorful hues of blue, yellow, and red. I picked one up and held it to my nose.

Taking a deep breath, this sweet aroma filled my nose. It reminded me of that perfume mom used to own. It had been passed down through our family. We used it for special occasions but mom was saving the last bit for when I got married. This was just the same smell!

"Sasha!" Bellamy's voice came from a distance. He was climbing down the steep hill, not having any trouble. His long stride brought him over to me in seconds. "You shouldn't have wondered away this far alone."

"I'm a big girl, Bellamy," I said and kissed him lightly. His eye roll made me laugh.

"You came to pick flowers?"

"I wanted to smell them," I answered and held up the one I'd picked.

He wrapped his hand around mine and smelled the flower. "Sweet, like you."

The wind whirred through the flowers, causing these white fluffy flowers to lose some of their strange petals. They floated through the air. I had to tuck my hair behind my ear to keep it out of my face.

"It'll be dark soon," Bellamy said, looking straight into my eyes. It was completely evident that I'd worried the hell out of him. After almost losing each other on the ARK, he was having a hard time with being not around me.

"We should head back then," I replied and let him take my hand. I decided to bring the blue flower back for Octavia. All I needed was a jar and a little water to keep it alive for a few days.

It proved to be a long walk back. The sun hadn't set, staying up longer than we'd anticpated. Bellamy never let go of me, but neither of us spoke. We were wrapped in our own thoughts.

The drop ship was empty, but a tarp blocked the entrance. Bellamy and I went up to the second level and he locked the hatch. We were completely alone. The thing that caught my eye was the blankets on the floor.

"Planning something special?" I asked, setting the flower down and turning to face him.

"Come over here," Bellamy grinned and sat down with his back against the wall. He held out his hands. When I took them, he pulled me down to him, straddling his hips. "I haven't gotten to hold you since the night before they took you."

Before I could speak, his lips were on mine and he slid his hands down to the edge of my shirt. I raised my arms momentarily for him to slip it off and discard it somewhere beside us. Then his hands were back on my skin, slowly roaming.

Damn I missed him. It wasn't even about the sex right now. We were both trying to be as close as possible and reconnect because of those lost months. He thought I was dead. I thought I'd have to live without him.

His shirt came off next, giving me a chance to trace his abs with my fingers. I'd spent our last night together trying to memorize him, and now it wasn't in my head. It made me crave him more. It wasn't long until we were lying on the blankets. Bellamy hovered over me, moving his kisses down my neck and to my chest.

In this moment, just Bellamy and I, all that mattered was us. I forgot that we were stranded on Earth. I forgot that we'd been apart for almost six months. I forgot that anyone else existed. Just us.

Then it all came rushing back when someone banged on the hatch and asked Bellamy to come down. I groaned and curled tighter into his side. He tightened his hold around me in response and kissed my head.

"Everyone needs me to tell them what to do," he complained.

"They want you to lead them, Bell," I replied and looked up at him. I stroked his cheek with my thumb. "They can see that you're a natural leader, and I think it's about damn time that you started being one. They'll follow you."

"I don't want to be a leader, Sasha. If they knew what I did-"

"Most of them would call you a hero. Jaha has killed too many to count, including your mother for the crime of having another baby. He deserved to die," I said, sitting up. Jaha killed my parents, incarcerated kids for petty crimes. Bellamy did us all a favor.

"Okay." He locked his hands behind his head. "I'll be the leader, as long as you're by my side."

"Of course. Nothing will ever change that I love you and will support you." I got to my feet, searching for our clothes. When I looked back, Bellamy hadn't moved. "Get dressed."

The smirk on his face grew bigger. "I'm enjoying the view," he answered, blatantly moving his eyes to my ass.

I threw his pants at him and rolled my eyes. "The enjoyment is over. We have people to lead."

We both got dressed but were reluctant to leave. It wasn't just the end of our time alone, but it was the beginning of Bellamy stepping up to be a leader. I know that scared him, and I also know that he'd never say it did. He didn't have to. I'll be right there with him when he needs me. Until then, he was going to unite this group into whatever the hell we wanted.


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