An unforgettable journey

The train moved out of the station and all d passengers came back to their seats after bidding goodbyes to their near and dear ones.As soon as I got comfortable in my window seat,I noticed this stranger sitting opposite to me,glancing frequently at me in between the so called pages of the novel he was reading.I was, for one,annoyed with his glances and for his pretence that he was engrossed in reading!
A young man in his early thirties or so,I guessed,he was neatly dressed and seemed to come from a modest family.Then what could be the reason for his glances?I wondered.I quickly became aware of myself,trying to adjust my dupatta which had slipped off from its place and revealed my low neckline dress.As i put it right across my shoulders,I quickly ran my eyes towards him and caught his glimpse on my actions!
I felt awkward and somewhere liked it too!
After that I became conscious of each action.He sensed it as he offered me to help when I was struggling to open my suitcase lock.I thanked


2. The journey

As soon as they sat back on their seats,Priya introduced herself while quickly glimpsing at him only to find him staring back at her.She blushed and started looking out of the window.The train had caught speed now and out she could see green pastures passing by.Somehow the sight of lonely fields made her heart sad and suddenly she remembered she had carried a novel to read for the journey.

Priya stood up to get the book out of her bag which she had kept on the berth above.As she got up,her mobile in her lap fell and Vikrant quickly bent and picked it up for her.Again their hands touched each other as he passed the mobile to her and again that electric current feeling passed through her body!"Thanks"she just managed to say as her hands were trembling with fear and excitement.Finally she had the book she wanted to read from the bag and once again she settled on her seat.It was Chetan Bhagat's book titled Two States.As she flipped through the pages to get her book mark,Vikrant remarked,"I too am an ardent lover of this author's novels.Almost read all so far,not missed any,I think.He is very imaginative,and his descriptions are very deep and enterprising"Vikrant was going on as though trying to catch her attention not being very pleased to see her reading.She looked up once,nodded her head with a smile and the dimple on her cheeks which appeared with the smile,almost had Vikrant fall head over heels in love with this stranger girl,beautiful but unknown!

Once again to get her attention,he asked,"Where are you going,Delhi,I suppose!"

"Yes,going to Lajpath Nagar to my friend's place.He's getting engaged and so we all friends are meeting up at his place."Priya answered,closing the flap of the book and looking straight at him.

"Ohh!"there was a despair in his voice as he said this and then quickly covered up his tone saying that he was going to Connaught Place to attend a business meeting and had put up in La Meridian hotel there."I will stay for five days here in Delhi and then return by same train to Bangalore" Vikrant expected her to state her plan but she only was nodding her head.

Now the train was approaching a station as its speed seemed to reduce and brakes seemed to be applied.

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